3 Month Old Kittens Stolen from Petco in Columbia Heights


A reader writes:

“My girlfriend is a volunteer with the Last Chance Animal Rescue, and just informed me that two kittens were stolen this morning from their cat adoption habitat at the PETCO in Columbia Heights.”

From the Last Chance Animal Rescue:

Around 11 a.m. this morning someone smashed the glass at our Columbia Heights PETCO adoption center and stole two 3-month-old brown tabby kittens; a male and a female from their habitat. Any information leading to the safe return of these kitties would be appreciated. We will post more as information as the situation develops. Pm Facebook with any info please”

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  • Flowers get stolen for Mothers Day, kittens get stolen for Valentines?

    I guess this means that all the advocacy is having some effect. Tighter adoption controls, more spays/neuters, fewer kittens. Interesting.

  • This makes me really sad. Who does this?

  • Linc Park SE

    That seems really agressive for a pet. If they could read they could find an advert for free kittens easily.

  • Poor kittens. I hope the rescue gets them back.
    Giving a surprise pet for Valentine’s is never a good idea. Stealing a pet to do this is even worse.
    Seems like DCUSA ought to have some security footage — if so, couldn’t MPD put the footage on their YouTube channel?

    • epric002

      +1 to everything. the kitten habitat is right by both the entrance and the cashier. i’d be surprised if no one saw this happen.

      • binpetworth

        Yes, and there’s usually a security guard posted in the lobby there just outside the door. Maybe he/she saw something as well?

      • Have you seen the security guard standing at the DCUSA foyer entrance to Petco and DSW? Not exactly intimidating.
        Twice I’ve been in the back of Petco and seen teens enter to conduct drug deals in the back of the store.
        This is another sign that troubles are only increasing in Columbia Heights. What is our Council member doing to address this issue?

        • epric002

          no one said the security guard would have prevented the theft; just that it is likely that someone saw something. what the teen drug deals/council member stuff has to do with this is beyond me…

        • “Twice I’ve been in the back of Petco and seen teens enter to conduct drug deals in the back of the store.”
          Wait, you’ve seen drug deals going down in Petco? Are you serious? What did the cops say when you reported it?

  • Why would you do this? Couldn’t you just adopt them for (almost) free?

    • Yes this and also there is no shortage of people who give up their pets for free. I’m sure a quick search on craigslist would come up with a number of options. My guess is anyone unsavory enough to do something like this would not pass the requirements of adopting from a rescue.

    • I honestly believe that a lot of people just steal things to steal things. Adopting them — even for free — would take the adrenaline rush (or whatever brain function motivates theives) out of stealing them.

    • The adoption fees are $80-100 for cats. Significantly higher for dogs.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        Actually for Valentine’s Day both WHS and WARL are only charging $14.

      • Adoption fees from rescue groups cover all the essential vet care/ vaccinations and sometimes spay/neuter – so yes, they can seem high until you look at what that care would otherwise cost. But sadly, lots of people get kittens & puppies and just never give them any vet care at all, so that’s “free.”

        But still – shouldn’t staff and the security guard at least get a good look at people running out with stolen kittens?

  • I’m guessing these guys might try to sell these on craigslist or some other way sometime soon.

  • I’ve come to the conclusion that most people in this world are assholes.

  • Yikes! It’s like a Boxcar Children/Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew mystery come to life! Note: the creepy old man who hangs out by the river is a red herring. I’d look into that shifty store manager. Sorry, I am very bored at work today.

  • Maybe they were stolen by some cheap jerks, but it’s possible it was an activist too, right? This seems more like someone opposed to kitty / puppy mills and unaware that they’re from the rescue, in my estimation, rather than someone looking for a new pet. But I could be wrong and we may never even know!

    • HaileUnlikely

      Me too. I just stopped in to pet these two adorable little meowers yesterday afternoon 🙁

      • HaileUnlikely

        Sorry, that was intended as a reply to Kathryn, below, not this. On this one – perhaps an activist who isn’t very observant or has trouble reading. There are big signs right there stating that these kitties are rescues and are up for adoption.

        • Unfortunately my mind has gone to worse scenarios. I pray that it is just a kid who wanted the kittens on impulse, but we still have dog fighting rings around here.

          • HaileUnlikely

            A couple of my friends are very good amateur MMA fighters. I would love to find me a few good kitten-stealing dog-fighters for them to train on.

    • That would be the stupidest “activist” in the history of the entire world.

  • This is so horrible. I stop by this Petco often just to say hi to the kitties that are up for adoption. They are, unfortunately, right near the entrance doors. The cashier’s station is a good distance away. Someone could easily wait until the area was clear and do this.

  • Are they microchiped? Animals put up for adoption are usually microchiped and spayed/neutered. Perhaps this can help in the search?

    • It would help only if the thief took them to a vet. Somehow I don’t think the kind of person who steals kittens is going to be assiduous in getting them the proper veterinary care.

  • And if this post has anyone realizing how wonderful a kitty companion is – check out my new foster kitten – Kyle! He is bold and adventurous, not at all shy, very sociable, loves to snuggle, and is trying to swat the words on my screen right now. He is fine with my resident cats & dog.


  • Update from WTOP:
    WASHINGTON — Police and a rescue group are looking for two kittens after someone stole them from a D.C. Petco. The two tabby kittens were on display at Petco through Last Chance Animal Rescue when around 10:30 a.m., someone smashed the plexiglass case and took the animals. One kitten was a boy, the other a girl.

    Cindy Sharpley with Last Chance Animal Rescue tells WTOP there is a $500 reward.
    According to the rescue group, which is based in Waldorf, Maryland, Petco does have security footage. Anyone with information is asked to call (301) 274-9409 or the Metropolitan Police Department.

  • We adopted a 3 month old kitten from Last Chance Animal Rescue and that Petco last month. The adoption fees are $135.00. I am sorry to hear this has happened.

    • Wow I can see how that would intimidate some people. But I rescue critters before they get into the system and spend more than that on vet fees to repair the damage, so there’s that.

    • Wow I can see how that would intimidate some people. But I rescue critters before they get into the system and spend more than that on vet fees to repair the damage, so there’s that.

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