Funk Parade Needs You! for Filming this Saturday

2005 14th Street, NW

From an email:

“We are shooting a Funk Parade Video on Saturday February 7th between 2:30pm and 6pm and we want you to join us. The Theme is Warming up U Street, and the motivation behind this video is get people to FUND THE FUNK!

We’re having a little fun with this one and we have already enlisted the help of our videographers at Good Fight Media and our performers including the Batala Drummers, Urban Artistry Dancers, The Brass Connection, Crush Funk Brass and more. BUT WE WANT YOU!!!!

Assembly Spot: Den of Thieves, 2005 14th Street NW
Time: 2 PM. If you can’t make 2, come at 4pm.

Bring an instrument, bring your dance flash mob, wear a crazy funky costume and meet us at Den of Thieves at 2 to get instructions in order to be in the first part of the video shoot at 2:30pm.

Want to be part of the late shift? Bring your dance team and funky costumes and join us at 4 PM at Den of Thieves so we can proceed to the shoot for our Grand Finale and Funk Parade Flash Mob.”

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  • Are the Hiltons ever gonna figure out what to do with that building? It’s kind of shocking that a brand new building in such a prime location is constantly empty because everything they put in there seems to fail. I wonder if this means they’re spreading their concept a little thin these days. Please lease it to someone who can make it work!

    • Anonynon

      is this place already closed? I remember i went back when it opened, and we were some of the first people in there and got a great booth spot…had some fantastic korean fried chicken wings, and good beer. By the time we left the place was packed…how about just a low key sports bar? Could use one of those in this area O.O

      • It’s not closed…

      • I think that may have been some sort of pop-up thing. There was some sort of Vietnamese-themed place in there originally I believe, but it has mostly sat empty since then. There is no signage, and the blinds are drawn every time I pass by.

    • Den of Thieves is open and PACKED- especially on weekend night with dance parties. There is usually a constant line going on Friday and Saturdays. So I think they figured it out.

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