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  • The saddest sight…
    which bar will replace it now as The Best?

  • Truth be told, I haven’t been to Passenger since I lived in the neighborhood (I moved out of Shaw in 2011). And each time I went, they were out of various beers and the service was awful. Am I missing something here? Did things get a lot better since then? Genuinely curious.

    • justinbc

      Yes you definitely missed something.

      • Yep. You missed one of the best bars in the city. When visiting bars in other cities, as soon as the bartender heard we were from DC, they would say “Oh! DC is great! There’s this great bar called The Passenger.”

  • The Passenger is dead, long live The Passenger!

  • It’s not dead, just temporarily homeless! That strip was purchased by a developer, if I understand correctly.

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