Archeological Finds Vol. 2 – Kinsey Whiskey


If you have a photo of a neat find from your house please send an email to princeofpetworth(at) thanks.

Thanks to a reader for sending the second neat find from Stronghold:

“We found this bottle of whiskey in a wall when we renovated the kitchen in our house. The house was built in the early 1900s, 1918 I think, although we also found a newspaper dated 1911. Unfortunately, the bottle was empty”

The reader did a little digging and found:

” Kinsey, as best as I can tell was a whiskey distillery located in Linfield, PA. It had a long, complicated and at times confusing history that goes back to 1891 when it was founded by the 33 year-old Jacob G. Kinsey, includes a dark period during Prohibition, and concludes in 1979 when the bottling line shut down for the last time.”


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  • houseintherear

    I don’t have a pic, unfortunately… when I bought my little carriage house 6 years ago, my dad was digging a hole for a fence post and found a horseshoe buried about 5 feet down along with what he guessed was a railroad track. He dug up the horseshoe but of course couldn’t get the track out of the ground. Last year I was chatting with a neighbor who has lived in the neighborhood for 60 years, and he said he and his friends used to play horseshoes in the big field, which is now split into property for the carriage houses. They’d dig down until they found a horseshoe, which were apparently all over the place out there (since surely the carriage houses were used for horses at some point). Pretty cool!

  • While excavating my basement, I was able to salvage about 50 bottles (booze, drugs, make up, etc…). There were numerous broken bottles, plates, bones, etc.. as well. I am sure quite a few were taken to the dump, as there was a lot of earth removed. You would be surprised what is underneath many of our homes. Even when DC water came to my house recently to excavate my front yard to replace a the sewer line, there were numerous bottles and other items unearthed. Cool find here!

  • I have never found anything cool. I did have a neighbor who pulled up a bottle from the brewery that was located where the Safeway is on the Hill.

  • “35% straight whiskey, 65% grain neutral spirits” sounds very choice.

  • I actually grew up a few miles away from the long abandoned distillery in Linfield, PA. Its overgrown campus occupies a massive amount of space adjacent to a state game land, allowing easy and undetectable access (at least it did 15 years ago, I think they might be developing it now). It was pretty cool to explore (although technically trespassing), you could even get into some of the buildings where a lot of the distilling/processing equipment remained in place. I guess my hometown area was/is sort of a mecca for exploring abandoned properties with Pennhurst and Frick’s Lock within a stone’s throw of this place.

  • I was actually thinking of this series this weekend when cleaning my (built 1906) house and discovered what looked like the slight edge of a coin jammed underneath the baseboard in the back of a closet. I excitedly utilized a variety of tools, knives, fingernail scissors, etc., and eventually was able to pry what was indeed a coin out. It was a penny. From 1977. Admittedly, for many current DC residents that is pretty ancient.

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