Coming Soon Signage for Flywheel Cycling Studio posted at the former Visions movie theater

1927 Florida Ave, NW

Back in December we heard Flywheel cycling studio was coming to the former Visions Theater in Dupont. Thanks to a reader for the update on the signage.

Florida ave looking west towards Connecticut Ave.

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  • Is it weird that the first thing that comes to mind with this place is the old Marx Brothers sketches as Flywheel, Shyster, and Flywheel?

  • Sure are a lot of cycling studios popping up lately. As an avid cyclist, I HATE riding indoors on my trainer, so I can’t imagine paying a ton of money every month just for that. Going to the gym is a break from cycling, not an addition to it. (spinning every once in a while is cool, just not every day).

    • Seriously… i dont really like spending more than 30-40 mins on the trainer
      its also annyoing when people who do these classes tell me that i couldnt hang in one of them.
      now im not denying that it would be a good workout but i highly doubt it is more of a workout than the miles i put down on trails or riding around d city

    • I’m an indoor cycling instructor (and an outdoor rider) and while there are definitely “real” cyclists who come to classes, a lot of the attendees are not, so they don’t have the same frame of reference. They are there to get a good, sweaty workout in a group setting–and there’s nothing wrong with that. That being said, I am amazed by how many cycling-only studios are popping up. Seems like a missed opportunity to offer other forms of training that complement cycling.

      • So true. Aside from this place there’s one in the West End, at 14th and W, near 9th and U and somewhere in northeast. They’re aren’t cheap either.

      • I’ll totally agree with you that spinning is a great workout. I think I usually pushed myself a bit harder than most people since I actually ride, but I’d come out of a class dead tired and completely drenched in sweat. I just don’t see the point of paying full gym prices to do only spinning/cycling. I go out and ride for free, then pay Elevate Interval Fitness to give me a full-body ass kicking.

  • I miss Visions.

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