Armed Car Jacking in Georgetown ends with an Arrest after crash in Petworth

A friend texts me: “why is their a helicopter over my house?”

@alanhenney tweets:

ARMED CARJACKING of MERCEDES from 2600 P St NW w/DC tag EJ0156. Police chased to 900 Ingraham St NW. 1 arrest after crash.”

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  • Honestly, I’d like to see guys like the one behind this carjacking/chase and the multiple repeat DUI offender who killed the Chinatown pedestrian the other day just get the electric chair. Society doesn’t need these people and they could give two rats frack about society…

  • jim_ed

    So it crashed right in front of an elementary school? Terrific. Maybe that’ll tack on an extra week to the 3 month prison sentence the offender will get.

    • saf

      You know, you keep pointing out the “think of the children!” viewpoint.

      Any people matter, no matter their ages.

  • +1. We certainly would have a more peaceful and civil society. Really, I’d prefer that those who aren’t willing to live in society without mugging, murdering, and otherwise violently preying on people, stop living.

    • No, we really wouldn’t. No society ever bears out what you’re saying. The most peaceful societies are the ones without death penalties and high incarceration rates. It’s not a question or chicken or egg. You need eggs to make chickens, and chickens to make eggs, etc.

      • Those societies are also completely homogeneous. Finland doesn’t have a death penalty or high incarceration rates. They also happen to be all racially homogeneous without major crime to speak of.

        Not at all the same thing,.

        • How about Japan? It’s crazy crazy safe to the point that crime affecting the average person is nonexistent. You can walk into a coffee shop in Tokyo, put your laptop and purse down to save a table, and go to the bathroom, and it’s certain to be there when you return. It’s a country where millions of dollars of cash found on the street is turned in to the police every year.

          Interestingly though Japanese justice is very swift and severe; their death penalty system notoriously so. So, it’s not just homogeneity that keeps Japan safe, it’s also the threat of severe punishment. Or, perhaps, its the combination – the homogeneous society has erected a severe justice system to reinforce against backsliding. They have a low incarceration rate, sure, but it’s not because they’re soft on crime – it’s because they don’t have criminals.

          Not to say that Japan’s perfect by the way. There is a mafia that can be violent to each other. If you’re arrested, you are almost sure to be convicted. But it’s an interesting and incredibly different comparison to the US. One could reasonably point to it as an example of a country whose death penalty and severe criminal justice system sustains a very low crime rate.

          • “Interestingly though Japanese justice is very swift and severe;”

            According to deterrence theory, punishment is most effective at deterring recidivism when it is “swift, certain, and severe.” Past a certain level, increases in severity can be counterproductive to deterring crime and recidivism. So of course, that is the one element that we’ve latched onto in the US.

  • “The penalty for a carjacking conviction in D.C. is a maximum fine of $5,000, a mandatory minimum period of incarceration of 7 years, and a maximum sentence of 21 years. The offense becomes “armed carjacking” if a firearm or dangerous weapon is used during the course of the carjacking. In that case, the offense carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years and a maximum sentence of 40 years. D.C. Criminal Code § 22-2803.”

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