Do as I Say not as I Do Vol. 79


A reader sends:

“This guy parks here a lot. On John McCormack Dr. just north of Michigan Ave, right in front of Catholic U Metro. As you can see, when he/she is parked there (sitting in the car, btw, blatant “No Parking” on that whole side of the street) it is impossible for traffic to get through in both directions. It was all backed up behind me onto Michigan.”

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  • The parking patrol employees have to be some of the worst individuals in this city. They do crap like this constantly, I see it all the time, and then issue tickets seemingly at random with the knowledge that the city will back them up no matter what.

  • if someone is in the driver’s seat is it technically standing (or stopping), not parking?

  • Someone on Twitter pls forward this to the DDOT and Mayor Bowser Twitter handles. Public shaming will make this go away. We have the license plate number.

    • Public shaming is great, but also email the photo and the license plate number directly to the Bowser, Cheh and Dormsjo.

  • Oh and notice the long snow covered area to the right of the car? That’s the Metropolitan Branch Trail. Currently unshoveled

  • DC government has no issues handing out tickets nonstop around the clock, but when it comes to every single other public service such as shoveling sidewalks or picking up trash or (fill in the blank) they’re completely incapable and incompetent.

  • Possibly the same individual that doesn’t know the law and wrongly tagged me and 108 of my neighbors last week:

  • Every DC parking enforcement person I’ve seen is a complete a-hole. I usually see them blocking a lane of Irving street during the morning rush hour when there are plenty of spots on the side of the road they could pull into to give tickets. I think the news did a story on this type of behavior a while back, but it obviously hasn’t helped.

  • One of the reasons why many people believe that parking enforcement personnel are a-holes is because many people are a-holes to them. Remember, these people are the same ones who enforce ROSA, zone parking, meter parking, and everything other type of public parking….an issue that is complained about often on this site. If parking enforcement had to find a legal spot for every time they issue a ticket, very few tickets would get issued and everyone on this site would be complaining about that too. The dc employee bashing on this site is unbelievable sometimes.

  • Eh… this is just someone with a super grudge against the meter-maids (sure we all love to hate them) but its almost a given to see a “parked” car on that side of the street either dropping off or picking up people at the entrance to the metro stop over there.
    Its an unofficial kiss and ride and most people are tolerant and pull over as far to the right as possible. Also John McCormick isn’t a road with heavy traffic and you can ALWAYS get around a parked car. I see more civilians parked on that side more than I see DC parking enforcement or CUA security guards do.

    Complain about something else…. like this cold-a** weather.

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