Your Monthly Adoptable Animal Fix

Thanks to Michelle for putting together this list of adoptable pets. It will be featured the last Friday every month. If you are interested in submitting an adoptable pet you can email Michelle at Help.the.Pups.DC(at)gmail(dot)com

Hope - Lucky Dog

Hope – Lucky Dog Animal Rescue
Hope is an adorable 3-year old beagle/basset hound mix from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.  Even though she only weighs 25 pounds, this cutie loves to runs and play off-leash with the big dogs. She is a quick learner and very food motivated. She loves everyone she meets and can’t wait to wiggle her way into your heart and home. To adopt Hope, please fill out our adoption application available here and email it to Megan  We have many adoptable animals, so feel free come check us out at one of our events!

Thunder - Tails High

Thunder – Tails High, Inc.

Thunder is 3-year old fluff ball from Tails High, Inc. She will greet you with head nuzzles and follow you everywhere you go. She adores being close to her people and will snuggle right up under your chin if you let her. In addition to cuddling, she loves to play, investigate new things, and rest assured that, if you have a party, she’ll be right in the middle of it, enjoying every moment. She hasn’t met a human or animal that she didn’t like. If you would like to adopt Thunder, please complete our adoption application on our website.  You can also visit us at one of our upcoming events!

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Ralfie - Rural Dog Rescue

Ralfie – Rural Dog Rescue
Ralfie is a happy, energetic, silly chihauhua/feist mix from Rural Dog Rescue. He loves toys, fetching toys, chewing toys, anything toys… He’s also quite the athlete. He’s a fantastic runner and has quite the vertical leap as he bounds for joy. If that’s not enough, he is also very affectionate and smart. You can apply to adopt Ralfie or any of our adoptable animals here. If you are interested in fostering one of our animals, please apply here. You can meet many of our animals every Saturday at Howl to the Chief from noon until 3pm.

Rocket Boy & Twister - Homeward Trails

Rocket Boy & Twister – Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

Rocket Boy (male tabby with white) & Twister (female tabby) are 6-month old kittens from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. Rocket Boy is just as friendly as can be and is happy to be picked up, held, and cuddled. Twister is up for playing at any moment and loves to explore. For adoption information, please visit their Petfinder page. If you are interested in becoming a foster, please send an email here. You can also meet some of our adoptable animals at one of our events!


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  • Emmaleigh504

    Awww so cute! I hope they get forever homes soon.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Aww – Hope made me think of Parrot.

  • Hope is a (mostly) Pit Bull. Maybe she has some Beagle/Basset genes, but basically, she is a Pit Bull. I know Pit Bulls are not all bad. But you don’t help your cause by trying to fake the breed.

    • Did you do a DNA test on Hope? You don’t help anyone by making guesses – because it’s all a guess anyway and your guess isn’t any better than the rescue’s guess.

      • This. No need to be a nanny-poo.

        • Not the one who introduced negativity into the conversation. All I wanted to do want to point out the ignorance in baseless accusations about trying to “cover up” the real breed of a dog up for adoption.

          And anyone who wants to actually “help the cause” should spend a significant amount of time volunteering instead of attacking a good rescue for making the best guess on breed with the information they have.

          To introduce some levity back into the thread, here is a Funny or Die video about doggy DNA tests (and people who think they know a lot about dogs) –

          • Anon – I think you misinterpreted my comment; I was agreeing with your sentiment. The “nanny-poo” comment was directed at the original poster claiming the dog to be a pit. Thanks for the video – funny stuff!

    • She definitely looks pit bull-ish in that photo, but more beagle-ish in the photos on this page:
      Wouldn’t 25 pounds be pretty small for a pit mix, too?

      • anonymouse_dianne

        Yes 25lbs is small for pbt but breed standard is 30-60 lbs. Females are usually smaller than males. And I guess she is kinda “big” for a beagle. Looks like a sweetie pie either way.

    • Having grown up with 5+ beagles (parents bred show-Beagles), I can assure you that head/bone structure resembles a beagle MUCH more than it does a Pit.

  • The real point is that there are over 100 dogs and cats up for adoption on any given day. It doesn’t help the cause to try to fake in pit bulls. Of course pit bulls/mixes are not all bad. But many potential adopters aren’t ready for a challenging dog. Be honest.

    • No – the real point is that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Over 100 dogs and cats up for adoption on any day?! On what planet?? I wish this were the case. 6 MILLION animals are killed in shelters every year. I wish that over 100 was a statistic that was relevant to just DC. But it’s not.

      • You’re right – I did exaggerate at saying only 100 when it’s more like 2000 animals being euthanized every day because there aren’t enough homes. But people respond better to more manageable numbers – so yes – I was wrong and I do apologize.

    • I don’t think this particular case is actually a situation of a rescue pretending that a pit is not a pit (although certainly that happens) — check out Hope’s other photos on their page.

      • Thanks for linking to her page, textdoc. If the rescue were trying to hide that she may be a more challenging dog, I’m sure they wouldn’t have put that she has issues with resource guarding in her profile.

    • Hey world, Victoria should just run all of the rescues because clearly she has laser eyez that can see dog DNA.

  • On – there are 7,832 dogs within 100 miles of zipcode 20010 looking for homes. Yes, Seven Thousand! Cut that in half and half again and again and still there is no way all needy animals will ever have a home.

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