Forget Growlers the 1st Official Crowler Hours at DC Brau this Weekend

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Behold the first official Crowler. It’s 32 ounces and it’s awesome. Crowler will be like $1 or $2 for the can and like $6 for a fill. This is gonna be particularly awesome come backyard BBQ season…

A bit of explanation from DC Brau’s facebook page:

“In honor of Brewer Chris’ BDAY, Smells Like Freedom & their love for DC the crew @OskarBlues has gifted us A CROWLER MACHINE! DC get ready for fresh CROWLERS and make sure you thank our buddies @OskarBlues!”

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  • Perhaps someone can disabuse me of my confusion. How do you like refill a can?

    “Crowler will be like $1 or $2 for the can and like $6 for a fill.”

    • You don’t…it’s not a reusable container. You would just recycle it like any other can after using. Obviously not being able to reuse it is a disadvantage, but there are many advantages to sealing beer in a can vs. glass: it keeps light out & is a better seal (so it keeps oxygen out), which means the beer will last longer. You can also take it places that glass can’t go.

      • If it isn’t reusable, then why charge separate prices for the can/fill. They should just invest in selling prepackaged quarts.

        • Yea, that’s a really good point. I guess one advantage is that they don’t need to figure out how much of each beer to pre-package. Customers can get a crowler filled with any beer on draft instead of only what was pre-packaged. And chances are that their canning line isn’t setup to handle 32oz cans.

  • I don’t see the appeal: you’re buying a large non-reusable can for significantly more money (per oz) than you would pay for a sixer – why?

    • The only way this would be worth it is if you were taking something home that wasn’t otherwise available in a can. It’s pure marketing, and you just know that people will be lined up to overpay for these things.

  • so do you have to pay for the can each time? or do you, like, trade it in and just pay for the refill?

  • I think it should be 5 cents…

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