GDoN? “2 private rooftop terraces totaling 1100+ SF” edition

1117 10th Street Northwest

This penthouse is located at 1117 10th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Step off the elevator directly into the Quincy Court Penthouse, a 2300+ SF residence complete with commanding views of the Washington Monument; 2 private rooftop terraces totaling 1100+ SF, a penthouse bonus room for additional living space, a gourmet kitchen w/ Dacor appliances, two fireplaces, Master Suite w/ custom walk-in closet, sitting room & balcony – 2 parking spaces & extra storage.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $2,169,000 ($1,069 monthly fee.)

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  • how do you ensure nobody else is in the elevator when the doors open into your living room after calling the elevator?

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Usually, you need to put a key in the elevator or have a FOB to be able to push the button to a private residence.

      • when you call the elevator, not when you tell the elevator what floor you want to go to.

        In other words, i’m leaving my apt, I press the call button in my living room. The doors open. Someone is still on the elevator from either a floor above or because of timing.

        • Penthouses are on the top floor, so no one should be on the elevator either when you call it, or when you’re getting off.

  • That is P.I.M.P!

  • Aglets

    Not to be ‘that gal’ but- i don’t really consider that a ‘commanding view’ of the washington monument. it’s more like ‘oh hey! i can see the top of it!’

  • This condo seems rather cramped for 2+ million. I’d spend my money elsewhere.

    • Cramped and 2,300+SF don’t belong in the same sentence. If you want to be in the middle of the city, close to high-end shopping at City Center, walking distance to 14th Street and close to two (2) hub metro stations AND you have the money… nothing wrong with it!

      • You can have a good amount of sq ft and still be cramped if the layout makes it so, as is the case here.

        • I am sure your mansion feels a lot less cramped…

          • How is this remotely related to the conversation? Nobody claimed to live in a mansion. Folks are simply criticizing the pour layout of this property, especially when accounting for the asking price.

          • Seriously, $2.17 mill for this layout seems a bit ambitious. The tax records show that the condo is 1,543 sq ft, which makes more sense from the photos. Let’s see, 1,543 sq ft for $2.17 million = $1,405/ sq ft, which is hgher than you would pay at City Center.

        • Not sure if it’s just the fisheye (?) lens effect, but in the photos, much of the furniture looks oversized/hulking — not a good match for the space.

      • Cherry

        Don’t forget about the 2 parking spaces and extra storage. That’s worth a mill alone!

      • Someone spending 2+ million on a condo is going to want large, open spaces. This condo has none of those features. It’s layout is essentially that of a skinny, deep rowhouse conversion. You would expect to see a lot more windows for that much money. Hell, you’d be better off just buying at City Center. Sure, you’ll get less space, but that space will be much more usable than what you have here.

  • what does gdon stand for?

  • This was sold on Feb 2014 for 940k?

  • Did that second bedroom really only have glass block windows? That’s a deal breaker alone.

  • I think its beautiful but def needs more windows. High rise DC living is known for floor to ceiling windows. I think the entire living room should have been windows like a lot of luxury apts in the city.

  • I Dont Get It

    Gack! That vessel sink! I agree with the others I think this space looks cramped plus for that price I would want soaring ceilings.

  • I’m seriously asking, who can afford this? What do you do? Where does one work to get the money to afford a 2mil condo? Not judging; just wondering where I went wrong in life.

    • jim_ed

      Partner at one of DC’s numerous high power law firms, executives at many of the big non-profits in town, owner of a tech company that gets bought by Amazon, real estate brokers and developers, Trustafarians, drug money launderers, Third World kleptocrats who need a DC sex pad, Harry Thomas Jr, etc etc. Lots of diversity in who can afford this.

      • What jim_ed said. Or two of these people in a couple. Or older folks who have managed to plow a ton into their home equity over time. My guess is that this place will go to a DINK couple in their 40s.

        • My guess is that this place will sell closer to $1.2 million. There’s plenty of supply of DINKs making a combined $250K/yr income that can afford this.

  • I just realized no one has commented yet on that fact that this backs up to Marriott’s “Columbia Place” project, which could start construction soonish. Another reason the listing price is probably far too high.

  • Looks ridiculously overpriced to me. We’ve seen much better-designed and cooler penthouse units on 14th Street that don’t sell for nearly this much. Also, if you’re hoping to get $2.2 million why not bother to have proper floor plans drawn up. Looks like that floor plan was drawn in MS Paint. What are they thinking?

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