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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RAVE: Absolutely NO wait for car inspection on 1/2 Street at 8 a.m.. I drove by at first because I thought they might actually be closed. I’ve never driven up to the station and not seen the wait line queued around the block. In and out in less than 3 minutes…not even kidding!

    • Are they doing safety checks or just emissions?

      • Accountering

        They only check emissions. I was nervous because the last time I got there I had a blown headlight (since replaced) and was worried I would fail. They ONLY check emissions.

        • Good. Because I have a indicator light on my dash and is hoping they won’t make an issue out of it as I’ll be going there monday.

          • What type of light? If it is a general light could be emissions! usually a faulty O2 sensor or converter. I hope it works out!

          • tonyr

            Bit late I know, but I can guarantee it won’t pass on Monday. They’re only open Tues. – Sat.

    • I got my driver’s license renewed online. Haven’t gotten the new one yet, but I have four months until the current one expires. Instead of having to go in and take the eye test, my eye doctor was able to contact the MVA about my glasses.

  • Rant: 5am wake-up this morning–no alarm to even potentially blame. Tonight, we’re trying more layers in case she’s cold.
    Rave: She’s totally cute enough to make up for it and was mostly sweet this morning. We had fun chattering on the bus and on our walk to day care.
    Rant: Just found out one of my managers is leaving. Boo. I hate when good bosses go–and the uncertainty about who will replace them doesn’t make it any better.
    Rave: plumbers at the house to tie together the hot water systems. We should have hot water on our first floor again tomorrow! So exciting! And now we can build a pantry! Yay!
    Rave: Looks like I was wrong about Paddington only showing through tomorrow. Not sure why yahoo movies led me astray. May talk my roommate into babysitting the kiddo after she goes to bed since we just took care of her cat for the last 5 days while she was visiting her boy. Yay for 90-minute movies at 8:50: can go after bedtime & be home by 11!

  • palisades

    Rave: The Americans season 3 premiere last night. Sooooooooo good. It’s a crime that so few people watch that show.

    • I dvr’d it but haven’t watched it yet. I’m usually in bed by 10:00, so my tv viewing is usually a day late. I watched Justified last night and I’ll watch The Americans, Workaholics and Broad City tonight. I love The Americans. Check out the mini-series The Assets (available to stream on Netflix.) Its not as exciting as The Americans, but it’s a good true spy story.

      • palisades

        I fell off the workaholics wagon a while ago, but broad city still gets my views. I’ve seen the first 2 episodes of the new season and they are hilarious!!!

        • Workaholics (along with Tosh.0) is one of those shows I thought I would never like. But I watched a couple of episodes and it grew on me. It’s stupid but hilarious.

    • The Americans was so amazing last night. I was counting the minutes until the premiere. And playing it after the Avengers was a perfect night of TV. @PG, how is Justified this season? I got annoyed at the way it was going and stopped watching a while back. Is it worth catching up on?

      • Justified has been really good so far, and it’s the final season, so things should get really interesting. A lot of people complained about last season, but I liked it. Even when it’s not great, Justified is still better than most shows on tv.

        I woke up around midnight and I was tempted to watch The Americans and go back to bed, but I decided to just wait until tonight.

        • Justified started out strong, and I could watch Timothy O read the phone book and be entertained. But I have not enjoyed it as much lately. It’s good to know it’s getting better.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I keep meaning to watch that show. Missed it again 🙁 Somebody remind me to add it to my DVR later.

    • Sort of in the same vein, I just discovered “The Hour” (we found it on Amazon Prime). A BBC show, set in the late ’50s, lots of intrigue, politics, and drama – totally amazing! I’ll have to try The Americans at some point, too.

    • I just read about the show yesterday and was ready to binge watch but the show is $1.99/episode on demand and not available on apple tv.

  • Rave: it’s the last day of my four day work week because ski trip! I think I have everything I need, waterproof clothes, lots of wine, and hoodie footie pajamas.
    Rant: work has been a lot of new and weird things lately, mostly it’s overwhelming open ended assignments with little guidance, but right now it’s brain melting technical reading and interpretation. I’ve never read as much of our book as I have this week and I have no desire to ever read this much of it again.
    Rave: I saw Bad Jews last night and it was excellent, there was even an unexpected cast discussion after that was really interesting.
    Rant: I’m worried about the temperature of my fermenting beer while I’m away. There are so many inconsistencies in temperature in my place that I have to keep moving it from the coldest to warmest spot as the initial blast of fermentation, which produces heat, winds down. I have to turn off the auto away on my Nest for 3 days, that’s going to hurt my top Nester ranking!

    • Where do you go skiing? The boy and I are looking at doing a weekend away in lieu of Valentines Day gifts (which we’re spending at a wedding). I’ve found some good options (Whitetail, Liberty, 7 Springs, etc.) but always love to hear opinions on local ski spots!

      • palisades

        Snowshoe is by far the best place for skiing within a reasonable distance of DC. It’s one of my favorite places to go.

        • We’re headed to Snowshoe for 4 nights over President’s Weekend. How long will it take to get there – leaving Thursday at around 3:30, so hopefully will miss much of the DC rush hour.

          • palisades

            According to googlemaps: about 4.5 hours. I went a ton in college (JMU) so the drive was much shorter and there was never any worry about traffic. I’m going next month and it’ll be my first time leaving from DC so I’m worried about the rush hour traffic too!

          • I have never skied before in my life, so I’m the last person who should weigh in on where to go skiing. I’m going to Blue Knob because that’s where my friends planned the weekend. We have a ski-in, ski-out place (to a non skier that sounds a bit like having a doggie door for skiers) with a hot tub, so I’m cool with it.

          • Pablo Raw

            I think the PoPville photo should be of you skiing wearing your hoodie footie pajamas with the PoPville t-shirt on top. Just an idea.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Brilliant idea, Pablo!

          • Pablo Raw

            Thanks! #teamstandingovation

          • Sadly it’s too late for that, I’m leaving from work and didn’t pack my PoPville tee-shirt.

          • Snowshoe can be a very long drive, depending on holiday traffic and weather.
            My buddy was there over MLK weekend and a few of his friends’ cars got stuck on the snowy road when trying to head back to DC. Be careful.

      • The real question is where did jeslett buy the hoodie/footie pjs?

        • Allison

          I dunno about Jeslett, but I’ve seen full size adult ones at the Target in columbia heights.

