Temporary Rite Aid Pharmacy Setting Up at 13th and U St, NW – Get Ready for a Major Develoment (and Construction)

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Earlier today @TonyTGoodman tweeted:

“Temporary Rite Aid on former sidewalk at 13th & U to make way for new apartment building.”

In early December the Washington Business Journal reported:

“A 1,400-square-foot prefabricated modular construction trailer will be placed on the sidewalk adjacent to the existing, soon-to-be-razed Rite Aid, for use as a temporary pharmacy. The JBG Cos. plans to knock down much of the block — five buildings totaling 19,000 square feet — to clear the way for an eight-story mixed-use project. The new building will include space for a new Rite Aid and roughly 165 multifamily units.”

We’ve previously spoken about the development here.

13th and U Street, NW

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  • Christ-on-a-bike, that is butt ugly.
    How the hell did they get the variance for this?!? I would assume that all buildings need to have a minimum set-back from the curb. :-/

  • Oh, this looks like trouble to me. Notice how it is right up on the curb line? Everyone knows there will be zero space between this temporary building and the construction fence, which means people have to walk out into the street to get around it for the next 2.5 years. Even leaving just two or three feet would have been enough to let people safely pass (albeit only able-bodied, single file people with no strollers or large packages, etc) and stay up on the curb.
    This is a bad, bad, bad indicator about the state of pedestrian access around that site that we should apparently expect for the duration of construction…

    • Unfortunately, this is the case with nearly all new construction in the city. I can’t think of too many buildings under construction that have actually made concessions for pedestrians (Whole Foods on H st… er…. others?)

  • Moderately annoying, but the end result will be worth it. Plus, it is on a residential side street, so its not that hard to cross. As long as they are keeping U Street open, I see no issues.

    • 13th is a significant thoroughfare for people from MD and upper NW residents driving into work. It’s gonna get ugly during the commuting hours.
      Source: I ride down 13th everyday.

    • That section of 13th can hardly be described as residential. The developers should put in a covered pedestrian walkway to go around this thing.
      Separately, I am thrilled to see the end of this strip mall and yet more density for this part of town. A hotel, as originally planned, would have been better for the neighborhood but everybody can thank the Wallach Place NIMBYs for killing that idea.

  • I walked past there several times yesterday. There are colored plastic jersey barriers that stick out onto 13th St. as a path for pedestrians to get around the trailer. 13th is narrower between U St. and the alley that runs parallel to it.

  • Meh to the drama, kudos to RiteAid for making sure that local seniors and others can still get their prescriptions during construction.

    Even assuming that the area between the trailer and the building is not maintained as active sidewalk, easy enough to close-offf the parking lane and route sidewalk traffic there. Now, whether they will do that is a matter for locals to insist on.

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