Three More Amazing Transformation Photos from Near 9:30 Club and a Sick Roof Rendering

Georgia Ave looking towards 9:30 club

2030 8th Street, NW

Florida and 8th Street, NW looking east toward 7th/Georgia Ave

And a reader sends a pretty sick rendering of the roof:

“Atlantic Plumbing DC

Northeast Blizzard? Say what? We are busy daydreaming about our rooftop pool. So ready for this and summer!”


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  • So much change! Is a Harris Teeter coming to this area? I can’t remember.

  • these are great new buildings. i wish i could afford a space there.

  • Yeah – I’m also curious if anyone has heard anything about a grocery in these buildings? Or the lot on Florida Ave across from Darnell’s/blind dog cafe?

    • My understanding (from the media) is that the HT would go to the lot across from Blind Dog, but that ongoing JBG/MRP disputes are preventing development there for now.

    • Long-story short, there is no tangible commitment from a grocer at this point in time. As such, it’s unclear whether one developer needs to come to agreement with the other about granting them rights to additional space in an adjoining lot. Basically, if a grocer commits, then they would need the extra space, otherwise they don’t. I think they’re still trying to find a grocer to come into this space, which is holding up the process.

      • I still don’t understand how this got f’ed up. The City Council awarded the city owned land to MRP while JBG owned the adjoining property that abuts Georgia Ave.? From what I remember, the community was in favor of JBG’s proposal for development as it would have all but guaranteed a Harris Teeter and the creation of a new ‘W Street’ to allow traffic to move through the broken grid–reconnecting the grid essentially. Do I have that all right? Where are we with this now? Is the city able to overturn its commitment to MRP or force them to work with JBG to make those two priorities for the community happen?

  • I can’t say it enough: nice to see some spirited architecture in the first two pictures (JBG crap, in third picture is another story; when will JBG give this city any architecture of value or interest?).

    • Uh, JBG is the same developer for all three properties mentioned in this post. I do agree that the apartment building on U street looks rather deplorable, especially in person. I can’t imagine that tacky siding looking good even after they put up finishing touches. I’m guessing this is a little business experiment that they are trying to pull to see which one turns out to be more profitable in the end, given how they’re pretty much right next to one another. (ie: cheap build, cheaper rents vs. $$$ build, $$$ money rents)

    • Completely agree. The first two are amazing, add a ton to the area, and in a weird way, reflect the surrounding area. The third one is garbage. The transformation of that area is shocking though. I often get confused when driving or in a taxi and turn a corner into that area – it is so different!

    • Agreed — the first two are interesting; the third one is meh.

  • Will the 930 club last 2015 in its present location with all this development?

  • While the “look” of the Atlantic Plumbing project is cool (especially considering most new construction in DC), it seems to have zero consideration for solar orientation, heat gain, and glare. The energy efficiency could be at least 30% greater and occupant comfort would have increased significantly if they had paid some attention to shading (according to orientation). Designing glass boxes with no regard to orientation is completely irresponsible, but sadly the norm

    • That may have been the case years ago, but advancements in curtain wall technology has made these types of building orientations possible.

  • This is a good recent article on 965 Florida Ave (rumored Harris Teeter site) status from Washington City Paper

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