        • They were a gift from Pajamagram. I have the fleece ones, but it turns out I really can’t sleep in them because I eventually overheat and fleece is just plastic, so I’m basically sweating it out like a wrestler in garbage bag until I wake up dripping.
          They’re great for lounging though.

          • Now that I think about it, I might have fallen asleep with my heated mattress pad on when that happened. That would have been a major contributor.
            I think they make some that are french terry, like a sweatshirt. Those would be better for sleeping.

          • Allison

            Lol Lost my lunch (in a good way) at “sweating it out like a wrestler in a garbage bag” 😀 😀

          • Ha, I was wondering if they were from Pajamagram! I remembered there was “hoodie-footie” wording in their annoying NPR sponsor spots.

  • Rave: Popvillagers reminded me to register for a VPP and it came in the mail yesterday. Thanks, guys!
    Rant: Dramatic friends. I’m not directly involved in any of the drama and would prefer to keep it that way but they seem to use me as their therapist more often than I’d like. I’m not sure how to shut it down without seeming callous.
    Rave/Rant: The boy wants me to meet his mom when she comes to visit next month. I’m terrible with parents.

  • Rant: This is long and I apologize, but any suggestions would be appreciated.
    My girlfriend parked on a side street near my building last night as she has done many nights. This morning, we woke up to her car gone from where she parked it. We called the non-emergency police line who told us that her car had just (no big!) been towed a few streets over for being parked illegally. However, she took pictures of the meter and screenshotted her phone when she tried to pay the meter on the Paymobile app and it wouldn’t let her. She parked her car at 4:20pm. The meter said parking enforcement ended at 4. There are no signs on the street (I walked the street this morning to double check) that say parking hours (never mind the fact she tried to pay for parking and wasn’t able to). In our eyes, she was parked legally.
    Fast forward to this morning when we find her car parked blocks over after some frantic early morning phone calls. It has TWO tickets on it. One at 4:34pm yesterday for parking in the spot and one at 6:20 for parking in the spot she was towed to. $200 in total tickets. I will mention that she has out of state plates but has a ROSA exemption for further information. Suffice to say, we were both freaked and more than pissed in finding out her car had just been picked up, plopped down a few streets over, and then ticketed AGAIN.
    What’s our best recourse? Is this actually legal even though it sounds completely batshit? Has this ever happened to anyone else? We’re planning to contest the ticket but now fear this happening again (of course, tickets and parking enforcement happen in the city, I realize that).

    • justinbc

      I believe there was a recent post here regarding the double ticketing. Most seemed to assert that you would be able to get the second one waived, but likely not the first.

    • ouch! that sucks. I don’t have any suggestions for you, except that the screenshot of the parkmobile app not letting her pay is not going to help her cause if you contest it — the park mobile app is programmed to NOT let you pay when parking is prohibited (certain hours, days, etc) so that would have been the first warning that she shouldn’t park there — perhaps there used to be a sign that fell down and you can contest on those grounds. I had the same thing happen to me a few months ago when I tried to park my car downtown and the app just wouldn’t let me pay. I thought something was wrong with the app…nope, it turns out there was a no parking sign (for afternoon rush hour) waaaaaay down the block that covered the area where I was trying to park. So the app actually saved me from getting a parking ticket.

      • Good point. I guess since the meter said hours were over, we didn’t think to worry about it. I still need to get it in my head to think the worst about some things in this city. Thank you!

    • Generally when parking meters stop at 4 its because there is no rush hr parking 4-630. I believe there were no signs, but this would make sense since she was towed away (I’ve had it happen to me in Chinatown). You couldn’t pay because it was out of the enforcement hours…it would happen on a Sunday too. I believe justin is right, but it’s probably no guarantee.

      • Accountering

        I agree, this is VERY likely what happened. I am guessing this is a rush hour street. Care to share what street it was?

    • Thanks for reminding me of why I can’t afford a car in this city. WTOP and others have documented the parking enforcement racket that DC shamelessly runs. They will ticket you for no reason other than they can (and they expect you to shrug it off and pay the fines, or get tired of fighting). It is a form of harassment, it is a revenue raiser (with no pretense of actually making parking situations better in the District), and it is here to stay! My sympathy- even if you are totally right about her not parking illegally in the first place, you will waste time, money, and end up with a ton of frustration even IF you win, which isn’t likely in this town.

      • Accountering

        Oh boy, you are contesting for the award here! I own a car in the city, and have gotten two tickets in four years, both that I deserved. The conspiracy theories are a bit much eh?

        • The conspiracy theories are a bit much, sure, but I think there must now be some kind of quota system in place where the adjudicators are required to reject a certain percentage of appeals. I was successfully appealed a few unjustified tickets in the 2000s, but had my appeal rejected for an unjustified ticket a few years ago, despite photo evidence.

          • justinbc

            +1, anecdotes exist on both sides. Just because you personally haven’t received invalid tickets doesn’t mean others haven’t. As I’ve noted many times I received a ticket when I don’t even own a car, AND they rejected my appeal despite multiple documents to prove it was impossible for it to be me.

          • Accountering

            I can likely agree with the appeals process being flawed. Whether that is a quota or simple incompetence, I don’t think we know.

          • I was so surprised by my appeal being rejected — it made me think there had to be something going on, not just incompetence.
            I used to have zero sympathy for people who complained about parking tickets, since my experience had been that I was able to get the unjustified ones voided. But my more recent experience makes me think that the system isn’t working as well as it used to.

          • Hanlon’s Razor – “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” – would seem to apply here. And much of the rest of the DC government.

          • Accountering

            I think thats fair, and the arbitration likely needs to be improved. I agree with DCD below though, I think we all read about the speed camera tickets and how the incompetence of city employees cost the city ~40,000,000.

        • Ha! No, it is a huge revenue raiser. A few years ago, they pulled in $11 mil in a single year. I have no idea what it is up to nowadays. That was $11 mil coming out of the economy to fill the DC coffers for who knows what. WTOP has painstakingly documented the arbitrary and absurd things they do with people who thought they were parking correctly based on signage, etc. Their practices (not verifying car model with license plate before issuing mailed tickets) have left DMV folks in VA and MD speechless. I’m not even talking about the arbitration process, which is designed to make many give up. PoP has covered this quite a bit too in the past. No conspiracy- just the cold, hard facts, kid!

