Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – NoMa


This rental is located at 1160 Abbey Place, NE. The listing says:

“This house is literally steps from the NoMa Metro Station and on a lovely, historic, tree-lined one-way street with lots of young families. 2BR (3rdBR is finished basement), 2BA 3-level modern row-house on Abbey Place NE with finished basement w/ bath, hardwood floors throughout, a modern kitchen with granite counters, dishwasher, stainless appliances, microwave exhaust fan and breakfast bar, sun-porch with the original 1920s jalousie windows, a very large back deck for your BBQ needs, washer/dryer, central AC/Heating, recess lighting throughout, one off-street parking spot, and a storage shed outside for tools, brooms, snow shovels, x-mas decorations etc. The house also has a great location – 2 short blocks to the metro, 4 blocks to the Harris Teeter, and a five minute walk to Boundary Road, Driftwood Kitchen and other restaurants and bars on H Street NE. This is a great location that offers city living. The home would be perfect for a young family or two-three young professionals. Dog Friendly landlord.

Upstairs bathroom has a skylight. Both bedrooms have large closets. Entire house has ample storage space and two exterior sheds for bikes, kayaks, golf clubs, etc.

Landlord is experienced, very responsive, lives in the neighborhood and will provide overwhelmingly positive references of current and past tenants. Interior of house will be completely painted prior to occupancy.

AVAILABLE AS EARLY AS MARCH 15TH (Start-Date Negotiable), but April 1st more ideal.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $3,990/Mo.

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  • Literally steps means a 0.3 mile walk! Don’t get me wrong, that’s very close, but not literally steps. And third bedroom is actually just the finished basement? I think $3990 is too high by about $1000.

    • Come on now, this is a two minute walk at most. I’m with you on RE agent hyperbole, but this isn’t a big deal.

      • It’s definitely close to metro and I am not saying it isn’t close enough. It’s just $4000 for a two bedroom house in NoMa…too much.

    • everything can be construed as “steps away” when it’s walking distances — “This place is just steps away from Union Station! About 600 steps, but steps nonetheless!”

    • NoMa has two entrances. This listing is .1 mile away from the M St entrance. You really can’t get much closer to a metro station–it’s even closer than some of the new apartment buildings which are marketed as being at the station. There are plenty of things wrong with this listing, like the price, but complaining about the description of the proximity is missing the mark.

  • I think its overpriced by at least 1,200. Its nice but not high end. The location is convenient, but its priced like its in the heart of logan or shaw.

  • Agree with the other comments – this is at least $500 overpriced, if not more. You can get a house like this in Shaw, Columbia Heights, etc. for cheaper.

  • I don’t think I’d call this upscale. It’s renovated, but not with high-end finishes. I’m also not sure if the walk from there to Boundary Road is really only five minutes. Also, I’d like to see pictures of the sun porch. What are jalousie windows??

  • Damn. I rent basically the same house out on that block for $2450. Guess I should raise the rent, lol.

  • I like that the LL is already thinking of how to address my kayak storage needs. Also that the privilege of applying to live there requires “pristine” credit.

  • There’s an REI moving into Uline Arena!

  • I’ll add something more relevant and say that this is one of the great little neighborhood streets in that area.

  • It’s got 3 bedrooms, is close to the hill, a grocery store, and quite close to the metro. Splitting rent gets you to 1300 per bedroom… It’s not what I would do and I don’t see the value, but I am sure someone will.

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