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  • I understand that it’s cold out and these things happen.

    However, this is the second burst pipe in about a week and the store has also closed early various other times for “maintenance,” as stated on the notice posted on the front door. Makes me wonder about the construction of the whole building.

    • west_egg

      Have they leased any of the apartments upstairs? It seems like everything’s dark whenever I walk by.
      “Monday Afternoon Rental Option: Studio Apartment with Waterfall Feature!!! ($2,000)”

      • I checked the Swift’s website a couple of weeks ago, and it looks like they’re offering lease incentives for several of the units, mostly on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Still, I agree, that place looks EMPTY from the street, and I think the apartments are overpriced for Petworth.

      • Some are leased. The lights are on sometimes in 1 or 2 units on the Randolph Street side.

        A lot of those units are pricey, though, even for studios. I wonder what the hell neighborhood they think they’re in. Ha.

      • burritosinstereo

        I was walking home the other night and saw two Mormon missionaries going into the Swift – presumably after a long day of convertin’. They are the only people I have ever seen go in or out of that place.

  • What I really want to know is why my arugula is always bad even though it is not yet expired!

  • At least that umbrella up saved the packages of bottled water!

  • The Petworth Safeway continues its slow transformation into the Piney Branch Safeway.

    Speaking of empty apartments, does anyone have any intel on the Park Place apartments? I live nearby and most units there are almost always dark. Either they’re still having trouble renting them 6 years on, or they’re just full of stereotypical millineals who work late and eat out for every meal.

    • I’ve wondered about Park Place, also.

    • I’m in the construction industry and can tell you this is shoddy construction. Given where these pipes are located’ they should have been insulated. No question.
      My main complaint with this safeway is the expired meats and produce. The mest sections is awful. I understand I can’t expect a Whole Foods, but come on. I bought a piece of cake from the bakery this weekend and it was rock hard (stale) when I got home. I hope management gets their act together.

    • Um, Park Place has a 98% occupancy rate…. none of my friends can ever get an apartment, even though I did. It’s quite full, and quite reasonably priced as well.

      • Okie dokie, then. The apartments across from me are just always dark. Maybe people just keep their blinds closed and/or are never home in the evenings. –

        As for the prices:
        2 BR, ~900 sq ft: $3372 – 3373
        1 BR, ~686 sq ft: $2385 – 2611


        • No one that I know of (out of a sample of maybe 15, admittedly) actually pays those prices….. everyone I know pays far less. Maybe it’s a matter of hitting the market at the right time? Regardless, many of us have been there for a few years now and there’s not a lot of turnover.

          • New buildings start at 100% vacancy so to initially fill quickly most new large buildings offer discounts.
            Holding out for ~$3400 for a 2br makes business sense when you have 98% occupancy, are in the black, and just want to max out your profits. Holding out with 50% occupancy, while in the red, does not.

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