GDoN? “Spacious Outdoor Deck leading to Large Backyard” edition

1734 Upshur Street Northwest

This house is located at 1734 Upshur Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Located in Beautiful CRESTWOOD, this Fully Detached House offers 4Levels of Finished Living with 4Bedrooms/3Full Bathrooms, Light Filled Kitchen/Dining/Living Rooms. Master Bedroom w/large renovated Master Bath and Walk-In Closet. Spacious Outdoor Deck leading to Large Backyard and a Detached 2Car Garage! Easy access to Rock Creek Park and Downtown DC.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3 bath is going for $869,000.

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  • Looks great and not a bad price for the neighborhood… access to RCP, walking distance to major bus lines. Cheaper than some 1 or 2 br condos in Columbia heights and not much farther away.

  • HaileUnlikely

    I love this neighborhood. I live in Takoma (closer to Shepherd Park than Takoma Park MD, though). This neighborhood has a similar feel to mine, but is substantially closer to downtown. If I could afford to live wherever I wanted in DC, this would be high on my list (along with 16th Street Heights and the more residential parts of Mount Pleasant). The exterior of the house is kind of bland, but the inside is awesome, and back yards like this are hard to come by…except in this neighborhood. I say good deal. Way too many dollars for me in an absolute sense, but for somebody who can afford it and is in search of a little more peace and quiet than they are likely to find in the trendy hoods, Good Deal.

  • I effing love it.
    How much was a house like this worth 4-5 years ago, when I was in the market?

  • If Crestwood still fed into Deal MS, this would be a no brainer. It’s less appealing now.

    • Redfin lists it as still being in Deal/Wilson. Do you have reason to believe that’s no longer the case?

    • Maybe to you, but I don’t see that hurting the prices in Crestwood.

    • Crestwood feeds in to Deal currently and will continue to do so until a new middle school is built at the old MacFarlane site, which is not on the radar. And if it is ever built, the zoning has changed for the new school that will make more a neighborhood school than it is now.

      • Incorrect. It now feeds into Columbia Heights EC – was just changed. Students who are already there are grandfathered into Deal, but new / inbound students will go to CHEC until MacFarlane opens.

  • This is a perfect DC house. I love it.

  • That price actually strikes me as a bit low, for a house that size, on that big a lot, in that neighborhood. Maybe they’re hoping for a bidding war? Otherwise I have to wonder whether there’s some defect. (A house my husband and I made an offer on in Crestwood, many years ago, had MAJOR termite damage. We made a low offer that we made clear was firm. There was a bidding war and it went for $60,000 above the asking price. In retrospect, probably just as well we didn’t get it.)

    • Is Crestwood in the mix for school (Deal) zoning change?

      • Yes. It got zoned OUT of Deal in the latest boundary changes. They were really the most directly screwed neighborhood, as they’d traditionally fed there – the only really high quality MS in DCPS. The new MS is Columbia Heights EC (not good), and will one day be Macfarland – which may have SOME potential, but remains to be seen.

      • Mayor Gray’s Advisory Committee on Student Assignment recommended keeping it in McFarland, but Mayor Bowser has said she opposes the plan, so who knows…

  • Unless I’m missing something big, this seems really underpriced. I’d be shocked if this didn’t go at least 25k over list, and possibly even 50k over.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I don’t really get how things are priced in that neighborhood. The range for plausible comps in the past couple years is from about $700K to over a million. I do suspect that the re-zoning from Wilson to Roosevelt put at least a small dent in property values in this neighborhood, but even before that, you could get way more house for your money here than you can now in neighborhoods that are being overrun by flippers and hipsters.

    • I looked at a house last summer in Chevy Chase DC that was nearly identical to this one, but smaller, with fewer updates, and a smaller yard, and it ended up selling for about 925k after a small bidding war. Granted, that house is unquestionably zoned for some of the best public schools in the district, but this is so much closer to downtown. The two seem nearly comparable to me, all considered.

  • I was in this house recently, and my feeling was that it is a good deal. The location is ideal–close to Rock Creek Park, downtown, and Columbia Heights. The house has been nicely cared for and redone in places. For us, it wasn’t quite right. The rooms are smaller than they appear in the pictures and the ceilings are pretty low. But, definitely a good deal for the right buyer.

    • Recently? As in yesterday? Since it went on the market 2 days ago?

    • Good “architectural” realtor photographs can make rooms look a lot bigger than they are.

      After living for decades in older buildings, where the height of ceilings tends to be between 9 and 10 feet, being in these later-built homes, where the ceiling are more like the 8 ft ones I grew up with, makes the ceilings just seem to low. I wonder if I lived with lower ceilings again how long it would take to feel normal in those rooms, or if I ever would readjust at this point – I fear I wouldn’t ever adjust, as I really like higher ceilings.

  • justinbc

    Nice looking house, seems like a good deal.

  • Being a Crestwood resident, my first reaction was to wonder why the price was set so low. Thus, I too wonder if the strategy was to set the price low in order to get a bidding war. Time will tell . . .

  • that’s a gorgeous house. Love that deck and back yard!

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