200 snow trucks deploying at 8 am for winter storm

It’s been a while since we’ve seen real snow so blast from the past by PoPville flickr user brunofish

From the Mayor’s Office:

“Mayor Muriel Bowser will deploy more than 200 snow trucks at 8 am Sunday, February 1 for a winter storm that could bring snow and rain between Sunday and Monday morning. This will be the District’s sixth full deployment this winter. Snow may start falling Sunday morning then become a snow/rain mix later in the afternoon or evening. By 8 pm, the forecast is for all rain, which may continue through the night.

Snow is expected to begin falling between 7 am and 11 am Monday and may end by noon. Sunday’s forecast calls for a high of 40F and a low of 34F. Monday’s high temperature is expected to be 34F and the low may get as low as 10F.

All trucks should be on their routes by 9 am. This storm could affect the Monday morning rush hour, so whatever the mode of travel, people are asked to be cautious. Property owners are asked to put abrasives (pet safe de-icer, rock salt or non-clumping kitty litter) on their sidewalks before the storm starts.

Winter Weather Safety and Preparedness Tips: Motorists are asked to clear all snow from the vehicle first then drive cautiously. Assist elderly or disabled neighbors with clearing their sidewalks. Also, for plow drivers’ safety, “Don’t crowd the plow.” Residents are encouraged to go to snow.dc.gov for updates before, during and after winter storms, and for tips to get one’s home and family prepared for inclement weather.

Residents also may sign up at alertdc.dc.gov to receive emergency alerts and notifications from Alert DC. The deployment plan is developed and implemented based on predictions made by the weather services; however, predictions may change after the plan has been implemented. Under those circumstances, the District Snow Team will pivot as best as possible to meet the new conditions.

Leaf and holiday tree collections are suspended and will resume after the streets are cleared. The Department of Public Works will make every effort to follow its trash and recycling collections schedule; however, conditions in some neighborhoods may prevent collections from being made. Residents should hold onto their trash/recycling until the next collection day.

To track the plows, go to snow.dc.gov and click on Track Our Plows: http://snowmap.dc.gov/.”

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  • diploj

    I’m all for emergency preparedness, but these snow truck deployments when the forecast is for 45 degrees don’t seem to be the best use of resources. Seem to be a lot of snow plowers making money lately without having to plow any snow.

  • LisaT

    What the heck? It’s going to RAIN.

  • Who on earth is advising the mayor? We are 2 counties away from a Winter Weather Advisory and this storm is projected to be a rain event with a slight chance of a mix on the back end that would most likely not impact travel due to temps above freezing. Sure have some trucks ready to spread sand if conditoms get bad, but no reason to deploy to entire fleet for a rain storm. All we are doing now is paying for people to sit around in their trucks all day – but then again, how would that be different from most days…

  • Yeah, WTF is up with this?

    • She is now just overreacting because she was caught flat footed with that storm on the ~6th. Now we are going to completely overreact every time there is any atmospheric moisture east of the Mississippi.

      I mean…the weather service is now saying it will be 50 degrees tomorrow afternoon. Are we sure the Mayor knows that water doesn’t start freezing until the temp reaches 32?

  • brookland_rez

    I just hope we get enough rain to wash away whatever salt they put down. I want to get out and ride my motorcycle despite the cold, but the salt is no bueno for my chain.

  • What a waste of money.

  • What the hell is the city doing with my tax money?!?!! The forecast for the past 18 hrs, across a wide range of forecasters, has been for rain only. Enough is enough.

    • I believe I heard on the ray-joe that DC has another big surplus. That caused them to lower the sales tax a few years ago. Time for another sales tax reduction?

  • I’d love to know if PoP or anyone on here knows how much it costs every time we deploy these things and nothing happens. I understand that no mayor wants to get caught with their pants down when the expectation is rain and we have a shift overnight that drops a couple inches of snow instead, but NPR reported that snow costs over a million bucks an inch to a major city, and over half that is resources wasted on snow predictions that never materialize. Especially as a taxpayer who just filed my taxes, I just got a nice reminder about how important it is to me that we spend our resources wisely.

  • brookland_rez

    Mayors in DC suffer a legacy from the Marion Barry years with regards to snow removal. I know people today that still say things like “DC doesn’t plow streets when it snows”. These are people from the suburbs, and of course this isn’t true. So a mayor, especially a newly elected one wants to look that they’re being proactive and responsive.

    • Yea… perhaps not Marian so much as what her bestie Fenty failed to do well during his time in office – a ton of this city was not here during Marian’s time… but they remember what Fenty failed to do.

      • I was here in January 1996 when the city was broke and it took 2 weeks for them to plow out side streets from a blizzard, under the honorable leadership of Mayor Berry.

    • Yes, indeed Marion Barry. in January 1987. Mayro Bayro was beyond asleep at the wheel again. He had been at some bogus conference in Jamaica and then headed to the Super Bowl in California rather than come home to a blizzard. Remember it all too well.

  • What a waste of resources. Good job Mayor

  • There was enough snow that year to last a while. I still shiver when I look at that picture. It was really cold and the snow deep! We also had another big storm even before Snowmageddon that year.

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