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  • That’s cold.

  • An impact driver and a couple minutes of work; at least they left the rear off the ground with a milk crate! If you’re going to have desirable rims at least spring for some custom wheel locks (nothing OEM, they probably already have masters for those!). It won’t totally prevent this, but it may slow them down to the point where it’s not worth the time and risk.

  • DC1

    wow that sucks! I see the snow and cold actually helping out the criminals… no one will try to question a person ‘changing’ a flat tire, which are very common around town with the crazy amount of potholes popping up recently.

  • If only they’d had a car alarm….

  • It’s not pretty, but I’m loving my 17 year old car a little bit more after seeing this.

  • The guy could’ve just took his wheels off to avoid them getting salted as well.

  • Funny story: My car was parked across the street from this unfortunate scene this morning. When I got in my car to go to work, I noticed the wheel theft and tried to roll my window down to take a picture. I heard a crack, the window dropped into the door, and I couldn’t get it back up. I then drove to the dealership service center in Arlington with the driver’s-side window down. The temperature — without the winds produced by highway driving — was 8 degrees. Call it collateral damage.

    • I live up the street and drove past this incident this morning. What a shame… They left it on plastic crates too. Ugh.

    • I’m sorry to laugh, but that is kind of funny. I hope your day got better!

    • My windows sometimes get stuck and won’t go back up, so that’s been a big fear of mine lately! It’s bad enough when it’s not cold.

    • This story is spreading like wildfire- just heard it from a work colleague. Was the damaged window collateral damage or karma?

  • I’ve seen the owner of this car around the neighborhood, he doesn’t play around. Somebody’s getting iced tonight.

  • Talk about a rude awakening!

  • Uber vs Lyft rivalry reaches new lows.

  • Crates must be the standard jack for wheel thieves. In 2009, the wheels were stolen off my 2003 Range Rover in SE DC. The thieves also used milk crates to prop up my vehicle. I was pissed, but kind of happy they didn’t let if fall to the ground.

    Someone mentioned that the owner probably had expensive wheels. Not necessarily. Mines were the standard wheels that came with the vehicle. Sometimes it’s not the value of the wheels, but more less what they think they can’t get for 4 rims with 4 tires. These are common thieves who will steal anything. They are no different than the common crooks who sells baby oil, socks, and tooth paste on the corner or at the intersection. Most of those items were stolen from CVS or a supermarket.

  • I live across the street from this. Its unfortunate that it happened but what’s more surprising are the flashy rims that he replaced them with…hopefully he took the rout of getting custom wheel locks. Side note: This is also the guy that drives the old red truck that awkwardly parks it during street cleaning to ‘reserve’ parking for both his cars…he also called me a pretentious white prick once because I managed to park my car where he was trying to reserve a spot.

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