Sweet City Ride – McLaren


“This is from September, but there was a McClaren 12c parked outside equinox restaurant by Farragut Park.

Not one of the classic beauties normally featured, but capable of breaking DC’s speed limits by 170mph.”

Probably not too good in the snow so I’m glad it’s from September!


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  • Tsar of Truxton

    Why on earth would someone park that car on the street?

  • McLaren, no extra ‘C’. This was probably one of those valet jobs where the driver pulls up to the valet zone and says “We’ll just leave it here, thanks”. I wouldn’t hand over the keys either. There is an extremely sophisticated AWD system in these cars; aside from the ground clearance and with the right winter tires it probably handles better in the snow/ice than almost all SUVs.

  • I’d love to see a Bugatti Veyron in DC…basically a fighter jet on wheels.

  • jim_ed

    The most shocking part to me is that it has DC tags and registration. I wonder which Forest Hills garage this thing is stashed in.

  • I saw this same McLaren in Columbia Heights back in July, at 14th and Harvard, and snapped a pic (which I’d upload if I could). So I’m going to to guess 1) not a valet parking job here, and 2) maybe he is a Forest Hills resident, but something keeps drawing him to Columbia Heights :-). And, yes, the driver was a guy.

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