Cloak & Dagger Lounge to Replace Patty Boom Boom on U Street

1359 U Street, NW

Ed. Note: Before you reflexively say something negative please read the full description below. I know it goes against instinct but it can be done. Personally, I’d like to give a professional breakdancer for over 20 years the benefit of the doubt so let’s at least wait for them to open before judging. Obviously it won’t be for everyone and that’s ok. No need to poison the well just for fun.

If you are a huge Patty Boom Boom fan, I feel ya – take time to grieve – and revisit in a few months – also no need to reflexively trash the replacement. Here’s the link to the original story about the coming closure where you can lament the passing. I mean that genuinely.

I recognize my request may fail but I felt it needed to be said.

Cool I hate having to preface like that now here’s the owner’s vision for the coming Cloak & Dagger:

“So in a nut shell Cloak & Dagger’s concept will pay homage to DC’s history of elusive spies, espionage and underground secret society. A red telephone booth (London style sorta like the Dr. Who) will be the disguised entrance way into the bar/lounge. Covert rooms leading to different areas (I.e. the entrance, VIP room, DJ booth, etc) of Cloak & Dagger will provide a fun and classy Victorian style old school ambiance.

The 1st floor will be more of a speakeasy type of bar. A secret book shelf door will lead into this bar where it will be set up more as a mixology concept with seasonal drink menu specials.

2nd floor will more of the “club” where we will have the DJ’s set up for play to the crowd. The 3rd level mezzanine will be more for the bottle service crowd who prefer to keep it more chill with their group of friends.

Weekly events will depend on the nights. I’ve been a professional breakdancer for over 20 years (my crew is the Lionz of Zion)… so as someone who loves dance I definitely plan on having some nights that will cater to all the dancers (housers, bboys/bgirls, hip-hop dancers). I want to create an environment that not only has great music but is fun and entertaining. I feel that the DC scene has lost some of that and plan to bring that type of energy back.”

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  • The fact that the owner is a breakdancer is promising.
    In accordance with the editor’s note, I will refrain from commenting (reflexively or otherwise) on the first-floor concept.

  • I’m withholding comments and judgment until I see it in operation.
    But I have to make one comment in hopes they can change the press release or the interior design in time… “A red telephone booth (London style sorta like the Dr. Who) will be the disguised entrance way into the bar/lounge.”…Dr. Who had a blue police box (aka the TARDIS), not a red phone booth!

  • I was trying to read through the whole post before reflexively saying something negative, but then i got to this, “A red telephone booth (London style sorta like the Dr. Who),” and I could control myself no more. The Doctor uses a Blue Police Box, not a red telephone booth. Such a mistake can not be over looked.

  • Yet another new establishment with a name in the format “X & X” !

  • A speakeasy? Interesting concept.

  • It sounds a little different I guess than the last 20 places opened in the area. Definitely not my kind of scene but more power to them for doing something that looks like it will be different.

    • PDleftMtP

      Exactly. Place isn’t just another Seamus O’Shitty’s, guy seems enthusiastic, and good luck to him. I’m in favor of more places with personality.

  • I feel like the need to defend this place before anyone has said anything automatically sets off alarm bells…but as you said, we’ll wait and see.

    I will make one request to the owner – please don’t have the 3rd floor be bottle service. I feel like the “bottles and models” theme was very big in the aughts, but I think we can move past that to something a little less douchey.

    Overall, happy to see a new place coming in so soon to replace an otherwise fun bar.

  • There was/is the Safehouse in Milwaukee that has same concept, been there for decades. Kind of a cool spot, have to knock on the door and give some password to get in.

    • nice to have another milwaukeean in the house. Safehouse was also fun because if you didn’t know the PW, you had to do somthing stupid to get in and little did you know that we were being shown on video to the entire bar.

  • Is this Ghost who wrote this?

  • What is a “bgirl?”

  • “I want to create an environment that not only has great music but is fun and entertaining. I feel that the DC scene has lost some of that and plan to bring that type of energy back.”

    I totally agree with this–part of why I was sad to see Patty Boom leave. Good to see that it’s not going to be just another big box bar on U Street.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I was totally surprised last night to find myself walking past a Sleepy’s on U Street b/n 13 and 14. What the heck?

  • Sounds great. But it is literally an exact copy of a bar in new york. I will give it a whirl though. Love the adventure and I was not a party boom boom fan but sad to see it go and look forward to something new.

    • Are you referring to PDT? I’ve never been, but I know the disguised entrance a la phone booth is the same concept.

  • Lost me at a whole floor for bottle service. Places I have seen this, end up with everybody on the 2nd floor just trying to 3rd floor.

  • Aglets

    I use to love the Cloak & Dagger comics. It was my favorite super hero one.

  • I like the speakeasy concept, but we’ll have to see how it works. There is a cocktail place in Santa Monica that is actually housed in an old speakeasy. You have to enter through a loading dock by the dumpster and go down into what seems to be a perfect location for a rodent infestation, but when you get in the place, it’s amazing. With any luck this will be a nice place as well.

  • Don’t take this the wrong way, but maybe the reason DC has lost places with great music that are fun and entertaining is because they are being replaced with concept bars featuring mixologists and bottle service. No nevermind to me since I am beyond the club scene at this point, but I wish the new owner well.

  • I find it intriguing that the iconic, historical London red phone booth is evidently now more readily described as ‘like the Dr. Who phone booth, but red.”

  • I like the cloak and dagger theme and love that they’re trying something new! There’s already too many restaurants/bars that don’t do enough to distinguish themselves from the rest. I hope this succeeds!!!

  • I like the theme, but am ambivalent as always about anything like a lounge. Or anywhere offering bottle service, basically.

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