TV Show Being Filmed at Petworth’s Safeway Today

3830 Georgia Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I was shopping at the Safeway and there were a bunch of people gathered around getting ready to shoot a TV show. They wouldn’t tell me which show it was of course… Does anyone in the know have an idea what it might be? I’d love to know!”

Ed. Note: Another reader says:

“Petworth safeway is closed for an event from 10-2 today, with floor to ceiling black drapes at the entrances.”

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  • Silly me. I thought those black curtains were for energy efficiency.

  • I really hope it’s Supermarket Sweep. That was one of my favorite shows to watch when I was sick and home from school. ALWAYS load up on the baby formula and jumbo vats of canola oil! 😀

  • Maybe that’s why they closed at 10:00 Saturday night to clean the floors, despite the fact it’s been open only a few months.

  • I saw them there yesterday and I thought I overheard one of the folks prepping the store say “HGTV” but I can’t be 100% certain.

  • I think its Funny or Die. They had someone at Qualia last week asking for people who would be willing to be “shopping” in the store at that time while they filmed. They mentioned Safeway would be closed and the only people that would be in there were people who gave their permission to be filmed. They were offering $100 in exchange for signing the release waiver. They also promised a “celebrity” would be there.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    On my way to work, I tried to pick up a salad for lunch and was denied entry. This was around 9:45am. Saw some guys in suits inside, thought it was Safeway corporate doing an inspection. The filming explains it all.

  • Billy Eichner from Fuse’s “Billy on the Steet” and “Parks and Rec” was at Safeway with a small film crew yesterday.

  • Neighbor says that there were police officers and dogs searching doing a search.

  • That “Extreme Couponing” show? God knows they would hold up the line – best to just close. Ha ha

  • I was there early this morning. It is Sesame Street. There were tons of Safeway employees and Sesame Street staff setting up a set in the produce section. The funniest part was them trying to re-arrange the fruit and veggie with fresh stuff on top. I was this/close to going up to the Safeway big wigs and showing them the 60+ complaints on the Petworth list serv about expired meat and other produce. Their meat section really is the worst. Drives me crazy.

  • Definitely Sesame Street. I went in to shop after they let the crowd in around 2:10 PM, and there was a man dressed in half of a Big Bird suit! Looks like Sesame Street might be launching some healthy food products? Part of the props seemed to be plastic packages with sliced fruits and veggies with Elmo and other characters on the front.

  • It’s for Funny or Die.

    A guy came up to me while I was shopping on Friday to tell me he liked my snow boots (?) and to ask me if I had time for a few questions. Long story short, he interviewed me on his cell phone camera, had me fill out a form and told me they would pay me $100 to participate in an interview with a “gay, Jewish comedian” (??). He said he’d call me Saturday, but never did.

    His loss.

  • I find it funny that there were three very different programs mentioned that had people providing proof of the show…man in half a big bird suit, employees talking about an HGTV show and the Qualia coffee conversation and above poster saying it is Funny or Die….Perhaps Funny or Die is doing Supermarket Sweep with Sesame Street characters running the race and local Petworthians providing the commentary/judging.

  • I think the Billy Eichner/ Funny or Die filming was in DuPont, per DC film permits.
    For those curious folks, you can always check current DC filming info here:

  • just a follow up – a cashier told me it was indeed FLOTUS, I guess with the Sesame Street folks. All employees were kept out of the store during filming.

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