Archeological Finds Vol. 7 – Shoomaker’s whiskey


I’m seriously loving this feature so if you have a photo of a neat find from your house or place of work please send an email to princeofpetworth(at) thanks.

A reader writes:

“In 2001, my parents put an addition on their Cleveland Park home. The Macomb St. house was built in 1914. While the backyard was being dug up, I found this half pint Shoomaker’s whiskey bottle half buried in the ground. Shoomaker’s, which closed at the start of Prohibition, is the birthplace of the Rickey.”

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  • According to an ad in a 1906 newspaper, I saw it Shoemaker’s was established in 1858 the president was August W. Noack, Jr. and the secretary was George A Williamson an the address was technically 1331 Pennsylvania Ave NW.

  • I used to own a house in Shaw that was built circa 1870, and every time we did work we would find booze bottles — basement crawlspace, attic crawlspace, in the walls, between the floors, chimneys. There must have been a lot of booze-fueled construction over the years.

  • I plant trees with Casey trees and we have quite the collection of bottles we have discovered over the years. Even found a cannon ball at the Stuart center in NE

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