Bummer – Cardozo Pool Not Opening to Public any time soon due to Budget Constraints

Photo of Cardozo pool courtesy of DCPS

Thanks to U Street Buzz for sharing an email with us that he received from Department of Parks and Recreation:

“Thank you for reaching out. Currently DPR does not have the personnel budget to open Cardozo pool. Once City Counsel passes the FY16 budget, we will be in a much better place to make a decision. Please note that we have two pools very close to Cardozo (Dunbar and Marie Reed).”

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  • That’s really sad. We are really short on indoor pools, and the hours of operation of both indoor and outdoor pools are sometime truly ridiculous.

  • To me, a community pool, is a an added bonus. Before we spend money to open an indoor pool (no matter how much joy it could bring), DC needs to get a handle on all of the crime in Ward 1 in Columbia Heights and Petworth. Public safety should come first and the daily assaults and other violent crime need to be the top priority. Ideally, they should be able to do both, but maybe that is wishful thinking.

    • I know you’re trolling, but seriously, that’s just so silly I can’t resist. Crime is an ebb and flow, you’re not going to solve it by just throwing more and more money at the police. And if you really want to think about it, community services do far more to reduce crime than extra cops. Both by offering alternative activities and by drawing wealthier residents to balance the community.

    • clevelanddave

      Government is, must, be capable of patting its head and rubbing its tummy at the same time. So you can’t keep roads in good repair and do law enforcement? You can’t educate children and fix sewers? The cost to keep a pool open an extra few hours a few days a week is nominal: lights, a lifeguard, a little security. You are going to keep the building and the pool heated anyways and the filters/chemicals/maintenance are the same. Seems almost as if the money could come from elsewhere for the marginal cost: isn’t there a program to increase health/wellness or towards operating public facilities? Or one of many non-profit or charities that have as part of their charter healthy/exercise etc? Maybe I’m naive but I have got to believe having a pool open for three or four extra hours probably costs the city what, maybe $150 an hour?

  • Has anyone gone to Hydrospin? What is that? I think I want to try it!

  • Looks kind of small, anyway.

    • The pool is original to the school. It was just rehabbed as part of the renovation. Competitive high school pools of the era were typically 25 yards and 4 lanes.

  • I think the DPR worker meant to refer to the D.C. Council, or the District Council, or simply the Council. Karl Racine is the closest thing we have to a city counsel.

  • If you care about pools, operations and pool hours please write to your councilmember NOW. The way DPR manages, or fails to manage, the pools is utterly ridiculous.
    1)- ALL pools need to open before noon on saturday. Preferably by 9am
    2) all pools need to be fully staffed by opening day
    3) open 7 days a week in the summer for the outdoor pools
    4) if Bowser can add 5 mill to the summer jobs program (and having had a few of those kids in my office, believe me they aren’t learning much or contributing much)- then she should use that to train them to become life guards. I am so sick of the City building new facilities but never realizing that operations and maintenance also costs money. PLEASE write to your councilperson now so they can address these issues.

  • This is too bad. I was looking forward to using this pool.
    I didn’t know Marie Reed has a pool that is open to the public – has anyone used it? Does it have weekend hours? Crowded?

    • Marie Reed is not open on weekends which is a serious limitation. When I’ve gone during the middle of the workday it has never been too crowded. It always seemed very well staffed for such a small pool, I feel they could send some of those lifeguards to open up the Cardozo pool to the public.

  • What a shocker. Another thing that was promised that the DC government completely dropped the ball on. Oh well, i’m sure this will be the last time it happens.

  • Just like the Cardozo track: An incredibly nice resource that’s supposed to be open to the public, but – from what I can tell – never actually is. Just sitting there behind locked gates. What a waste of resources. Especially the track, which doesn’t have the operating costs of a pool.

    • Banneker is pretty close. The next closest (free) indoor pool is Turkey Thicket? Coolidge?

    • Cardozo track is open for use whenever there’s an after-school sport or permitted activity (like District Sports soccer leagues) using the field. Except in the winter, this actually adds up to a lot of track availability overall (it’s open pretty much all weekday afternoons/evenings and most weekends). Of course, I’d prefer that it be open all of the time. But during the rare cases that I want to use it and it’s locked, Banneker is just two blocks away.

      • This is surprising to hear. I have never once been able to use the track. When I’m doing track workouts, they’re almost always on weekday evenings or occasional Saturday afternoons. I have mostly given up on Cardozo and just go to Banneker. But I often run by it after work, and whenever I look to see whether it’s open, it’s inevitably locked.

        Banneker is totally fine, and I’m grateful that it’s open at all hours. But man, the Cardozo track is beautiful, and it’s actually a standard track shape. Not to mention the fact that it has more lanes. It just cruelly teases me, sitting there empty all the time.

        • There’s a gate at Florida and 13th that I see open frequently for the activities explained above. Some of the normal looking entrances are closed most of the time. Maybe you’re running or looking in the wrong place?

  • HaileUnlikely

    I agree that this is unfortunate, but I can think of about 14,000 higher priorities for public funding than yet another pool, especially in NW. Most people in NW are within walking distance of multiple pools that are open.

  • It took the neighbors and ANC reps near Dunbar about 18 months to get meaningful community hours established at Dunbar. It’s an awesome pool and community resource and is now open weekends 9-5 and M, W, F early morning and late afternoon/evening.

    Ridiculous process, good outcome. Come check out the pool!

  • Dunbar is not “very close” to Cardozo. But this is a pretty small pool. I can understand why it’s not at the top of the list in terms of staffing priority.

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