East Side Yoga Now Open on Capitol Hill

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510 10th Street, NE courtesy East Side Yoga

From an email:

East Side Yoga, opened on Monday at 518 10th St. NE, #2. In addition to being the most convenient studio to folks who live in the NE part of the Hill and Atlas District, we’ve put a lot of work into the space to make it a yoga studio like no other in town. In fact, I’ve already had multiple students tell me it’s the most beautiful yoga studio they’ve ever been to!”


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  • SouthwestDC

    I’m a little skeptical of a studio that puts so much effort into appearance (that’s not really the point is it?) but it fills a need in the neighborhood and I do plan on checking it out!

    • Hi Caroline,

      I’m Alia, the owner of East Side Yoga. Thanks for your comment! As a practicing yogi, I’ve always found that the studio’s ambience played a big role in my experience on the mat, and have honestly been disappointed that so many studios in the area don’t put more effort into their design. That’s why I’ve invested so much into our design at East Side Yoga. That said, if you pay us a visit, I guarantee you will find that I have put just as much effort into selecting and training my teaching team, choosing our props, and all of the other aspects of the studio that likely come to mind when one thinks of a yoga studio. You can check out our teaching team on our website (www.EastSideYogaDC.com), and I hope you’ll stop by for a class soon!


      • Alia, it looks fantastic. I wish you well with this undertaking. I completely AGREE that design is important. Being a yogi doesn’t mean going without aesthetic pleasure, along with the practice.

      • I agree, Alia. Can’t wait to try out the new space- the photos look great! I was planning to go to Laura’s class last night but fell asleep after being at work for 13 hours. 🙂 Hope to see you Saturday!

  • I hope you allow classpass! They have limited studios on our side of the hill.

    • Hi Becky,

      Unfortunately, we are not currently a part of the classpass program. But if you follow us on Facebook, if we ever do join class pass we will definitely blast the news! Meanwhile, I hope you will still come give us a try. We are running a special during our first month in business: $15 for a week of unlimited yoga. So hopefully that will make up for not having classpass!


  • Am I missing something? All I see are holiday twinkle lights. It must be something you need to see in person.

    • Hi Charlie,

      LOL! Trust me there is a LOT more to our design than just the twinkle lights! For instance, that door that you are seeing was handmade by a Capitol Hill carpenter using locally sourced materials. And those cubbies on the left are apple crates from Eastern market sitting inside a custom welded frame made by a local welder. Those are just a few of the many, many custom touches that we have filled our space with! If you’re curious, we have a lot more pictures up on our website (www.EastsideyogaDC.com) and our Facebook page (Facebook.com/Eastside yoga DC). But you are right, the best way to experience it is in person! Hope to see you at the studio sometime soon!


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