Reports of 6-8 Gunshots Fired near Petworth Metro Last Night

One reader reports on twitter just before 11pm last night:

“any reports of gunshots? I think I just heard six, New Hampshire and Randolph”

Another reader reports:

“8 gun shots at NH & Quincy”

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  • Live on Quincy b/n GA & NH and I thought I heard 6-8 shots around 10:45. I was waiting for sirens to follow shortly but only one came about 5 minutes later, so that seemed odd.

    There were also 5+ police cars at the Metro on Friday night around 11pm arresting someone. Never saw anything related to that though.

  • I thought I heard gunshots last night at 10:50 also. I live on New Hampshire 1.5 blocks south of the metro. It sounded faint but it was 3 quick shots, a pause and then 1 more shot. So I heard 4 total. What is going on?!

    • I heard exactly that – 123,4 – from lamont at sherman. it sounded like it was to the south, but I wasn’t sure and sirens didn’t seem to come close.

  • jim_ed

    No, but I swear I heard 3 semi-auto shots around 3:10 this morning somewhere in Northern Petworth. No clue where from though.

    • I was woken up around 3:10 this morning by what I thought was someone knocking on the glass by our front door. Sounded like 5 “knocks,” but no one was there. Maybe it was gunfire instead? I’m near New Hampshire & Crittenden.

      • jim_ed

        That certainly could be it. It was fairly faint from our end around 9th and Hamilton – I wouldnt’ve heard it had I not already been awake, and it was too far away for me to call it in with a location. I’m about 3/4 of a mile from you, and I thought it sounded like it came from your direction, though I was guessing something like Illinois and Decatur.

  • I live on Randolph and heard the shots clearly. I thought I heard 7 shots ( a burst of three and then four more) but my roommate insists it was 5. Our neighbor called it in and had a squad car check out our alley. I didn’t see much police presence after that. Any word on what happened?

    • I might be that neighbor.

      I definitely heard either 5 or 6. Definitely sounded extremely close to New Hampshire and Randolph.

  • My girlfriend and I heard 6-8 shots around 1050p. They sounded super close and we live at NH and Quincy.

  • Do we have shot spotters throughout the neighborhood? If not, we need at least three of them. I am so sick of this shit in petworth.

  • Another 6-8 shot incident happened right around the holidays, too. Not to mention, I feel like I can’t walk my dogs in the grass around my building without them almost stepping on all the shattered glass from all the car break-ins lately. Disappointing.

  • We heard them clearly at 8th and Randolph. 6-8 shots total, 4 or 5 then a brief pause, then 2 or 3 more. They sounded very close, possibly in the back alley. We called 911 and were told that someone would respond, but didn’t see or hear any follow-up. I couldn’t find any news about it on twitter or on local news. What is going on and what can be done to stop it? This has really gotten out of hand.

  • I was walking up New Hampshire from the metro last night at 10:45pm when this happened. Shots fired behind me as I crossed Randolph. I believe I saw the shooter or person being shot at run down Randolph with a ski mask on, but I cannot be sure. Definitely unnerving.

  • This is about the fourth or fifth time shots have been fired at the Petworth metro in the last month. No arrests have been made on the previous incidents either. Earlier in the weekend, a lady was robbed by a gang of men at this same area. What the heck is MPD doing? Whatever it is, it’s not working
    We as residents can’t accept this! MPD will probably have another public meeting, make everyone feel good and then disappear. Where are the arrests? We need results. This is a metro stop for crying out loud!

  • The next PSA 404/407 meeting is on 2/26 at the substation at 801 Shepherd. Let’s make sure there are more than the usual handful of people there to make a ruckus about this. I heard these shots last night, too.

  • there are a lot of “crews” in the area. Any attempt to the move the citywide bball tournament from Park View to bigger rec center are met with “But the crews would start fighting”–and this is from MPD and leadership. So now the folks in charge don’t even take on the crews. Not sure if the new ward 1 councilmember will help since her only purpose is to add as much low income housing as possbile to the area. What happend to the MPD officer who sometimes responds to these posts? he actually is helpful because he is honest. I feel like the shit from Columbia Heights is just migrating up the greenline..

    • If only there were a way to classify these “crews” as the terrorists that they are, I think they’d be neutralized quite quickly and efficiently.

    • Good points because, as everyone knows, if there’s a shooting (or any crime), it has to involve low income housing, right? It’s too bad there is no housing project near the metro station that this can be blamed on.

      • Accountering

        You’re right. It is likely the 25 year old defense contractor paying $1700/month living in Park Place who was the shooter.

        • What’s likely – actually certain – is that at this point, you have no idea who fired the shots. You don’t know whether it was someone from the area, or someone from another neighborhood, or someone from Maryland.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Many of them live in rowhouses that their parents, grandparents, uncles, or whoever actually own. The majority of people who own houses in Petworth didn’t just move there and didn’t pay current prices for them. I used to live 3 houses down from a known drug house in Brightwood. A young thug inherited the house when its original owner, his 97-year-old grandmother, passed away.

        • you mean $1900 a month.

        • Accountering

          I originally typed $1900, but changed it to $1700. First instincts are often best.

      • You know where Park Morton is located, right?

        • HaileUnlikely

          You realize that young people can inherit property from old people, right? There is no special reason to believe that any of the individuals involved in any of the recent incidents lived in the Park Morton or for that matter in any apartment building. Many of the houses (I suspect most of them, but I don’t have the data to prove it) in many neighborhoods in DC have been passed down through the same family for generations. On my block in Takoma, 11 of 14 houses on my side of the street are owned by the original owner or a family member of the original owner. It is probably a decent bet that neither the shooter nor the target lives in Park Place, but there is no special reason to believe that either of them live in a low-income apartment as opposed to one of the thousands of houses in the neighborhood that didn’t just get flipped last year.

  • MPD list serve indicates that shotspotter recorded these incidents. No casing were found at 8th and Randolph, but casings were found (with nothing hit) on 4800 block of NH Ave.

  • Part of the problem is that ward 4 doesn’t even have a council member right now. In my experience, the ANC is powerless on this issue. The residents have no one. Meanwhile, crime is spiking. People are getting assaulted. I fear that with no council member and nothing from the mayor’s office, the police won’t feel pressure to close out this case and find out why this is happening. We have no advocate with any real power.

  • I’m glad I went grocery shopping at the Petworth Safeway last night before the shots were fired. Is there some kind of shareable spreadsheet file we can all use to record Petworth shooting incidents, by day and time? So we can best plan on when to be out in the neighborhood and least likely to be riddled by bullets? Am I making a joke? Not really.

  • Thanks Jonah. I’m not surprised that your map exists. Thanks for putting it together. I can help put Park View/Pleasant Plains incidents on there. Including the man that was killed at Chuck & Billy’s a couple nights ago.

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