Thankfully it was a replica: “While speaking with an officer, the male attempted to remove a firearm from his pants” at a Police Station

From MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department’s Fifth District have announced the arrest of an armed male subject who entered the Fifth District Police Station on Bladensburg Road, Northeast at approximately 10:30 pm on Thursday, January 8, 2015. While speaking with an officer, the male attempted to remove a firearm from his pants. The officer and another officer who was nearby, immediately observed this and were able to quickly disarm the man and place him under arrest without incident. The man was found to be in possession of a black replica pistol.

Further investigation revealed that just prior to entering the Fifth District police station, the subject had committed an armed carjacking in the 200 block of Webster Street, NE.

The adult male arrested was 18-year-old D’Angelo Hamilton, of Northeast DC. He has been charged with carjacking, assault on a police officer, and carrying a dangerous weapon. The motive for the incident at the police station is unclear and remains under investigation at this time.”

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  • WTF? Suicidal after just carjacking someone?

    • jim_ed

      The headline made me think of this incident in Baltimore from last week, which on its own is totally insane. But reading the entire thing, maybe it’s just a weird coincidence. Either way, its nuts.

      • Blithe

        I agree — it does seem suicidal. But after reading the Sun article (thanks for the link jim_ed) where even the police felt like the guy had “no choice”– it worries me that the story — in the Baltimore incident — includes the guy’s full name and photo. It seems like publicly identifying him could easily up the chance that there would be retaliation. I’d be interested in hearing from journalists and criminal justice folks re: how the balance of informing the pubic vs possibly putting people at serious risk is handled in practice.

  • Heroine is back baby!

  • Suicidal? Or oblivious? The photo of the Baltimore guy makes him look barely conscious of his surroundings.

    • Blithe

      Well, given the very little that I know, I’d say that the DC guy is “suicidal”. Especially after the shootings in NYC, I’d call strolling into a police station and pulling a pistol out of your pants suicidal. I didn’t intend to describe the Baltimore guy as “suicidal”– more like terrified given that after he described his situation to the police, even they viewed his options as being so awful that he had “no choice”but to do what he did. That’s pretty awful all the way around.

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