Some Wild Photos of Dupont and 14th Street in Darkness without Power


@allisonmpreiss tweets us the photo above:

“1600 block of P Street is pitch black due to power outage. @popville”

@BrianFarnkoff tweets us the photo below:

“@PoPville corner of 14th and Swan St. looking south”


Update 9pm:

From AlertDC:

“Department of Human Services Warming Center is set up at 3725 10 ST NW (Raymond Recreation Center) for the power outage affected area.”

@iSamBrooks tweets us another hard to believe shot of 14th Street below:

“@PoPville the bustling stretch of Black Cat, El Centro, Masa 14”


@ArleneFet tweets from P Street:

“@PoPville another pic of P Street, but from above. Blks w/ & w/o power.”


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  • Mug of Glop

    I just got back from running through there. It was pretty frightening in the dark with all the ice and snow. People were walking around lighting their ways with their cellphones. They’ve got a bunch of traffic signals on generators, thankfully.

  • I Dont Get It

    Yeah it was weird at 14th and T tonight. Only TJ’s and Cafe St X had lights.

  • The scary part is that there may be elderly neighbors who have been without power or heat since 630 this morning, and may go tonight without any heat.

    Please reach out to your neighbors, or make a phone call and check on people you know who may live in the affected area. Invite them over, if you have heat.

  • This is some seriously third world shit between the power outage and the water shutoff a few weeks ago. What an embarrassment we are to the developed world.

    • These aren’t exactly 3rd world problems, or peculiar to DC. Virtually every large city in the US (not mention Europe) has a seriously old water system and newer cities like Atlanta have inadequate water systems. Power goes out out everywhere. It’s not like when I lived in Columbia Missouri and I would lose power for varying lengths of time whenever there was a thunderstorm (and this was not in an old part of town). Does your outrage continue when you get the pricetag for upgrading the water and power grids?

    • Yeah, shit happens…..especially when we call for less taxes and lower utility bills; guess what doesn’t get improved upon? Infrastructure.

      I grew up in Manhattan just east of the park back in the 80/90s and we lost power occasionally…and that was scary during the highest rates of crime the city had/has ever seen.

    • “3rd world” lost its meaning about 24 years ago.

  • I hear you that it’s not exactly third world but it is the capital of the US and we should not have a power outage for over 15 hours with unending broken promises of resolution. Your comparison to Columbia, MO (pop 120,000) is not really fair. The part of DC that is without power is very densely populated and a big tax base given the property values. We deserve better communication and dependable service.

  • I was really surprised there was no one directing traffic at 17th & P st last night. The traffic light was out blinking red and the street lights were out. It was really dark and dangerous to cross.

    Luckily the nice guy who plays music there, stepped in and directing traffic. He prevented a couple of accidents.
    Given the city had all day to prepare, there should have done more.

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