Lots more info on New Cocktail Bar coming to Petworth, Twisted Horn, from owner of Hank’s Oyster Bar

819 Upshur Street, NW

Full press release:

“Jamie Leeds, Chef/Owner of Hank’s Oyster Bar is announcing her newest concept, Twisted Horn. The cocktail and small bites bar is slated to open at 819 Upshur Street, NW in the Petworth neighborhood of DC.

Leeds has tapped Megan Coyle as the General Manager who will also head up the cocktail program. Megan currently serves as the Beverage Director at Hank’s Oyster Bar in Dupont. “I am excited to help support Petworth and become a deeper part of such a great neighborhood.” says Coyle “Jamie has a really cool vision. I am proud to be a part of it.” A few highlights of Coyle’s cocktail list are Dance of the Seven Veils (Mezcal, cocchi torino, currant and orange oil jam, whole egg, topped with saffron), Ghostwood Development (gin, port, Sapins aperitif, Salmiakki Dala, egg, fresh nutmeg, black pepper), and Louisiana Purchase (cognac, dry and red vermouth, Bénédictine liqueur, muddled cucumber).

Chef Leeds’ opening menu will be perfect for snacking all night long and guests will be greeted with an old-school touch—jars of pickled eggs on the bar. The menu reads elegantly but it is still fun. Herb Puffed Escargot is very fancy but at Twisted Horn it’ll be served on a stick! Other items include Hank’s Mac n’ Cheesy Fritters, Tuna Melt Crostini, and French Onion Dip with Chips. If you are feeling indulgent, some other items will include Togarashi Dusted Tempeh, Toasted Marcona Almonds, Lemon Fried Olives, and Cheese & Charcuterie. Leeds is keeping things in the neighborhood by going “micro-local” with ingredients as much as possible. Straw, Stick & Brick Delicatessen, Gordy’s Pickle Jar, and Qualia Coffee are some of the neighbors from whom Leeds will be sourcing.

A reincarnation of an old church, the entire space will be new. “I’ve always dreamed of owning a really cool bar. Since my recent move to Petworth, I wanted to create a neighborhood bar that I can hang out in and meet my neighbors.” The interior architecture and design will be created by Lauren Winter and Brian Miller of Edit, in collaboration with Streetsense. Some of their most notable porjects have been Hank’s Oyster Bar on Capilal Hill, Red Hen, and Daikaya. The décor at Twisted Horn will feel edgy and industrial, yet welcoming and candlelit. The bar will have 30 stools, with an additional 10 seats at high-top tables. There will also be an outdoor patio for approximately 40. Leeds plans to have a wood-burning fire pit on the patio for toasting marshmallows and enjoying cozy cocktails.

Hours will be 5 pm to 2 am, 7 days a week. Leeds is very excited about this project and hopes to open in Spring of 2015. More information to come but for now, folks can get up-to-date with the progress by going to Twisted Horn’s page on Facebook or by following @twistedhorndc on Twitter.”

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  • So excited for this place! One suggestion to the owners if they read this: Chicken eggs are a bit big for bar food. Pickled quail eggs are delicious and the perfect bite size snack. It would be super cool to see a few varieties too: Maybe cajun style hot pickled and another jar of red eggs pickled in beet juice.
    Either way I’ll be there.

  • saf

    Please, please, please, comfortable bar stools and seats. Please.

  • I love that the first two comments are – “OOh – we must have pickled QUAIL eggs instead of chicken eggs.” And “Shut up and get off my lawn!”

    • saf

      But that one’s gone – I don’t want bars off my lawn! I would like bars on my lawn. Well, if I had a lawn.

  • As someone who frequents Hanks Oyster Bar quite a bit, but lives in Petworh; I can highly recommend the quality of cocktails from this team. Hank’s offers some amazing concoctions. My only it of advice for the owners would be to expand the food options a bit. Something a bit heavier would be most welcome! Best of luck!

    • Do we know if they’re going to serve oysters here?? I hope so! Chez Billy does during the summer, I think — but it’s been hit or miss when I’ve been there.

  • Truly amazing that a cocktail bar like this is opening in petworth. I love the fire pit idea! I’m excited to check it out, but as a parent living nearby, I can’t imagine that I’ll frequent it more than 2 or 3 times a year. Between group houses, condos, and all the apartments on Georgia, I suppose there may be enough density of cocktail bar frequenters to support this place, but I’m certainly more excited about the new family friendly places like slims diner and the burger tavern coming to the 200 block. But in general I’m just happy with so many new places coming to the hood that will have different appeal to different folks.

    • I think the neighborhood might have more rowhouse dwelling DINKS and retirees than you might remember.

      • Lots of DINKS. Bring on the specialty places!

      • Yep, another rowhouse dink checking in: when I’m not spending my disposable income on nice vacations I spend it at bars that don’t have a highchair on the premises. Bring on the booze and adult conversation!

        • With that attitude, I’m not sure any conversation you have would qualify as “adult.” Does being around children really pain you that much?

    • I live nearby and I am not a parent but I still don’t see myself frequenting this place because I’m not a cocktail person. Perhaps they will have a sweet beer list. But hopefully, the people who are enthused about it now will remain enthused after they find out the prices, and the place will be a success.

  • I live near by so I hope the patio closes before 11:00 pm or I won’t be able to sleep.

  • Way too sacrilegious for DC (and the ANC that holds the liquor license) but would I love it if they kept the store front church aesthetic.

    • Filling vacant store fronts and abandoned buildings in Petworth should be a top priority of the ANC – especially along Georgia Ave. Maybe a little beautification, a consistent “clean team” as well as increased MPD foot patrol.

  • Very excited about this place. A top-shelf cocktail bar is exactly what Petworth needed. And I hope the Patio does stay open late. I love the Citizen but during the warmer months its nice to be outside when late nighting with friends.

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