Holy Mackerel – Rose’s Luxury Owner Opening a New Restaurant in the Homebody space on Barracks Row

717 8th Street, SE

Washington Post breaks the big news about Rose’s Luxury:

“Silverman has signed a lease for the ground-floor space of the Homebody store, located next to his debut restaurant on Eighth Street SE, where he will open an evening-only fine-dining establishment that will take the Rose’s Luxury experience to the next level. During daylight hours, the space will double as a coffee shop and cafe.”

Ed. Note: Sadly owner chef Aaron Silverman is of no relation to your truly.

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  • orderedchaos

    Good — maybe the lines at Rose’s will finally wane a bit.

  • Good, maybe I can finally get into the original Rose’s!

  • west_egg

    BRB better go get in line.

  • Aglets

    oh no, i loved homebody.

    • It’s always sad to see retail replaced with yet another restaurant. But the owner is really strange/rude, so good riddance. 😉

      • I’m a sucker for fun houseware shops, but I honestly only went in here once or twice. They were so far down the street and didn’t feel particularly inviting. That said, we definitely need more retail. Not sure how I feel about another coffee shop. There are already so many.

      • Aglets

        really? i don’t know if i dealt with the owner but i never had a bad experience in there.

        I agree it’s sad to see retail go.

  • My first thought when I read the headline was that it would be a more relaxed, bistro-ish counterpart to Rose’s. I didn’t expect the complete opposite.

    • It’s not like Rose’s is fancy. They serve troughs of ribs, brisked and fried chicken and then a confusing mishmash of asian/italian/southern fare that doesn’t really complement each other. Frankly, I don’t see what the fuss is about after having been a couple times.

      Maybe there will be some focus in the new place.

  • Share the love Rose’s! We need a sister restaraunt in NW! Hahaha.

  • “fine-dining establishment that will take the Rose’s Luxury experience to the next level”

    So does that meant that they’ll take reservations? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  • Bummer. I like Homebody.

    • As do I
      and i like to support because it is in the neighborhood
      but for some reason i didnt feel like it would be around much longer

  • I patronized homebody. I found everyone working there pleasant nice and fun to transact business with. My hope is that Homebody is just relocating in the neighborhood. Any news on Homebody?

  • Yes, Homebody is great. Not many stores where you can get kitschy DC-themed gifts and useful unique kitchen items anymore.

    I hope they just move.

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