Reader Reports Shooting at 12th and H Street, NE around 8:30pm

Reader reports hearing shots and seeing one victim loaded into an ambulance around 8:30pm at the corner of 12th and H St, NE. Updates when more info is available.

Update from @DCPoliceDept:

“Shooting // 2024 hours, 1200 blk H St NE, LOF Black SUV with a possible redskins logo in the back window / 6365”

Updated photos from the scene:




Update 10pm from MPD:

“The First District is currently a investigation a shooting that 900 of H Street NE. The victim, was shot one time and transported to a local hospital. Currently there no known suspects. The shooting is still being investigated by First District Detectives. Anyone with information is asked to call 202 727 9099.”


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  • Shots we’re fired at 8:20 pm. Several people we’re running east down h 6 turned on 10th and headed south. I think the alternation was more like 8th and h given the foot traffic.

  • It happened at the 7/11 at 10th st.

  • The streetcar will definitely improve things.

  • A bit of police presence on H Street would help things. The businesses have to pay extra for a special patrol unit that never seems to be around when these things go down.

    • There has been a noticeable presence in that very parking lot for the last few months. Oddly, though, it seems like they’re only there during the day. Also seems like a lot of the bike cops in the area get distracted by the smell wafting from &Pizza and spend quite a bit of time investigating. A presence there in the evenings would be great for the stretch of 8th-12th, which is probably the more problematic.

      They should just stick cops in the tow trucks that are constantly around.

    • justinbc

      H Street, to me, has a noticeably higher police presence than any other area I go out. I always see cop cars patrolling up and down during the evening.

    • Huh?
      There are always police swarming that neighborhood (id even say more so than most other neighborhoods in the city) both marked and unmarked
      has been that way for some years now
      bear in mind… cops cant be everywhere all the time watching every single dark corner this city has

  • So where did this happen exactly? The 7/11 or H&12th? I’m confused.

    Any information on the victim come out yet (I assume they survived?)

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It happened in the parking lot of the strip mall in the 900 block of H Street, NE. The victim must’ve stumbled a couple blocks to the corner of 12th and H St, NE where the ambulance picked him up. No word yet on his current condition but reports were that he was shot in the chest.

  • I was there last night when the police had blocked the streets off (around 9 pm or maybe earlier). There were helicopters everywhere and cops on foot looking in the backyards of houses. We went to the Biergarten and when we came back out the cops were all still there. Hope they catch the person that did it. I love DC and it makes me sad to know these things happen in the city I call home.

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