          • Accountering

            I don’t disagree it is a huge revenue raiser in the least. That alone doesn’t make it a conspiracy, it just means that they are ticketing people who are breaking the law.
            I agree the process is sometimes flawed, but the fact is, I am confident the majority of tickets issued are valid. I agree, the city should work harder and do a better job to eliminate the inaccurate ones, and should absolutely be voiding tickets that were incorrectly issued. There are still a ton of parking violations, and those people deserve to be ticketed, and I have no problem that that means the district brings in a ton of money every year.

          • If you google “racket” and DC parking enforcement, it comes up time and again. This from a HuffPo article in 2010 (interesting stats): “Let’s be clear about the situation I confront as a resident of Washington DC. According to the Washington Post, the District issues about 1.5 million tickets a year. The Post notes this is more than triple the number of parking tickets issued in Baltimore. In fact, the Post goes on to argue, “parking control officers in the District–population 600,000–write about half as many tickets as those in the city of Los Angeles–population 4 million.” You read that correctly, Washington DC is the parking ticket capitol of the nation.” I’ve read too many stories and heard from friends/neighbors/my hair stylist about unfair and absolutely WRONG tickets to think they don’t have quotas, or aren’t maintaining a racket. Even with proper visitor passes in their cars, I always warn my visitors that our parking enforcement may just give them a ticket because that’s what they do. It happens too much to trust that the system is fair or that the enforcement folks even pay attention to the signage.

          • Accountering

            Great, a someone wrote a blog post with the words racket and DC parking enforcement and it comes up in Google…. So?!
            I don’t think it is a stretch to say that DC is a much busier, destination city than Baltimore. It is also significantly denser than LA, with MUCH more street parking. Your examples just aren’t all that relevant. Compare us to NYC or Boston or SF to be relevant.. Further, I don’t much care if we give more parking tickets, I don’t think anyone would disagree with the assertion that parking enforcement here is efficient.
            So you have some anecdotes from friends that think their tickets were invalid. I don’t think in any way this disagrees with what I wrote above: most tickets are valid, but DC should do a better job to make sure they write less invalid tickets, and the arbitration process should overturn improper tickets.

    • I didn’t think cars were towed for simply being parked at an expired meter. There has to be another reason for the tow. I also don’t recall any parking enforcement that ends at 4:00 on a work day. Typically, that’s when they want parked cars out of the way, to prepare for rush hour. The fact that the Parkmobile wouldn’t let her pay for parking in that area at that time supports this. Are you sure you didn’t misread the sign? If not, and the sign truly says that enforcement ends at 4, it may be mismarked. I’d take a picture of it and send it in, along with the photo of the screenshot, to contest the ticket (in person if possible, don’t remember if that’s an option for parking fines).
      Agree that getting a second ticket for illegal parking when they dumped you in that spot is ridiculous.

    • I don’t have much to add, but I would be surprised to hear that there are any parking spaces in the city where enforcement ends at 4pm. That doesn’t sound right to me, although I suppose it is possible. As others have mentioned, you may want to triple check the signs and the information on the meters to make sure you’re understanding the hours of enforcement correctly.

      • I drive home on North Capitol every day and it is infuriating that there always seems to be at least one car parked in the rush lane. Now normally you can park there, but not between 4pm-6:30pm (I think). So I am wondering if your gf parked on a street that has this same kind of restriction. I have to say I thought it was hard to miss that you can’t park there during those hours though?

      • Yes, this. Parking meters don’t end at 4 anywhere. They go to the end of the day, which is 6 or 6:30, I forget which, or til 10:00 in some areas. Many, many streets in DC have no parking during the morning and/or afternoon rush hours, which start at 4. Since they don’t usually tow when meters run out, I’m guessing she was parked on one of those streets that bans parking at 4 for the rush hours. I’m not saying that there was correct signage, maybe one got taken down. But you need to know the basic rules of how these things work (when meters go to, that busy streets have no rush hour parking) so you can err on the side of caution and not get caught when a sign is missing. Then the fact that you can’t pay will clue you into the fact that there’s no parking, and you can park elsewhere.
        Also, from an experienced NYC and DC parker, if it looks to good to be true (a whole block with no cars so lots of parking spaces open, as this street may have been at 4:20), then it is too good to be true – even if you can’t figure out why, don’t park there.

  • epric002

    rave: mimi rieger power flow last night. AND i got side crow!!! 😀
    rant: vewwwwwy sore today.
    rave: this weekend going to pick up grouchy corgi from her stay with my parents and her beagle buddy.
    rave: snow sunday night into monday morning???
    rave: date at tico with husband tonight.
    rave: formerly foster puppy is signed up for basic adult obedience class! with the same great instructor we had when he was a foster!

    • Yay for side crow! Such a fun pose. I was so happy when I could finally do it 🙂

      • epric002

        i can only do it with my knees stacked right now. have you been able to extend one or both legs yet? how long did it take to get there?

        • You know, I can’t remember. It took a few months to get there with knees stacked, and I’m not sure I’ve tried extending one or both legs–maybe one, but I don’t think both. It’s been awhile since I’ve tried side crow–couldn’t do it while pregnant, and I haven’t been to yoga much in the last 1.5 years. And it hasn’t come up in class. I’ll have to experiment tonight. I know I can still do regular crow pose, but I haven’t tried side crow. I’ll check.

          • epric002

            thanks, i’m just curious. i don’t know how many months i played around with regular crow before i really “got it”, but now it’s pretty easy peasey so i’m working on straightening my arms and getting my feet/butt higher. i’m hoping that last night’s side crow was my “got it” so i can work on improving it.

        • That’s my favorite pose! I’m among the least athletic people you can meet and it was a huge accomplishment to get there. Extending my legs was easy for me- I think it took 2-3 more practice sessions to get there.

    • I have no idea what side crow is, but there’ s a guy on P90X3 that goes from crow to a handstand, and then back, without breaking a sweat. That’s what I aspire to. Probably don’t do enough yoga to ever get there.

      • epric002

        google it. you basically stack your knees on one of your arms so you’re balancing on one side (side crow) instead of having them tucked up underneath you like in regular crow.
        holy toledo. that sounds realllllly hard.

  • justinbc

    Rave: VIDA happy hour tonight @ Agua 301, been wanting to check out the drinks here (I’ve heard the food is meh) for a while, so nice to have someone else partially pick up the tab.
    Rave: Yoga instructor didn’t show up for class last night, but one of the students happened to be a teacher for high school kids and offered to sub in. She was great. But I guess if you can keep high schoolers focused then adults should be no challenge.
    Rant: Worked from home all week except today, which happened to of course be the coldest day of the week. Doh.
    Rave: Weather forecast for Morocco looking warmer than I expected, hopefully I can swap out some sweaters for just flannels instead and save some room in the luggage.

