TG Cigars applies for Liquor License on 9th Street across from the Convention Center

1118 9th Street, NW

Those who like a cocktail with their cigars are in luck – the liquor license placard posted out front says:

“Cigar lounge serving causal, light American food. Recorded Music. Seating for 40 patrons and total occupancy load of 80.”

Hours are listed as Sunday 12pm – 11pm, Tuesday through Thursday 12pm – 12am, and Friday & Saturday 12pm – 2am.

9th Street looking north toward Corduroy and Baby Wale

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  • clevelanddave

    Seems like a bad idea to me. Don’t need another bar or liquor store in the area. Already a liquor store at M and 9th, at M and 11th, plus at least a half dozen bars or restaurants with bars within two blocks of the convention center.

    • ….none of which you can smoke a cigar at. While I can’t be sure, I would bet the play here is to create a small lounge like atmosphere where customers can come purchase and smoke a cigar while sipping on a drink that compliments their purchase. Seen it pulled off tastefully dozens of places. The only somewhat similar environment I can think of close to here is Shelly’s but that place is massive in comparison.

    • This is not a liquor store or just a bar its a cigar lounge that you can sit down enjoy a good smoke and sip at the same time.

  • There is a cigar bar on Wisc Ave and I believe Ozio allows cigar smoking (or they used to.) This seem like the perfect place for this since it is close to the convention center.

  • Cigar smoke is the perfect compliment to light American food.

  • Oh my god YES this is wonderful news!

  • OK…I’ve been to this “store”. There is no possible way you can get 40 people in there let alone 80…unless they expanded. I’ll stick with Shellys.

    • Agree, this shop is tiny. Barely enough room for the humidors let alone tables. Did the purchase the upstairs unit?

      • I really hope they purchased the place upstairs. I frequent TG Cigars and needed a quick pedicure so I went to the nail salon above the store– it was a definite NO, just no. A Cigar lounge would be cool in that location. And yes, Ozio still sells cigars, which you can smoke after purchase.

    • I heard they are going to expand it all the way to the back
      its pretty big and will be a nice addition to the neighborhood.

  • Tigi cigar bar lounge will certainly lend an air of style and sophistication to our already upscale neighborhood! All the best to you tigi!!

  • We love to see a Cigar bar in this area.a Cigar Bar would be nice and unique I spoke the owner of TG Cigar and she show me her plan…..The place will be expanded to and will be bigger and nicer .TG cigar and Cigar bar it’s not even a Liquor store just you Buy a cigar and when you smoke you can have a glass of wine and relax. That’s all.. We really need This. I will be happy and support this.
    Thank You.
    James W.

  • I knew the owner of Tg cigar she is very nice and she gave her customers outstanding I stop by to get my cigars and she tell me That she will open a cigar bar…..very very happy and I can tell you how I excited I am.the place is perfect.

  • Classy store and wonderful service! I am sure this expansion will increase our convenience.
    Good idea TG. Best of luck!

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