Good News for Korean Fried Chicken Fans – Bonchon posts liquor license placard in Navy Yard

1015 Half Street, SE

Here’s where the, beloved by many, Bonchon is coming to in Navy Yard. The liquor license placard says:

“Full service restaurant. Seating for 150 patrons, total occupancy load of 200 and sidewalk café with 80 seats.

Coming this Spring:


Check out Bonchon’s menu here.


Not too far from Nationals Park:



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  • When I see this building, it brings back memories of Saturday nights at Nation.

  • When I see this building, it brings back memories (such as they are) of Friday nights at Nation!

  • Come baseball season, there will be lines down the block for this stuff.

  • Is this the first tenant in that building? It sat vacant since it was built like 5 years ago. I’ve never understood how the Wharf justifies so much new square footage when there’s so much vacant new space in Navy Yard.

    • “If you build it….they will come”.

    • I think most of it has been empty for some time, but CBS Radio is in the process of moving all of their DC stations and offices into this building. They’ll occupy the second floor, as well as a storefront performance studio on the ground floor.

    • Almost forgot… The NLRB is also moving into the building.

  • I cannot wait for this place to open. It reminds me of sake- and soju-soaked nights in Koreatown, NYC. I can’t even begin to explain how delicious this chicken is. I really like Kochix, but there’s something about the spicy Bonchon chicken and the bizarre atmosphere of the restaurant that really separates it from its brethren.

  • So just organizations moving from one part of DC to another without any net gain the for the city. No point in having these types of buildings unless there’s demand for higher rent spaces in NW to replace their vacancies.

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