  • Rave: Whatsapp. I miss my buddies from grad school and Whatsapp makes it so easy to communicate and stay in touch across many many time zones.
    Rave: While we’re at it – Skype. My buddies really pulled through for me as I prepped for the interviews with their help – all via Skype.
    Rant: I wish I didn’t have to rely on Skype and Whatsapp to be in touch with people who are so wonderful. I wish we could live in the same city again!
    Rave: Trip to Chile to visit grad school best buddy – even had a bet on last night’s USMNT game against Chile. Since we lost, my husband and I will have to hold a sign up in Santiago that says “This is America too” and send the pics back to friends in the states :-D.

  • Andie302

    Rave: Naturalizer is having a pretty good sale on their site and you can get an addition 20% off sale items with the code 20SALE15C. I replaced my worn out work flats for under $40! Fingers crossed that I like what I ordered.
    Rant: It feels like I slept about 15 minutes last night.
    Rave: Caps
    Wondering: JustinBC, did you go to Hell’s Bottom last night? I thought I saw you, but I couldn’t tell because it was dark outside and the guy that I thought was you wasn’t wearing a hat.
    Rave: A few weekends in a row in DC with very little planned, it’s been a nice break. I doubt it will continue into the spring, but it’s nice while it’s lasting.

  • Rant: Got slammed at work yesterday (the busy kind not the fun kind) and was too wiped to go work out when I got home. Better luck today perhaps?
    Rant: telemarketing/scam calls to my mobile number. 5 in one day, 2 from the name 800 number even?? I miss all of them because they ring while I’m at work, but its still annoying. What if one of them is Angelina Jolie finally asking me to go out for lunch???
    Rave: Its very nearly almost friday

    • justinbc

      The worst are the ones that begin “Hello. This is not a sales call…”

    • Allison

      We used to get spam calls to the intercom system at work; the spambot would autodial a special number that would connect to every person’s speakerphone that we use for emergencies only. Even worse, it was a spambot selling home security systems, and the pitch would begin “the FBI recommends …” I basically hit the floor the first time the voice came over my work phone before I realized it wasn’t an emergency. I could have killed that robot lady.

  • Rave: I quit my job because I hate my boss!
    Rant: my hell boss somehow thinks it’s OK to email me asking me to help out on a few last things. WTF? I quit because I couldn’t deal with her anymore!

    • emvee

      Congrats on your freedom!

    • hammers

      Are you in the kind of profession where a burned bridge could come back to hurt you? I also quit my last job, partially because of management, but I didn’t let them know that! It’s a small city sometimes… I hope you find something better soon.

      • yes, i’m in a small industry, so i didn’t explicitly burn any bridges — i just sent in a very cheerful letter of resignation saying blah blah blah thanks for the past 5 years i’m moving on to something different (unemployed for now). I was so fed up with my boss it was better for my mental health just to quit entirely.
        I didn’t even bother responding to my former boss’ email. I mean I *did* think about writing something snarky back, but decided to just ignore her entirely. I have plenty of other people (much more senior than my former boss) who will give me great references.

        • hammers

          I see….I had a vision of you just standing up out of the blue, shouting “I quit” and maybe taking a baseball bat to some electrical equipment. Then sneering in your former-bosses face when she asked you to tell your coworker the combo to the safe or something. I guess life isnt always liek the movies.

          • i wish! i did have a very frank talk with our EVP about the reasons i was quitting, but didn’t put anything down on paper and was polite to everyone else on my way out.

    • From a fellow Jersey Girl, you have lived out the dream of so many people….congrats! Hope something better comes your way soon!

      • thanks!! 🙂 for now i’m going road tripping for the next month or so, and then will try to figure out what to do with my life.

    • Email the old boss and say that you are busy right now but would be happy to provide consulting for them at a rate of $100 an hour.

      • Accountering

        I am on board with this approach as well. My company typically winds up paying roughly double your former hourly wage. So 50,000, is $25 an hour so $50/hour for consulting. If you made $100,000 before, then the $100/hour is probably about right.

  • Oh – another rave that may help others – I think I’ve found a way to alleviate my lower back pain. Doing cat/cow poses in the shower with hot water falling on it is one good trick but wasn’t doing enough. However, I realized by hip is tight as well, so I’ve been doing some nice, long pigeon poses in the mornings & evenings and that’s made a huge difference. I’m not 100%, but it’s better than it’s been since I tweaked it in the first place! Better living through yoga 🙂

    • epric002

      +1 for yoga helping back pain. i do stretches in the shower every day.

    • I love pigeon pose! It is so relaxing.

    • emvee

      I had pretty bad back pain for a while and a combination of rock climbing and yoga made it disappear. I swear. Way better than any heating pad.

    • Cinnamonster

      Yesss, pigeon pose! I also love child’s pose for lower back pain, with arms stretched all the way out (although a nice modification is to fold your elbows under your head and just focus on your hips and breathing).

      And rabbit pose is great for anyone with shoulder problems!

    • hammers

      ugh my yoga knowledge is so limited- I was just doing WSC for a few years before I got tired of the same routine every week. I just started at a new studio and I feel so left out. hah. I had to google pidgeon pose and side crow.

    • I love pigeon pose/hip openers (and I’ve been having a lot of back/shoulder troubles) but this morning I was doing it after getting up (and read twitter on my phone during) and I don’t know what I did to my hips/thighs but when I went to stand up, I literally fell over as if my legs couldn’t hold me. Super scary.

    • Another thing to try: bend your knees a lot as you fold forward while standing. Place your chest toward or on your thighs. Many people don’t realize that the forward fold can be a wonderful lumbar stretch.

      Also, child’s pose can be done with knees apart for more of a hip stretch. Knees closer together makes it more of a back stretch.

  • Rave: More than halfway through my tedious work project. It should be wrapped up by COB today!
    Rave/Rant: I had a long phone call with my west coast bestie last night. I miss her.

    • I have the same rave! I should have been done the tedious project by now, but it’s so tedious that I’ve been unmotivated to do it quickly and get it over with. Should be done today though!

      • I feel you. This could/should have been done yesterday but I just couldn’t focus. I woke up this morning determined to power through it. I”m almost there! I hope you can cross it off your to do list today as well.

    • I love catch up calls with my longdistance friends- they don’t happen enough. My BFF and I joke we need to start scheduling them regularly otherwise a month+ goes by and it takes us 3+ hours to catch up.

