Epiphany BBQ Closed in Petworth?

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4128 Georgia Ave, NW

A reader writes:

“I walked past Epiphany BBQ a couple times this weekend, and it seemed closed closed. No sign alerting us to anything, just shut and empty and quiet. Any word? It’d be a bummer.”

It was closed when I walked by yesterday too. Anyone know when they closed?

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  • Becks

    NOOOOOOOO!!!! I am from Texas and they had REAL, smoky, delicious, BBQ! Are they moving somewhere? Will they still deliver? Reasonable prices, delicious food, AND they delivered!!!

  • I walked by on Saturday evening and it was closed. As a new Petworth resident, I had been hoping to check it out.

  • Strange, your experience was entirely opposite of mine. They were always very welcoming to me and just wanted to share good BBQ. I never felt that they were cold to me or anyone else who was in there at the same time as me. It has been one of my go to takeout places ever since it went in.

  • andy

    I wished them success but never actually went there to eat. Sorry guys.

  • I was excited when this place opened a few yrs back, but honestly after giving it a couple of tries, honestly, this isnt surprising news. It wasn’t that good IMO.

  • They were always warm and nice to me. I too am from Texas, but I think their BBQ could be slightly better, their BBQ sauce is pretty weak! They also need beef ribs, not just pork. And some good smoked brisket. I bet they were out in Arizona for the Super Bowl and will be back soon???

    Is the Jamaican Chicken place at the Corner of NH Ave and Georgia also now closed??

    • I am also from Texas, and always thought true Hill country BBQ does not rely upon, not heavily use BBQ sauce. It’s all in the seasoning and smoke. Sauce is an afterthought.

      • Agreed, it’s about sitting by the BBQ pit all day playing dominoes and drinking beer, and smokin’ that meat! My mom actually brings me big hunks of Pecan Wood from her yard for my smoker each time she comes for a visit! And family smoked polish kielbasa from Chappell Hill!

    • Pretty sure Sweet Mango is still open. Went there a few weeks ago. If that closed, it would be SO sad. The Jerk is amazing. As for Epiphany, the people there were SUPER nice, but I honestly didn’t like the pit beef or the sauce all that much.

    • Yeah, good Texas BBQ doesn’t need sauce at all. I’ve been meaning to try out this place for ages. Sorry I never went out of my way to visit them.

    • I loved their sauce! To each his own, but slather that pit meat with that sauce and some cheddar and I was in heaven.

  • I had been there a few times – food was good, but didn’t necessarily stand out. Plus, if you’re looking for a quick sandwich at a primarily non-sit down place, there are plenty of other healthier and cheaper options, like the sandwiches at Safeway and Yes! I’m honestly not surprised to see this – it never seemed to be busy.

  • This sucks! We need more quick, cheap bbq options. They weren’t the best in the world, but they were still pretty good. Hopefully, they’re on vacation.

  • I hope not, this was one of the few places that did (hopefully still does) beef ribs. I agree that their BBQ sauce wasn’t my fave, but it was solid food, and they were always friendly…I just used the BBQ sauce I had at home when I ate.

  • I thought their food was great, but their delivery was just awful. It took forever and it was almost always wrong–and very wrong, like, a turkey club instead of a cheesesteak. I got a couple of email coupons from them in the last few weeks and worried; that’s never a good sign.

  • I tried this place a couple of times and they got our order wrong each time. We just gave up, even though it was pretty good.

  • I went in there once but after a few minutes of waiting for someone to take our order, we left. People were working, they just ignored us.

  • That’s such a shame! Their BBQ was delicious! I never tried their delivery, but for take out they were a delicious, affordable option.

  • They’ve disappeared from Grubhub, too. That’s a bummer. The pit beef and cheddar sandwich was delicious.

  • I believe those folks also own the surplus building supply place on that block, which I noticed seemed closed the other day as well. I had heard years ago that that building was slated for renovation (demolition?), but Fido and Kitty’s World is still open. (Great little pet supply store btw).

  • Maybe it’s a personal/family emergency, then?

  • These places are all folding due to lack of patronage. Fusion, Moroni, Mothership, Epiphany. My wife and I were just at Bravo Bar last night noting what an awesome happy hour they have. Then drove by Top Spanish Cafe to see how it was doing – completely empty.

    • These places are suffering from a lack of patronage because they all have two things in common: poor or inconsistent food and lousy service. There is plenty of potential market in the area for more neighborhood food establishments, but people keep trying to run these places without a sustainable business plan, poorly trained staff and poor food. Epiphany was a great concept, but the food was total grease, that is if you even got what you ordered. Moronis food was often cold, inconsistent and the restaurant had no air conditioning in the summer. I won’t even address the horrible service that came with the new management before they closed, or the odd desire to be a club at night. fusion had great food 7 out of 10 times, but the service was always poor. The staff didn’t understand the menu, so if the chef wasn’t in, they couldn’t answer any food questions. Also if more than 2 or 3 tables were seated, they were downright overwhelmed. as for mothership, I have heard the same in the neighborhood about food quality and service. I ate there once and got food poisoning.

      • You have the worst luck dining I’ve ever heard. I had positive experiences at all those places except Moronis on multiple occasions. I would guess, however, that you are right about mismanagement in some parts. I think a lot of these places didn’t have the right folks in charge to keep a restaurant going.

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