GDoN? “Classic Victorian Rowhouse” edition

506 Rhode Island Avenue Northwest

This house is located at 506 Rhode Island Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“Classic Victorian Rowhouse w/ Modern Upgrades Including All New Kitchen & Steam Bath / Beautifully Restored & Well Maintained / 3 Fully Finished Levels + Private Back Patio + Attic Space / 2 BRs + Den + 2 BAs (DC Tax Record has 3BRs 2BAs) / Tenant Scheduled to Move Out 01 March 2015. Within 5 Minutes of Metro / Within 15 Minutes of 2 More Stops / 1 Owner for 30 Years / Call to Schedule Showing”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $789,900.

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  • Emmaleigh504

    I like it. But someone has got to do something about the clock on the mantle!

    • What’s wrong with the clock? Given all there is to look at in the pictures, I can’t figure out why it jumped out at you, unless I’m missing something.

      • Emmaleigh504

        It competes for attention with the picture over the mantel. One or the other not both. I prefer pictures to clocks, so I say move the clock.

        • Blithe

          Very freaky — this comment caught my attention, so I came to see the clock . I inherited a clock that looks pretty much like that. I wonder if it was the Timex of its day?

  • justinbc

    Beautiful details, I’m a fan.

  • This seems like a great deal, despite the location right on Rhode Island Ave.

    When we purchased, we decided to pass on offers for similar houses because of the C-2-A zoning but I know it works for plenty of people.

    • What is the negative associated with C-2-A zoning? I looked it up, the explanation just didn’t really click for me. Thanks.

      • It just means there’s more development potential for the properties than there would be if it were zoned residential. Imagine the compliants about popups, but magnified as the zoning allows for 100% lot coverage for certain uses.

  • Nice house at that price, although the finishes are a little gaudy for me. I’ll be interested to see how it sells, it’s always tough to move a house on such a busy street. Lots of nice places in Georgia in Petworth have sat on the market forever.

    • The furnishings more than the finishes unless you’re counting things like that ugly backing to the bed and the ugly light fixtures. The bathroom seems like a forest of lights–great for narcissists but probably a bit much for a normal person first thing in the am.

  • The most important feature of that house is not mentioned in the listing: as in, how noise resistant are the windows?

  • It’s beautiful, but the kitchen is in the basement. I would want to have the the front parlor as the dining room. Has anybody lived in a house like this and how annoying is it to have to carry food upstairs to the dining room? As much as I love Downton Abbey, I do not have a Mr. Carson or a first footman to serve me my dinner, haha.

    • There are quite a few houses in DC with that sort of a set-up, so hopefully someone else can pipe-in here. (I believe most are around Dupont, but I can’t confirm that.)

    • My house growing up in Manhattan has the kitchen in the English Basement–it isn’t weird to me, because it’s all I know. Most of the homes in NYC are designed like this. My parents didn’t/don’t have tons of dinners in the dinning room, we usually eat in the kitchen dinning area, but the dinning room is on the same level.

  • Good deal. Easily my recent favorite.

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