      • WE try to schedule a weekly call. With the time difference, scheduling is the only way we get to talk, especially since she works long hours and I go to bed really early.

  • Rave: Just realized Valentine’s Day falls on a three day weekend this year, so perhaps a romantic getaway is in order. I’m picturing a cabin in the woods where we can hike or snowshoe and bring the dogs. Any suggestions?

    • If they are not all booked up, I’d highly recommend Savage River Lodge – individual cabins or yurts, private hiking/cross country skiing trails, amazing restaurant and bar in the main lodge, fresh muffins and juice delivered to your door daily, and fresh made biscuits for the dogs. Absolutely amazing, but I’d be shocked if they had any availability, they usually book up at least 6 months out from a holiday weekend. Still, could be worth giving them a call and asking.

      • I know, I came across that one right away and it sounds perfect! They still have a cabin available on the 15th, so maybe we can do a one-night stay there.

    • epric002

      woodhaven farm in scottsville. you can rent a cottage, they have hundreds of acres to hike through, and you can bring your dogs. the proprietors are lovely people too. they also have cows, horses, chickens, cats, and dogs.

    • Go on the HomeAway and VRBO websites and search for cabins in Front Royal and Shenandoah Valley. There’s tons of cabin options for every budget.

      • VRBO & HomeAway are now the same company, though currently still maintaining 2 websites. Most owners post on both sites, but VRBO generally still has a few more, and better search features. (Just to spare you some search redundancy.) And if you search airbnb as well, always check VRBO for the same property, since you can book it cheaper without Airbnb 12% fees.

  • emvee

    Rave: Thanks UDPie for the Smartpak recommendation! I ordered the dog a fleece jacket, which I intend to refer to only as his “smoking jacket” from here on out.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My mostly silent neighbor gets up between 3:30-4:30am and I wake up every single time! I can’t figure out what keeps waking me up since he’s pretty silent. It’s making me slightly insane.
    Rave: I don’t have to get up until 7am so I can go back to sleep.
    Curious: wonder what/where his job is that he gets up that early every weekday.

    • Allison

      Military, or other government shift work? My husband gets up at 4:30 on the weeks he’s assigned the early morning day shift.

      • Emmaleigh504

        That may be it! I kept thinking restaurants, but he doesn’t get up early on weekends.
        Now can you figure out what causing me to wake up? 😉

        • You’re probably just at the right point in your sleep cycle that you’re sleeping really lightly at that point and a slight noise wakes you up. Maybe try earplugs? It sounds like he’s being really considerate (or trying to) about the amount of noise.

          Related: we have a neighbor (a couple streets over) who is on a similar schedule, and every time I get up to pee around that time, or get up super early to catch a 6am flight, I see their light on. It makes me feel weirdly less miserable to be up at that hour knowing there are other folks up and puttering around then too. 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            I have some really nice and comfortable earplugs, but I still usually pull them out in my sleep before that time. White noise might work.

      • Also people who work at news stations get up that early.

    • That’s interesting that he wakes you up. Mostly silent? Does he make a little bit of noise when he wakes up? I can’t imagine that your walls or floors are that thin that a little noise would wake you. Very curious.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I can kind of hear him moving around, but it’s not loud. I normally sleep through moving around noises with no problem.

    • I get up at 4:40 to work out and get to the office by 7:15. It’s the only way I can get home at a reasonable hour. My wife has learned to not wake up at 4:40 (and I hit the alarm really quickly), but yesterday I hit snooze instead of turning off the alarm, and didn’t hear it form the bathroom, so she had to turn it off. I think a good case for justifiable homicide could have been made, but she chose to let me live. I don’t deserve her.

    • hammers

      my upstairs neighbor never speaks or uses media, but never ever ever stops walking around–it’s all hours of the day and night. tag teamed with my drunkandhorny downstairs neighbor, those two keep me up quite a bit.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I feel so badly for my downstairs neighbor. Donna is a very heave walker. And she falls a lot. And I drop things a lot. I have carpets and don’t wear shoes inside, but it’s got to be annoying.

        • Our downstairs neighbor has a nightly pump-up session where he listens to EDM at full volume and either dances around his room occasionally running into walks or does something else equally weird. Sessions are extended on Friday and Saturday nights, but they’re usually over by 10pm so we just ignore it and don’t feel too bad about our own noise.

    • Blithe

      Maybe you’re waking up BECAUSE he’s pretty silent? I can sleep through loud things that are just background noise (like sirens), but will wake up if someone’s near me trying to be quiet. It’s like my body’s alert system interprets “quiet” as sneaky/potential danger. So I’ve always urged roommates not to be quiet — but just to be their normal, noisier selves, which I can sleep through.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Blithe, you are brilliant! I bet that is the reason I wake up. I hear sneakiness. I wonder if I can teach myself to sleep through it.

        • Perhaps consider a white noise machine? That will give you some background noise to block out his silence.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m such a prima donna sleeper. I have million things I do to make sleeping better, but not a white noise machine. It would be perfect for winter. Usually my window ac (horrors) does the trick, but it’s off now.

          • If you don’t want to bother with an actual white-noise machine (like the Homedics Soundspa), there are free white-noise apps. I have one on my iPod Touch that’s from TMSoft.com.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Oh that’s a good idea! Ages ago I used to have a white noise “song” on iTunes. But I could hear it replay and it would wake me up. So disappointing.

    • Construction/construction management

  • Accountering

    Rave: We beat Penguins
    Rave2: We have beat the Penguins twice in a row
    Rave3: We have shut out the Penguins twice this year!
    Rave4: Caps game on Sunday, and then Super Bowl. Monday is going to suck!
    Rant: Thinking back to the conversation from a few days back, and hoping my twenty minute shower helped clean me up this morning and make me presentable.
    Also, in honor of some commentors who think I am a grumpy old hater – I am going to commission a “Dummy of the Day” award. I am making an assumption that with 400 comments, someone will say something ignorant, or racist, or just plain dumb, or tell a story of someone who did one of those things, and they will be the winner of the “Dummy of the Day” award. All in good fun of course 🙂

  • Rant: Washington Gas. They put our account into collections and threatened to shut off the gas despite the fact that they have not billed us (not a single piece of mail, and not a single email – for months!) and their absurdly dysfunctional online system (which has our current, correct contact information – I’ve checked) hasn’t emailed us since 2011 or acknowledged any of our payments since 2010, even though the money leaves our bank accounts and presumably is paying our balance down each month. I think Dante missed utility company billing – 10th circle?

