Heads Up – Dupont Snowball Fight Moved to Meridian Hill Park


Important updated about the 11am Dupont Circle snowball fight – it’s been moved to Meridian Hill Park in Columbia Heights. Update from the Washington DC Snowball Fight Association:

“Listen up, troops! The NPS (National Park Service, for recent transplants) stroke again and meddled with our plans. They plowed the pristine snow blanket of Dupont Circle Park. To remedy this unfortunate situation, we are moving the main event to Meridian Hill Park.”

Ed. Note: It’s still scheduled for 11am. Meridian Hill Park is located between 15th and 16th Streets and Euclid and W St, NW. If you go send some photos to [email protected] or tweet to @PoPville or upload to the PoPville flickr pool – thanks and have fun!

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  • While it’s unfortunate you had to move the snowball fight (this is HORRIBLE snowball-packing snow btw), please don’t ever complain about NPS plowing something…anything! They so rarely do it, that no matter what/who it inconveniences, we have to appreciate it.

    • My guess is that they did it just to thwart the snowball fight (perhaps a liability issue?)
      Otherwise they don’t seem to give a rat’s ass.

  • Yeah, I’m guessing that the organizers of this event are snow amateurs. This snow is great for sledding on grassy surfaces, but terrible for snowballs.

  • Drat – I was hoping for a nice walk through MHP later and now it’s going to be all trampled over. And yes, quite ironic that folks are complaining about snow being cleared in a timely manner by NPS…

  • NPS STROKE again? How do I sign up?

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