Blagden Alley’s “Localteria” Now Open

1209 10th St NW REAR in Blagden Alley

Last week we learned about plans for a Localteria in Blagden Alley. The owner sends me an update via email:

“We opened Localteria today in Blagden Alley, 1209 10th St NW REAR. We don’t have all of the items in yet, but it’s still surprising to see what a variety of foods and beverages our neighbors are making.”

Hours are 11 to 11 and midnight on weekends. And standby for beer and wine when they get a liquor license.

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  • Sound marvelous. Good for you! I hope it becomes all you want it to be, for all of us.

  • Definitely interested in checking this out.

  • Is this by the same owners of Back Alley Waffles?

    Same space, right?

  • I’m a neighbor….hhmmm, wonder if I can sell my ice cream here! 🙂

  • Somewhat related: Tony last night was talking about neighborhood concerns about the development of Blagden Alley and that led me to this roundup of a recent ANC meeting about it. It sounds like the development could be delayed a bit, in part due to concerns about parking. Sounds like the Columbia Room and the Dabney may have troubles ahead. And also, it looks like Reformation Fitness is getting a new space there too.

    • I love la colombe but seems like a terrible place to have a meeting about anything (other than a meeting about how many croissants I can eat)

    • Wait, why would parking requirements impact the slated restaurants? Are they going into a building that’s going to have residential space as well?

      • I have no idea….but I’ve lived in the area for a few years (minor brief detour to 13th St) and always felt like the “established” residents all want the benefits of something in the area but none of the problems. To me, the more business in Blagden, maybe the fewer hookers! It’s SO close to the metro, too. And Rouge IS busy.

        • I’m a commercial building owner in the area and this has been the attitude for the 25 years I’ve owned here. Many neighbors here make development very very difficult. IMO they are nit-picky and unreasonable with odd priorities.

      • oh, also….gotta love people who live near the CONVENTION CENTER and get upset about the idea of people driving/parking. I can respect SOME NIMBY things, but at a certain point, it’s not a suburb. You live where a lot of stuff is going on.

      • The article says current residents are concerned that the new businesses could create parking problems for them — presumably because they’re adding to parking demand without adding new parking spaces. They compare it to problems created by Le Diplomate’s valet parking. I can’t speak to the validity of this concern, but it sounds like there are plenty of concerns.

        • Le Dip’s valet problem isn’t a problem – I’m pretty sure they park in the lot next to the restaurant. The Le Dip problem is the back up the valet causes at 14th and Q. Also, anyone there can get a street permit for parking. It’s not ideal, but as much as I also hate looking for street parking, if you live in this area, it’s really part of the deal. That’s why there’s RPP-only parking.

  • the website is completely useless.

  • On the shit show scale of Shaw’s Tavern to Back Alley Waffles, where will this fall?

  • gotta be honest – I’ve got a lot more questions than answers.

  • I for one am quite happy with all the development happening in the area. Thus far, Blagden Alley has attracted classy joints – unlike the corporate malfeasance that takes place just a few blocks south (ugh). As for the parking issue, why don’t they just ban cars in the Alley altogether? It’s an Alley, people should walk. If you are worried about finding parking, take an Uber! Also, these residents that have their panties in a bunch about cocktail bar patrons mulling about after hours ought to spend some time hanging around that Alley late-night. It’s a den of hookers, crack and other villainy that will surely dissipate as more upscale open-late businesses move into the area.

    • “Why don’t they just ban cars in the Alley altogether” – very interesting idea, especially since the alleys double as walkways. If enforced, it also might also help to cut down on some of the “villainy” you describe.

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