“The District will deploy more than 200 plows by 3:00 a.m., based on predictions of a mix of freezing rain/sleet”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

From the Mayor’s office:

“Pedestrians and motorists are urged to travel with caution. Property owners are asked to apply abrasives to sidewalks prior to storm’s start.

Mayor Muriel Bowser has directed the DC Snow Team to go into a full deployment Monday, January 12. The District will deploy more than 200 plows by 3:00 a.m., based on predictions of a mix of freezing rain/sleet and rain mixed with sleet and temperatures between 30°F and 33°F early Monday morning. Temperatures are expected to rise above freezing Monday afternoon to

Freezing rain can leave a coating of ice on roadways and sidewalks, so the Snow Team will apply salt to roadways. Property owners are asked to put abrasives (deicer, rock salt or non-clumping kitty litter) on their sidewalks before the storm starts.

The deployment plan is developed and implemented based on predictions made by the weather services; however, predictions may change after the plan has been implemented. Under those circumstances, the District Snow Team will pivot as best as possible to meet the new conditions.

Leaf and holiday tree collections are suspended and will resume after the streets are cleared.

DPW will make every effort to follow its trash and recycling collections schedule; however, conditions in some neighborhoods may prevent collections from being made. Residents should hold onto their trash/recycling until the next collection day.”

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  • Great, I just finished washing all the salt off my car.

  • Great ready for Ice Bowl II – 2015 for the Bowser administration. Snow and Ice: 1 Bowser Team: 0 Let the snow/ice fall….

  • Really? How about taking care of the sidewalks STILL covered in ice from the “storm” a week ago?

    • I think the plan is to let the rain take care of those. Not sure how the completely unecessary snow plows and two hour delay factor in.

  • Uh. .. you plow snow, not ice. You know. . . that stuff that felt last Tuesday that no one plowed.

  • I don’t see how were are going to get ice (in DC proper) if the low is 34F and it is going to rain. It seems like a waste of salt and a knee jerk over reaction from the previous week.

  • 7 days and counting since the last trash pickup in our neck of Ward 2. With the freezing rain the alleys should look Naples by week’s end.

  • We are at 10 days of no trash in ward 4.

    • saf

      My trash got picked up on Thursday. Ward 4. Recycling did not though.

    • Same here – trash no recycling or trees.

    • I’m hoping they extend the deadline for picking up Christmas trees considering that they’ve picked up 0 due to light snow a week ago.

      • 8 christmas trees in our alley (partially blocking cars) and garbage everywhere. No pickup in 10 days and no end in sight. Why does it have to be plow snow OR pickup trash? They should be able to do both. Most cities have contractors on-call during weather situations to pick up the slack. Not acceptable.

  • So are alleys plowed or treated for snow? No trash pickup in over a week here in parkview. It’s a 1 inch sheet of ice in our alley. I don’t expect a trashtruck to navigate that ice, but do alleys get snow treatment? My rat friends are loving this.

    • Alleys are generally not treated, I believe. Ours was pretty icy all week, but our trash truck did manage to get through and pick up (though we use a private company, not city services, for our building).

  • OPM has announced a 2 hr delayed arrival (for non-emergency staff) for Monday morning.

  • Beware the ice, but We haven’t had trash pickup up in Petworth. Have city services just come to a complete halt?

    • Remember, Bowser thinks things are better than the DC she grew up in as long as we have fewer than 450 homicides per year and trash pick-up at least monthly. She really can’t understand what on earth we’re complaining about…

      She’s the worst.

      • I don’t really think this has much to do with Bowser. I don’t think she entered office and then quickly recalled the fleet of garbage trucks.

        • It has everything to do with Bowser.

          • No, it doesn’t. The same thing happened when Gray was mayor, and only a fool would think that garbage collection is something that a new mayor would worry about in her first week of being in office.

          • Yes, the fact that garbage has not been collected has everything to do with Bowser. Only a fool *wouldn’t* think that a new mayor would worry about garbage collection in her first week in office. It’s her job to run the city. Collecting the garbage is a basic function of that job. If she can’t get that done, I am seriously worried about our city in the coming years.

            Her first week illustrated her incompetence. I really hope, for the sake of the city, she gets things figured out soon.

          • Haha, wow, you must despise Vincent Gray with the intensity of a million suns since he had four years and couldn’t get it done. As for Bowser I’m no fan but I think I need just a little more evidence than one missed trash collection due to inclement weather in her first week in office before I call her out for gross incompetence.

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