Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Kalorama

2202 Wyoming Avenue Northwest

This rental is located at 2202 Wyoming Avenue, Northwest. The listing says:

“Fabulous, sophisticated, furnished (or unfurnished) 5 BR townhouse with gracious entertaining spaces in the heart of Kalorama for rent! 2 car garage, 2 wood burning fireplaces, marble entry foyer. 5BR each with en-suite bath plus beautiful wood paneled library with built in bookshelves and floor to ceiling windows, and fireplace.”

You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/5 Full, 2 Half Baths is going for $10,000/Mo.

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  • justinbc

    It’s got quite a Hollywood glam feel to some of it. Is there really a big rental market in the $10K/mo category? Obviously this is kind of in the diplomats only range, but even they own a lot of property around town it seems like.

  • I would need a whole lot of roomies to go in on it with me…

  • It’s nice enough. I have no idea whether it’s above or below market for that kind of rental. But just out of curiosity, what do you guys think the demand is like for places like this? Is it likely that this will actually go fairly quickly, or are the owners going to be sitting for months on a 10k/month money sink?

  • That kitchen is UGLY.

  • There seems to be a lot of demand for such houses in DC, given the listings you see of them for sale. They don’t sell as quickly as cheaper homes, as the market is smaller, but they do often sell eventually, to the very rich and the diplomatic/international sorts as well I presume. I would think that, like with smaller homes, where there’s a market to buy and sell, there is also a market to rent them – whether the need be temporary, for a short stay, or while a home is being renovated, or as place to be while looking for the perfect such house to buy.

  • The 80s are strong with this one…

  • emvee

    That closet is more absurd than Cher Horowtiz’s.

    • I thought the white rounded seat was some sort of bizarro oversized luxury toilet for a good ten seconds.

  • I am assuming the target resident is an ambassador, right? I’m not sure that all countries have official residences so I would imagine that some would rent and need a big place to entertain.

    • Housing allowance for some diplomats below ambassador rank and exec’s at the World Bank and IMF can get sky high. For example, your low level US diplomat has a housing allowance of ~$100K per year in a place like Hong Kong. That’s not even ambassador or attache level. Two bachelor diplomats from a European country could pool their allowances together to rent this place, instead of getting West End apartments.
      Could also be used a corporate rental, if c-suite and other senior execs are frequently in DC for business.

  • I kind of want to rent it with about 9 other people.

  • What’s with the interrogation room toward the end of the slideshow? Creepy.

  • I guess there is a limit on the number of photos allowed in these posts, but I expected a lot more than what these show for the price. And I want to see the library.

  • I visualize Tony Montana walking down those stairs.

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