Apartment in SW Waterfront Riddled with Bullets Monday Night


Yesterday a reader wrote:

“Just wondering if you’d heard anything about Sky House East (1150 4th St, SW Waterfront) and gunshots? Yesterday I saw what appeared that five bullet holes in windows/doors on the east-side of the building. Anyone hurt? Scary thought for those of us living in the SW area.”

Hill Now reports:

“the apartment tower at 1150 4th St. SW, just east of the Waterfront Metro station, was hit by gunfire about 10 p.m. Monday, police said and building management told residents in an email. A man with a gun at his feet was arrested in the alley of the 200 block of K Street SW, police said.”

“Couple of the doors have been replaced, but you can clearly see the (apparent) bullet holes in the other pics.”

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  • Farragut

    What the heck? I was actually going to Waterfront Metro around that time. That’s freaking crazy.

  • I live in Carrollsburg, facing Sky House and we heard these shots. There were about 12 in all. We went out to balcony to look, but couldn’t see anything with all the snow.

  • While I know these types of things can happen all over the city, I’m really glad we didn’t move to this building. That’s just too scary. I hope everyone’s OK.

  • Yup. Not surprised. 90% of the shootings and crime occur within or due to those few blocks of low income projects across the street from sky house. Thats why I rented on the far side of the waterfront metro.

  • Why isn’t this being more widely reported? We live in the area and walk past there all the time. Residents need to know about these incidents, especially since it’s right by the metro and Safeway. I’m glad no one was hurt but it certainly could have been a lot worse…

  • Can we stop calling it Sky House East? The building formerly known as Sky House West is now The Lex, so the “East” building is the only Sky House.

  • I live in the building. The funny thing is I was downstairs when the police arrived and had no clue what was going on. There was no commotion when the police arrived. Everyone was pretty calm. I don’t believe anyone was hurt. Rumor has it there were a couple of young men literally just shooting the gun “for fun” super scary. Our windows are double-panned, I believe and I don’t think the bullets went all the way through.

    I love my apartment and SW. I do hope something is done about this type of violence.

  • i stand corrected. The bullets went through.

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