10 Thousand Square Foot CVS coming to Mt. Vernon Square

Association of American Medical Colleges building at New York Avenue and Sixth, Seventh, and K Streets, NW

@MVTCID tweets us:

“New 10,000 sf lease at @AAMCtoday with @CVS_Extra just signed.”

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  • Huh, there’s already a pretty decent-sized CVS at 4th and Mass, just a few blocks away. Is that going away, or do they think they can support both stores?

  • As if we need another one. I’m surprised Walgreen hasn’t been more aggressive in DC proper.

  • Are there any other of the big CVS Extra stores in DC? I’m strongly considering moving to Mt. Vernon area from U Street so it’ll be a welcome amenity.

  • Ugh, please! Not ANOTHER (C)an’t (V)end (S)h_t!!! Walgreens is the preference on ANY DAY!!!

  • accendo

    Oh good, we needed more places to get 6-foot receipts in the neighborhood.

  • I think this is a good idea only if there will be a MinuteClinic, which is basically the best invention ever. Otherwise, doesn’t everyone just buy CVS-type stuff on Amazon?

    • “Otherwise, doesn’t everyone just buy CVS-type stuff on Amazon?”
      No. Personally, I buy that kind of stuff at Target.
      Aside from the issue that not everybody prefers to buy everything online, haven’t you seen all the threads here about stolen packages?

      • OK, well I presume you live near Target. For people that live near this building and do not want to go the online route, there is a Safeway, a Giant, a Walgreens, and two CVS stores pretty close by. I’m just wondering about the need for an additional CVS, let alone a large one. But again, love the MinuteClinic and am definitely hoping for one here.

        • Fair enough — that’s a completely valid question as to whether this area needs an additional drugstore-type place.
          What jumped out at me was the assumption that “everyone” buys drugstore-type items on Amazon. I suspect that only a minority of D.C. residents (and even only a minority of PoPvillagers) do so.
          I find CVS really overpriced, but I guess it must be doing good business for it to be opening all these stores (or deliberately taking a loss for business-strategy reasons).

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