    Double rant: Poorly written job applications! I REALLY want to hire someone, but please don’t make me read your poorly edited (as in, maybe that second duplicate paragraph shouldn’t be in there, huh?) or totally, not-even-a-little-bit tailored cover letters.

    Rave: Cut puppies, cuddly cats, and rescue horses. I don’t even want to contemplate life if I can’t be surrounded by animals.

    • *Cute puppies. I need more coffee!

    • UGH – what a terrible, pain in the @ss rant! Hope it gets straightened out soon!

    • They really don’t have their sh*t together. Thankfully I had no collections issue, but my autopay didn’t work for like 3 months. They waived any late charges, but they kept telling me it wasn’t a problem with my bank, but a problem with their auto pay system.

    • hammers

      What are you hiring for? I like to help my friends write cover letters and such, I’m working with one friend right now who gets so exited when he finds something to apply to he gives his whole life story in an email or something. I keep trying to say less is more…

  • Rave: good first date last night. guy clearly was nervous. it was cute. night ended on an interesting note when a random guy outside the bar loudly told my date multiple times that he (my date) has a very pretty girl (I assume this was me bc he gestured to me.) Like “damn, you got a very pretty girl, man. really pretty.” I can’t make this stuff up.

    • Allison

      Hah, love it when men compliment other men on “their” women./s Seriously? 😐

    • hammers

      This has happened to me a few times over the years. always kind of awkward. but usually its some old dude saying how quickly the gentleman I’m with must marry me to lock it in or something or other. greaaaat when I’ve been seeing a guy for a week or two, as happened this summer.

  • Rave: Got the data transfer to work, and I have about 15 days left to cancel Geek Squad protection, which I will do this weekend.
    Rave: Boy is staying at my place & has the task of putting the casserole I made last night in the oven when I’m on my way back from class 🙂
    Rant: He’s staying because I’m closer to Union Station and he needs to be there by 5:30 am. Ew.
    Rave: Popville is slipping into my dreams. I dreamed I was at a happy hour – so guess I need to go to the next one if my work load isn’t too high!
    Rave: Have been approved for tuition assistance! And got my W-2 for 3/4 jobs/schools! And have decided that I don’t have time for drama friend so if she doesn’t cut it I’m out!

  • Kitten quarantine homes are needed for one week. If you have a spare room or bathroom, and no plans to get a kitten in the next year (adult cats are fine) Homeward Trails needs some one-time temporary fosters for new kitten arrivals.

    I’ve copied in their email to explain better:

    “We are pulling a bunch of kittens but its from a shelter where we have had Panleuk before (kitty parvo) and they have only had one shot so we don’t want them to go to any of you until after the second vaccine. While its not at all a risk for vaccinated adults it can wipe out a foster spot for unvaccinated kittens for up to a year.
    So we will be looking for NON regular kitten fosters to use their bathrooms until second shots have a chance to work and then they can move to you guys. We will also be using cages at PetMAC and maybe KC and having them STAY in the cages
    So stay tuned
    Sadly kitten season has arrived

    Lori Rolnick
    PetMAC DC
    4914 Wisconsin Street NW
    Washington, DC 20016
    Homeward Trails Animal Rescue
    Cat Program Director

    • I’m in a cat free home, but when would this begin? I will be dog free for another week or so, and generally allergic to cats so never getting one, so this could potentially work out very well. I know nothing about kittens though.

    • Andie302

      I”m also curious (and know nothing about kittens)

    • Are these kittens old enough to be litter box trained/able to eat on their own? Or will they need bottle feeding?

      • I’m sure the kittens would be eating on their own – not bottle feeding – and using a litter box. They may need non-clumping litter if they’re really young, but I have some of that as well as an extra litter box and would be happy to bring it to anyone who might need it.

        The main thing is to keep them somewhere for a week until they can have their second vaccination – and a spare bathroom with a little loving would be better than a cage in the shelter. Then regular kitten fosters like me can take them in.

        I’d suggest emailing homewardtrails.org – tell them you heard about this on PoPville, and might be able to help.

  • Can anyone recommend a therapist at Kaiser? NW is easiest, but I’d travel to the Capitol Hill location for someone really excellent. I don’t do meditation or “mindfulness”.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: The pothole killer truck was out on 16th St this morning filling all those giant potholes.
    Double Rave: They were filling them on the southbound side of the street during morning rush hour. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Maryland commuters!
    Rant: Tired from staying up late to watch the Wiz play another stinker last night. Kinda concerned about how middling they’ve looked over the last week.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: As a hyperpunctual person, it is painful to have close family members who are always late. (It’s all Mr. Zelda’s fault; he was even late to our first date.)
    Rave: Mr. Zelda is so adorable when he gets an enthusiasm. Right now, he’s fascinated by the Shake Shack IPO.
    Rant: What’s not adorable is the beard he’s growing. He knows how I feel about facial hair.

  • Cinnamonster

    Revel: I can’t get over how easy it is to get everywhere from Woodley Park! I can walk to so many places and it’s thrilling! When I moved to D.C. in September, I temporarily lived in Van Ness, which I didn’t think was so far, but this is so much easier. I feel like I’m finally beginning to settle in here 🙂
    Rave: Does anyone else think it just feels a lot warmer today than the past few days? I feel like the actual temperatures aren’t so different, but my walk to the carpool was so much less bone-chilling/groan-inducing this morning.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Better Call Saul reviews all sound super! I haven’t read one bad review.
    Rave: Better Call Saul premiere event is Sunday, Feb. 8 and Monday, Feb. 9.
    Rant: Have to wait to watch.

  • Rave: One step closer to being allowed to telework. Hopefully it can be approved and I can install the software on my home computer before Monday (when snow is being predicted.)

    Rant: It’s only for snow days, but that really beats having to work extra hours or use PTO to make up the lost time.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Met with MPinDC last night and she helped me clear my mind about how to address the drama I’m going to face when I get home. And also gave me valuable information that will help me w my trip. Yay for PoPville friendships.
    Rave: Wine helps with neuron lubrication, therefore makes you think more clearly. Wine can be classified in 2: The one that costs more than $4 and the one that costs less than $4. I made that up.
    Rave: Plantar Fascitis can be defeated. If we do this together, we may be able to eradicate it from the face of the earth. #teamdrscholls

  • skj84

    Rant: Software is down at work. Can’t make any calls

    Rave: Extended lunch break!

