The Bike Rack and Filter Coffeehouse and Espresso Bar opening in Brookland next Month

8th and Monroe Street, NE

From a press release:

“In February, The Bike Rack and Filter Coffeehouse and Espresso Bar will open a shared space on the Arts Walk, directly across from Brookland Pint. The Bike Rack’s second shop in the District will offer a wide variety of cycling needs including repairs, a diverse bicycle inventory, riding events, and active involvement in cycling advocacy. Filter Coffeehouse and Espresso Bar will create a unique atmosphere for bike enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike, providing a daily assortment of coffee, teas, and pastries.”



Located across the market from Brookland Pint:


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  • As someone who lives right by this metro stop, I would like to be the first to thank god for this breaking coffee news! But seriously, I have been following this for months since the sign “coming soon” came up at the end of summer. the barnes and noble starbucks will do in a pinch, but i cannot wait for this!

  • Woohoo! That’s just when I’ll be needing a tune-up AND a flat white fix.

  • awesome idea and stoked something like this is finally breaking ground in DC, but really hope Bike Rack becomes a little chiller. I’ve never been to shop where they’re so rigid on tool borrowing / working on your bike. A lot of people come to their local bike shops for hot tips and maybe borrow something something as little as a tire lever to change the tube (not everyone wants to fork out $10-15 for labor to change a tube). Then eventually you buy stuff from the shop, pay for some of their services, or simply kick mechanic a 6-pack for their assistance — not every case requires a ‘tune up’. Their spot in Logan just seems very sales oriented, so here’s to hoping the new spot can be a bit more accessible.

    • And this is the reason why I give my business to BicycleSpace.

      • exactly…
        daily rider has done some slight work along those lines as well. although i did see a recent post somewhere about how an individual was asked to change their tube outside in the cold on h st rather than in the comfort of the shop

  • you can always go here- great non profit with a shop right off the MBT!

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