GDoN? “combines the best of traditional & contemporary” edition

902 Maryland Avenue Northeast

This house is located at 902 Maryland Avenue, Northeast. The listing says:

“New Construction/Full Renovation on 4 levels combines the best of traditional&contemporary. Top floor Master Suite w/Roof Deck. 3 BRs on 2nd floor-all w/ custom California Closets. Double LR w/ gas fireplace. Top of the line kitchen (Wolf, Sub-Zero, Bosch). Versatile Lower Level can be In-law Suite or Rec Room. Rear Deck&Patio w/ off-street parking. 3 blocks to H St.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $1,385,000.

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  • I like the house and the location, but that still seems a little steep

  • It’s a nice house. Good location. Awesome top floor/roof deck. But, for $1.4 I would think you could do better than three bedrooms, no rental unit, no formal dining room, minimal outdoor space. But maybe I’m wrong.

  • That’s a really beautiful house. POP, you need bigger pictures on your real estate listings.

  • For a moment, it looked like it was the ugly little contemporary infill next door. Perspective is important in photos.

  • It’s a hike to the metro. People who buy a $1.4 million house are going to be elderly and unable to easily walk that far. Not a good deal.

    • People who buy a $1.4M house are going to be well-to-do and more likely to be driving than taking transit. Lack of Metro access doesn’t stop houses for selling for a good deal more than this in other neighborhoods in the region. The real difference between those places and this place are schools.

      • Not necessarily. Why deal with a car if you don’t have to? My partner and I own a car, because our jobs and families are outside of DC, but we never use it for trips within the city. If we were lucky enough to have jobs in DC we wouldn’t bother with the car at all even though we could afford it.

    • SkeptiDC

      Haha. It’s not a “hike” (slightly under 1 mile to union station and even less to eastern market) and how elderly do you have to be for that distance to be an issue?

      • Actually, Union Station is closer to that spot…but not by much (essentially 0.8 v. 0.85 mi).

      • It’s a joke– someone was recently complaining that a house in this area was a hike to the metro, and then they clarified by saying that only old people who can’t walk far are buying homes for over half a million.

  • Love it, but it’s over-improved for the area. If you’re dropping $1.4M on a house, you can at least get better elementary schools.

    • Besides the elementary schools, which are only a concern if the buyer has kids or is planning on having them, what else is the area lacking?

      • If you think that schools only matter for people who have children, you could stand to learn a thing or two about investing. Likewise if you are unfamiliar with the concept of the over-improved property. I love the Hill (including this part of it), but a house like this is appealing to a very narrow pool of potential buyers – most people who can afford it are going to have priorities that are better fulfilled in other neighborhoods. I think that will change, but it hasn’t yet. My point is borne out by comps, if you care to look.

        • If you’re trying to make a point you could stand to be less rude about it.
          At any rate, my little “investment” (which I prefer to call a home) netted me over $125k in two years, despite the apparently hideous condition of the elementary schools nearby.

        • Also, you didn’t answer my question. I do think this property is overpriced– a run-of-the-mill rowhouse in Capitol Hill should only be $800-900k at most– but what besides good schools is missing from this location?

  • It’s a really nice looking place, and $1.4 million is probably a reasonable price for a house of that size and location.

    However, the property taxes listed on the place are $31,429.

    That HAS GOT to be a typo, right? Because similarly priced homes in that area have property taxes that are less than half of that. And that makes a huge, huge difference on the total price of that home versus similarly priced houses.

    • Taxes are higher if it’s vacant.

    • Taxes will be 0.85% of the assesed value, before any senior/regular homestead deductions. Assuming a full $1.4 assessed value and no homestead deduction, the taxes would $1,372 per month. That’s worst case scenario, it would likely be lower.

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