    Would it be bad form to job search while at work?

    • Yes, but I’ve definitely done it. Personally, as long as it’s not interfering with actual work who cares?

    • Yes, it is, and I had a colleague get called out/almost fired for it awhile back so it is the one (of the) thing(s) I will never, ever, ever do at work. Even if I’m job hunting, I don’t want to have the current job think badly of me while I still need them for paychecks 😉

    • hammers

      lots of people do it. I wouldnt say it’s bad unless you are shirking your responsibilities. I’ve worked near some people who, if you didnt know any better, you would think it WAS their full time job to search for a better job.

    • skj84

      I had some down time while I was waiting for our software to get back online. But I’m in an open office, so I was worried someone may look over at what I’m doing. I’ll just check on my phone and book mark for later.

    • Allison

      Sometimes I job hunt for other people I know who are in the market while I’m at work, and I hope my employer doesn’t think I’m looking for myself! I mean I have my own office, but who knows who down there in tech is lookin’ at my computer. Btw, hi techies!

      • Keep your eye out for entry-level attorney gigs if you don’t mind putting me on your list. 🙂
        I don’t they randomly check computers without something being flagged.

        • Allison

          Hah, those are already the types of positions I’m looking for! (Again, not for myself.) I have a friend interested in financial regulation. What’s your legal field?

          • Public policy, compliance, or tax would be my preference, but I don’t currently have a field; I’m doing doc review. I’m pretty open to trying new things.

          • Allison

            Okay, will let you know if I come across anything non-obvious!

          • Allison

            By the way, if you’re tired of doing document review and you’re open to a non-practicing attorney position, Bloomberg BNA regularly hires attorneys for “legal editor” positions. My understanding is the job involves writing news articles about legal topics. I actually interviewed with them (thanks to another kind PoPville contributor), which involved taking a writing test where they throw a court opinion and a bunch of other documents at you and ask you to write something under time pressure. It looks like they have one legal editor position open right now for the Daily Labor Report, if you’re interested in labor law. But they seem to hire frequently, so I’m sure other positions for other reports in their legal series will open periodically.

          • I’m perfectly fine being legal adjacent. Labor law not so much, but I’ll give it a look in either case. Thanks for the tip!

  • Rant: Colleague with whom I have a dotted line relationship is likely on her way out the door but in the meantime, she’s hardcore shirking her responsibilities. It’s frustrating because everyone knows she’s not doing her job well, but her boss is too swamped to do anything about it. She’s off on a junket doing fun stuff instead of her actual work, which has now fallen to me. This is a pattern of hers and it’s been raised to higher ups before, to no avail.
    Rave: Heading to Scottsdale next week to manage a program and am looking forward to the warmer weather. Any restaurant recommendations out there?

  • Question: Five apps that are a must have if you live and work in DC. I have an iphone. Started thinking of this since I discovered Nextbus. Love, Love it. Want to know if more apps that I have missed.

  • Rave: PoPville recipe inspirations! I made mushroom soup yesterday based on Smitten Kitchen recipe along with a Hungarian version I found in Allrecipes. Just the thing for a cold January day
    Rave: PoPville book recommendations! I keep a list of books that sound interesting and “order” them from the library. Just finished reading The Martian, The Magicians is up next.
    Rave: Time to cook and read books – it feels like such a luxury.
    Rant: It’s still winter…..I’m allergic.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I love the Magicians. The magicians themselves are kind of whiny, but it works somehow. I need to get a hold of the last book.

    • You need to come to book club at the Heights! Next up is Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer for Feb. then “All the Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears.” for March.

  • New Questions/revel! My cousin and I are reconnecting with our Jewish heritage and planning Jewish-inspired meals once a month. We’ve done latkas (mmmmm), and this month: tsimmes, more latkas, hammentashen, and mendelbrot. So the questions are:
    1. Anyone have a recipe for mendelbrot they swear by? That’s my task list for this dinner, and
    2. Anyone have any suggestions for our next meals? We’re Russian/Ukrainian by heritage, so we’ve been trying to nod to that side of our past while exploring general Jewish cuisine.
    Thanks, y’all! (and man, this is making me HUNGRY)

    • Non-jewish of ukrainian origin, but highly recommend potato pierogies with sour cream, or cheese blintzes. I could never get into borscht, but there’s that option too…

    • Blithe

      I know many people swear by the Joan Nathan cookbook – “Jewish Cooking in America”, so you might want to check out her recipe.

      • We’re going through The Festival of Jewish Cooking and a hand full of others, but I love the stories that come with family/tried and true recipes. With a cookbook, you assume it’s good but it doesn’t have that personal “I’ve tried this and love it!” stamp.

    • Brisket is one of my favorite Jewish holiday go-to main courses. Pretty simple, just takes some time.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Not from Russia/Ukraine, but I got it out of a kosher cookbook: chicken w/ lemon and green olives. I don’t remember the name of the book, but I think I have the recipe at home. gmail me at emmaleigh504 if you want it. That is, if I can find it. It is delish!

      • Emmaleigh504

        and, as far as I know, it’s only Jewsish b/c I got it out of a kosher cookbook. but it’s still super yummy!

    • You got to do matzoh ball soup around Passover time. Making it from scratch is time consuming, but it is a lot of fun. And soooooooooo worth it.

      • Yes on this! Delicious!

      • ohhhh i miss my grandma’s matzoh ball soup. It used to be the only non-pasta/describable meat/cereal thing I’d eat. (I was the picky youngest child who somehow convinced everyone around me that saying “I don’t like it” warranted chicken noodle soup, cereal, or grilled cheese so I couldn’t starve, and then ice cream before bed. It’s a miracle my mom didn’t kill me…)

  • Rave – Ben Folds Pandora station is giving me lovely college-era nostalgia.
    Rave – Plans to hang out with the boy and a group of my friends on Saturday – his first time meeting some of them, and I’m nervous/excited
    Rave – planning trip to NYC next month – spent some time last night talking to the friend I’ll be visiting and making plans. Can’t wait to catch up more!
    Rant – something in my neck hurts in addition to the chronic back issues. I feel like a broken mess.
    Rave – but happy because good friends, family, boy 🙂

  • Query: Can anyone recommend a good ophthalmologist (preferably in the Dupont/Georgetown/West End or adjacent neighborhoods)? I’ve gotten cursory exams at LensCrafter and Hour Eyes in the past, but I’ve now got a minor (I hope) issue to get checked out and was not impressed by their abilities to do much beyond writing a new rx for glasses.

