Terrifying Police Alert – Lookout for Man Wearing a Gorilla Mask armed with a Machete & Gun

From @DCPoliceDept last night:

“Robbery_2116 hrs _3900 blck_Minn Ave NE LOF B/M, 6ft ,thin,dreads,all blk & white gorilla mask, armed with a machete & gun

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  • oh – but it’s dogs on patios we’re supposed to be afraid of.

    • Dogs on patios are annoying and violate the law. Man in a mask with a machete and a gun is the scary thing.

      • Apparently NOT against the law. Annoying is subjective. I think smoking anywhere is public is annoying, but you probably can’t band it from all public spaces.

        • Someone reported the bakery to the Health Dept, and they even posted the notice on Popville. Just because other restaurants haven’t been reported doesn’t mean they are allowed to have pets on the patio. Annoying is subjective, but have a dog trip you or try to eat food off your plate, I’m sure you’ll change your mind on the subject. Smoking is a bit different since isn’t illegal, but it is banned from some public spaces including most patios. Smoking unlike the dog on patio is likely something you can sidestep. I don’t think anyone would suggest you should have to stop eating a meal because someone brought on an unruly dog. And yes, I am a dog owner of almost 10yrs; never took him to patio.

    • Pretty much two completely different things.

  • Pablo Raw

    What movie is this? oh wait…

  • I think I just found out what I want to be for Halloween this year!

  • Wow… just… wow!
    Serious bonus points for originality, though! Hopefully this was a misguided student horror film or something equally silly…

  • So I was curious this as far the “right to bear arms” is concern. I’m not allowed to have a gun in DC, but can I have othe weapons, like a machete? Would the NRA come to my help if a legislature were to ban swords? I’d like to have something to protect myself at home, but I would like something other than a baseball bat or hammer. Can I keep a professionally sharpen Katana under my bed?

    • You are very much allowed to have a gun in DC. Its an expensive hassle to do it legally, however if you are interested, Emily Miller has a great series of step by step articles on how to do it.

    • It was more expensive than most places but it wasn’t all that complicated. Also, I believe that requiring some form of basic firearms training should be required for everyone looking to purchase a gun.

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