“They have no solutions for what I could do.”


“Dear PoPville,

I live in Park View on Columbia Rd and share and alleyway with Irving St. Over the past few months our alleyway is being restored in small sections. Right now it’s the section right behind my house, and a few homes/buildings to the left and right of me.

The signage telling us of this pending construction said “No Parking M-Sat 7am-5pm.” Right now it’s 9:30pm on Friday and not only is the area still blocked off with cones and caution tape but there’s also metal rods sticking up from the ground. This means that we are all unable to move our cars.

I recognize that having a vehicle is a luxury but I also feel the city should effectively and accurately inform residents if they won’t be able to access their vehicle.

A neighbor has removed the tarp and spikes so we can get in and out. Vigilantism aside, DC DOT still wasn’t helpful. They told me, via Twitter, that the construction permit for the alley was for a tree company and it had expired 1/22. They have no solutions for what I could do. So I guess the city privatized alley restoration and therefore doesn’t have control over it?”

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  • If the permit expired 1/22, the equipment still there is illegal. It sounds like your neighbor has taken the appropriate action

  • You should call. DDOT’s social media person is helpful and responsive but ultimately powerless. Someone at the agency can fix this but you’ll have to do some leg work to find that person. Sorry.

  • Try your council member or the Mayor’s office. It sounds like the contractor let the permit expire, and if they left all that equipment, failed to fully complete the work.

  • I would try finding out the name of the tree/construction company and call them up.

  • I don’t think asking for help from the city via twitter is the best plan of action… Clearly there must be some sort of permit for road work which has nothing to do with a ‘tree company’. I doubt the DOT will have answers about a back alleyway either. You should feel lucky though, someone is repairing your alley while Kenyon and Irving streets are full of broken concrete and huge potholes.

  • I live in a place on the Irving side of that alley and while our turn has not come-yet?) my roommate called DDOT recently and got the same answer (saying that project was done). Pretty incredible that they have no idea what’s happening.

    Also, DRC, are you refering to the alley between Kenyon and Irving on that block? Because that is a great alley, not potholes…

  • hey op – we share an alley. we got a letter on december 19 saying that there would be alley reconstruction and you wouldn’t be able to move your car for about three weeks. i’m guessing that the concrete isn’t set yet, but this shouldn’t have been a total surprise to you, although it does seem it went over by a few days.

  • Hey OP – Neighbor here. We got a letter about this back in December. It says to contact delante.toyer [at] dc.gov, or call 202-673-6813 if you have any issues.

  • Emily Hammell

    Thanks everyone! I live in a group house so I’m guessing the earlier notice got lost in the mail. Also, Twitter was my only option because it was Friday night after business hours.

  • does anyone know if there’s anything planned for the columbia-hobart alley?

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