    • I’d recommend Dr Dave Bachman, 1133 20th St. He’s very thorough and competent. I’ve seen him for eye issues as well as regular exams.

    • I’ve been going to Dr. Stephen Glasser for years: 1050 17th St. NW

    • Dr. Marc Holzman at 2021 K. (202) 296-1333. Been going to him for 15+ years.

    • I have VSP insurance and I’m seeing Dr. Saba Ayelew at Metropolitan Optical (Penn and 20th) today! I’ve gone to her twice before for my annual check up. She’s great.
      I called yesterday and they slotted me at 415pm today. So she can definitely see you quickly 🙂

  • Rant/Rave: Valentine’s Day in a few weekends. Totally forgot about it until someone mentioned it above. Then it occurred to me that it’s the first time in a couple years I haven’t been dating someone on that weekend. I will need to find other creative ways to occupy my 3-day weekend besides watching TV/shopping/essay writing for class.

    • Pablo Raw

      I don’t think it’s necessary to be dating someone just because it’s Valentine’s day. Instead you could do shopping for but for people who may or may not have been born on that very special day. I suggest chocolates or coffee. Beans not ground.

    • V-day is too much pressure for a made up holiday. I’m sure there are some decent shows going on if nothing else. I’ve begun looking up cool date ideas most of which would be fun by myself.

      • Pablo Raw

        There is no pressure, it’s just an illusion. There is no obligation to go anywhere on that day, it’s not the law. People should feel free to go out with their loved ones any day they want.

        • I agree, but I feel like a lot of people feed into it nonetheless. I am seeing a show with my mother. I have worked V-Day enough not to want to go out on that day ever again.

          • Pablo Raw

            Actually after writing that, I thought that in fact there is pressure. It comes mostly from those who want to sell you something. Same thing happens with mother’s day, etc. even Christmas. So I don’t pay too much attention to it, I do not owe anything to them. Signed: The Grinch.

          • Agreed. Valentine’s Day is just an artificial holiday. Hate it, with a burning passion. I categorically refuse to date anyone who is into it or would be disappointed if we didn’t do “something special” on that day.
            Go out to a special dinner with a loved one this weekend instead. Just because. That’s way more romantic and sincere, IMHO.

    • Welcome to how many of us live all the time.

    • skj84

      Vday is the stupidist holiday. Signed a bitter single person. Jk, but still I don’t think you really should put too much stock in missing out. Have fun with your friends and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

      • “Vday is the stupidist holiday.”
        I could not agree more. Signed a very happily married person. But, it’s actually not that hard to treat it as what it is, just a day like any other, if you filter out all the noise. The only difference is that some of your more gullible friends might not be available to hang out.

        • justinbc

          I just ignore it and all the shitty prix fixe menus across the city. Plus I don’t eat candy, which is half of what they’re trying to sell you.

        • As another happily married person, I agree. Besides Mother’s Day, it’s the worst day to eat out of the entire year. I think it sucks the worst for people who have just started dating and aren’t serious. I know it’s easy for me to say, but just ignore it.

          • Haha, yeah, I wouldn’t really want to eat out, but one year I cooked dinner together with a guy I had started seeing a few weeks before, and the other year I was in Korea (totally different) and both were actually very nice experiences. I don’t like it as a Hallmark Holiday but it’s a nice excuse to do something nice.

    • Allison

      PoPville Galentine’s Day! (See: Parks & Rec reference).

    • I hear you on this one being different. It’s not so much a big deal to me as it is a difference from a prior routine. Pink is my favorite color, so I’m trying to make that a positive for my first single Vday in a while.
      I recommend checking out SpeakeasyDC’s Sucker for Love show at the 9:30 Club. That’s one of my filling the day with entertaining diversion plans.

    • Ha, most of the time when I’ve had an boyfriend or been dating someone on/near VDay, I’ve been close to breaking up with them. This is my first time actually caring about the guy I’m with, and it’ll be spent at a wedding. My go-tos were: Wine and pizza and movie night with your girlfriends; dressing up and grabbing drinks at a bar you otherwise wouldn’t go to (we don’t need a date to take us to that super fancy bar!), or create some other type of friend date – ice skating, going to a museum, checking out a show, etc.
      You’ll get through it! And at least you don’t need to worry about gift buying!

    • I only like V-day because of the 50% off chocolates/candies at CVS the next day. 🙂

    • epric002

      i dunno, i really enjoy wishing people happy VD!

    • I’m never really a fan of Valentine’s Day but I’m a little irritated/worried by it this year – happens to fall on what appears to be one of the few weekends boy and I are both off work/not dealing with other obligations, so was going to suggest doing something special… then realized the actual date of that weekend. Now I’m a little worried he’ll think I’m implying he needs to make a big deal out of it when I really don’t care (I’m just excited about spending more time together!). Guess we’ll see.

      On the upside, found the PERFECT card for my parentals and they love that stuff 🙂 So that’ll make them smile at least.

    • I’m having steaks with one of my besties and seeing “Kingsman: Secret Service.” I think it’s going to be the best Valentine’s Day ever.

    • I think I probably did more on Valentine’s Day when I was single than when in a relationship, usually some sort of girls’ night.
      I agree that it’s way too much unnecessary pressure. I usually try to use it as an excuse to do something that we’ve been wanting to do or to just take the time to cook something extra tasty and chill out (I refuse to go out to eat on Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, or Mother’s Day — too crowded, too expensive, too many “prix fixe” when I just want the regular menu). Maybe this year we’ll wander around some DC breweries, that’s been on the “to do” list for a while…

  • Becks

    Rave: Last night’s Pineapple Chicken! I had never made it before and it turned out fantastic!
    Rave: I slept fantastic last night!
    Rant: Clients who get angry when you refuse to answer 100 hypothetical questions that don’t relate to them!
    Rave: Last night’s Pineapple Chicken was so good that tonight I am going to make Orange Chicken tonight!

  • RAVE: Friends and I book a Vegas trip for May after seeing crazy $200 RT flights from BWI.
    RAVE: Booked a hotel in the heart of the Strip for a reasonable price — 4 ladies sharing a room basically only paying for one room night. Woot!
    RANT: We have to wait until May.
    Rant: The guy I’m dating is going on a cruise with one of his platonic female friends over Valentines Day weekend. He is taking a spot for someone who backed out of the trip. Yeah, I know…

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