The Bentley (with a private pet grooming salon) completed and apartments for lease in Logan

1328 14th Street, NW

The Bentley has been completed on 14th Street and units are now for lease.

You can see the floor plans and prices here.

Their website also says:

“Ultra-modern one and two bedroom apartments with hardwood floors, gourmet kitchens with granite counters and stainless steel appliances. Modern living at its finest.

Building amenities include a fitness center, private pet grooming salon, a high-tech controlled access entry system, and in-building parking.”

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  • private pet grooming salon = new name for a room in the basement that was close to plumbing, so it has faucet and maybe a castoff tub, but really nice tile on the floor leftover from the apartments.

  • bathrooms and (most) closets look nice I guess… but those kitchens in the 2 bedrooms, yikes. The fridge is just floating in the middle of no where… and why no islands?

  • Anonynon

    bad deal.

  • Maybe I’m missing something, but what makes the “flat” floor plans different from the one bedrooms? Other than the fact that you have to walk through the bedroom to get to the bathroom in the flats, which I personally really dislike.

  • Featuring top of the line galley kitchens.

  • justinbc

    Sorry, I’m holding out for The Ferrari.

  • Can someone remind me why they get to call those windowless bedrooms (see 1A) ‘bedrooms’ and not dens? I thought that to call it that, you had to have a window/door to the exterior. I looked at plans for Lex at Waterfront and they’re doing the same thing – entirely interior bedrooms.

    • I was wondering the same thing. It looks like only two (or zero, it’s not really clear) of the 1BD/Flat layouts have windows in the bedroom. And from the gallery, they have full walls up to the ceiling, so they won’t get light from the living room.
      Also, >$2600/month for a 600-ish sq ft 1BD with no windows in the bedroom! Egads!

    • A bedrooms has to have a window. If it doesn’t, it can be called a “den,” or if it’s a one-bedroom apartment where the bedroom has no windows, the whole apartment can be called a “junior one-bedroom.”

      • Er, “bedroom,” no S.

      • And windows to the living room count? Take a look a Lex- it’s the strangest setup I’ve seen and doesn’t seem to tick the box of having emergency egress to the exterior.

        • Nah, windows from the bedroom to the living room would still constitute “den” or “junior one-bedroom.”

      • So they’ve either (1) mislabeled most/all of the junior 1DB as 1BD or Flat units; or (2) haven’t shown existing windows on the floor plans. I’d put money on the former.

      • code allows you to call it a bedroom if you provide mechanical ventilation with direct fresh air into the bedroom. And artificial lighting in lieu of a window.

  • These prices will never make sense to me. Glad I decided to buy. I’ll always be able to under cut these prices if I ever want/need to rent out my place.

  • jim_ed

    I hope they complete a building next door called the ‘Dierks’ and we can finally achieve peak white people in DC.

    • palisades

      This comment went straight over my head. I had to google Dierks and realized what the hell you were talking about. Currently laughing my ass off

  • Glad this building is finished and has filled in that block of 14th. But my goodness, talk about sticker shock for uninspired and relatively small units. Most of the 1BR units and the Flats have no windows in the BR. I don’t care how many pets I can groom in the basement – no thanks.

  • Surprised it’s almost 10a and no one’s posted that someone can get a mortgage for a house in [insert further out neighborhood here] for the price a 550+ square 1 BR. Actually think the prices are pretty good for new construction in that area; new studios are going for $2k in Dupont/Logan now.

    • I just leased a studio in Logan for just over $1600.

    • lindz0722

      For new construction, yes, but Windsor House, the Seville, and other apartments on that particular block have decently sized (though older) studios and 1BRs for under $2K.

    • I’m in the middle of an apartment search now, and completely agree. I wouldn’t pay this price just to live in this neighborhood (which is currently top 3 most expensive in the city), but it actually seems “reasonable” to me.

  • Topping out at 3 grand a month for a 750 sq. foot bedroom? Holy smokes, never thought I’d see that in DC.

  • hispanicandproud

    The rent Is too damn high!

  • Considering that there are 51 units in the building, I’m assuming the best floor plans are taken. Although nearly $4K for a small 2BR seems expensive, I’m sure they’ll eventually get it.

    Clearly all of the new rental buildings haven’t caused a rental price bubble to pop on 14th and on U St. I feel fortunate to have bought in 2012.

    Does anyone know when they are leveling the Rite Aid at 13th and U? That is going to be a huge project and the ones further east (near Florida and U) are almost done.

  • I pay $2300 including taxes, heat and hot water to OWN an 800 sq foot apartment just a few blocks away. $4k for an 800 sq foot two-bedroom is nuts. At today’s interest rates $4k would support a $700K mortgage with just 10% down.

  • wow. these layouts are awful! The flats require guests to walk through the windowless bedrooms to get to the bathroom! That floating fridge in the 2 bedrooms is ridiculous. And the kitchen counter crashes into the window on the 1C2, 1A2, 1B2, 1D2 units. Couldn’t they have made it an L shaped corner kitchen to free up space in front of the window?

    It looks like only the penthouses are 2 bedrooms while the rest of the building is a dorm.

  • My partner and I have been looking at 2BRs for rent and these are super expensive considering the square footage. I get that you are paying for the newness of the building and the amenities, but geez. I guess there’s a market for it. But new construction buildings always seem to have sound issues that I wouldn’t be willing to deal with for $4k a month (if I could afford it).

    That said, there’s a 2BR, 1200+ sq ft apartment for rent on N between 12/13 (two blocks from this place) that’s renting for $3200 with parking in the garage for $80/month and a rooftop. So I guess if you really want the pet grooming salon, go for it. But The Bentley is pretty absurd given the size/layout.

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