“He had a wad of cash in his hand and was asking for another 40 bucks”

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The “locksmith scammer” is back. These types of scams seem to resurface and come in waves, I guess after folks forget about ’em. Seems the next wave is hitting.

“Dear PoPville,

Seems like the same guy is hanging around 11th NW/Park Rd NW (Around Red Rocks Pizza). Wearing a black jacket with wings on the front and a Vietnam Veterans baseball cap. Knocked on the door and used the same excuse that he was locked out of his house. He had a wad of cash in his hand and was asking for another 40 bucks.”

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  • Ugh. My mom got taken in by a locksmith scam when she was visiting in December. I didn’t realize that in addition to compiling scam descriptions and warning PoPville folks, I also needed to warn visiting relatives.

  • A man fitting this description came to my door Wednesday about 4:30/5:00 with the locksmith scam. I live on New Hampshire Ave, not far from Red Rocks. I could barely understand him, but he said he lived a few houses down from me (uh no, I know who lives there) and needed money to pay the locksmith to get in his house. Thanks to PoP, I had heard of this scam before.

  • We came to our house. The guy is friendly enough, for a scammer. Easy enough to say “sorry, no.” There’s no point in challenging him either.

    OP– out of curiosity, which house did he say was his?

    • Rockandroar

      He came to my house on Parkwood Pl. between Holmead and 14th on Friday, 2/20 around 8:30pm. It’s the same guy with the jacket, hat, and wad of cash. He claimed he lives at 1364 Parkwood Pl, but I know for a fact he doesn’t live there. I called 311 to report the scam artist, and they connected me to 911.

  • I personally, am of the opinion that if you aren’t expecting someone you don’t open the door or engage anyone who is knocking. I have never encountered an instance in which someone who I would want to speak to came to my home unannounced or didn’t call once they arrived.

    • Incorrect, you ALWAYS show that you are home. You don’t have to open the door, just shout through it, or look through the sidelights or whatever works. Because if someone is casing houses and they think no one’s home, then you’re dealing with a broken window and potentially violent intruder. I’d much rather deal with a bible salesman, wouldn’t you?

    • I would also not open the door, but if it was someone like this who was obviously not a Jehovah’s Witness (or someone similar) I would probably call the cops.

      • *meant to add, if they didn’t go away very quickly, I’d probably call the cops. Aka if they rang the doorbell a few times or refused to leave knowing I was home.

  • That picture seems very unsafe to me. How was it taken? Shouldn’t there be more room between those planes?

  • He got me too last night. 10th and Monroe. Did the really really hard sell on being “neighbor”- and the fact that I wasn’t being a good neighbor, especially when I could just go to an ATM if i didn’t have cash. I did have cash and i have sucker written on my forehead. nonetheless, i didn’t get my money back in the 10 minutes that was promised. I’m an idiot.

    • I suspect that (alas) there’s more than one person plying this particular scam.
      When my mom got scammed, it was for a total of $40 — an initial $20, and then he returned to say that he needed another $20 “for the second lock.”

  • Ugh….same guy came by our place on Quebec Pl….wife gave him ten bucks. He came back again later looking for more and I was home by then and politely sent him on his way. Called himself “Nelson”, by the way.

    • “Nelson” came to my house a few months back on a rainy evening. I was expecting someone, so when I looked through the peephole and only saw an umbrella I went ahead and opened the door. Quickly suspected it was a scam but gave him cash since I’m a small woman and the cash wasn’t worth potentially something worse happening. The security door was unlocked at the time (which was rare and because I was expecting someone to arrive soon). It’s ALWAYS locked now.

  • Whoa, did the commenting software just shift to show the newest comments first rather than oldest comments first?

  • He came by our place around Spring and New Hampshire last night as well, he was making the rounds I guess…

  • Yeah, came by our place around spring/new hampshire last night and got $20 too. Oh well. Sounds like he had a pretty good pay day.

  • I thought the guy was creative as all get out. He told he his address, he pointed at the locksmith’s truck, he said he’d seen me in the neighborhood for months, the whole nine yards. I was really impressed.

    Of course, when I suggested we walk down to his address and actually talk to the locksmith, he swore at me for being a bad neighbor and stormed off.

  • Ugh – he (or someone very similar) came to our house near 11th and Kenyon a few weeks ago. Gave us the VERY hard sell that he was a neighbor. Got angry after a while but never threatened.

    What should we do in this situation, since we had no evidence he WAS a scammer but just suspected it? Just report on PoP?

  • The guy was on my block of F St NE. He even went so far as to offer to walk me to the nearest ATM.

  • “Nelson” came to our door on the 900 block of Spring Road NW tonight around 7:00 PM with the same story. – he was $44 bucks short of the $110 needed to pay the locksmith. We offered to walk back to his house and pay the locksmith and he scurried away mumbling that he’d come back later. Other details are consistent with others’ comments – he was former military, lived down the block, etc. He had a bag of groceries and said he was trying to get home to make his dinner….

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