Get Ready for a Massive Change at 13th and U Street, NW

13th and U Street, NW

Update on the eight-story mixed-use project coming to the corner of 13th and U Street, NW.


Thanks to @TonyTGoodman for letting us know the:

“Temporary @riteaid now open at 13th & U NW. Nice little store! @PoPville”


And this how we really know demo is about to begin:

Rat traps (black boxes) lining U Street

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  • The existing structure, which while not particularly attractive, doesn’t appear to be that old. Anyone know when it was constructed?

    • The strip opened about 20 years ago in the early 90’s just after U st metro opened in May 1991. Originally in 2012 JBG proposed to use the space as a hotel, but the neighborhood leadership scuttled that proposal and they switched the development to multifamily apts. Can’t believe it took 3 years to get all the approvals and start work as Rite Aid had signed on back then.

      • Still unfortunate. There’s hardly any lodging in that area. I’m sure a small to medium boutique hotel like a Kimpton would have done gonzo business.

      • It wasn’t the neighborhood leadership that scuttled the hotel. It was the vocal minority on Wallach Place that didn’t want anything over 50ft.

  • You have to love the optimism that is the urban rat trap.

  • Is that actually a rat trap? Or just a larger-than-usual bait station?

  • This was built as a “tax building” simply a place holder that was not mean to last. The owners probably thought it would have been torn down by now for something much larger.

  • Having lived a few blocks from this construction site, I can attest to there being an enormous rat population in the area. Not two years ago, during construction of the Y and several townhouse renovations, we caught 60 rats in traps on our car port, most coming from a burrough deep beneath my neighbor’s house that several different exterminators have been unable to eradicate.

    • Sixty? My God, I’d have to move.

    • GreenThumb, have you tried the D.C. Department of Health (DOH) Rat Abatement Team, in addition to other exterminators?
      I believe they’ll exterminate on private property, but they require the owner’s permission to do it.

  • Are there renderings of what’s coming? Obviously stupid to have a 1-floor building next to the U Street metro, so nearly anything will be an improvement.

  • Not bad not great. Hopefully it won’t create a dead block in the manner of the Ellington.

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