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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Teacher work from home day.
    Rave: I don’t feel like I’m missing out on a snow day since nobody has off.
    Rave: Friday was the end of the second quarter. This means I’m halfway through the school year.
    Rave: I can PoPville all day today and eat lunch at a normal time instead of 10:30 a.m.
    Rant: Got what seems to be a pretty clear sign from the guy that he’s not interested. But now I’m wondering why he even came to our party last weekend when he knows nobody else, stayed 45 minutes after everybody left, and he has no interest in me!

  • Revel: Got to take a trip to Super H mart out in fairfax this weekend. All stocked up on udon supplies…. mostly just udon supplies. Oh, and shiromiso. Winter is looking pretty tasty.
    Rant: dental… and dental insurance. I had to leave my routine cleaning appointment after they took the xrays because they wanted me to do a root planing/scaling (deep cleaning) procedure and I was looking down the barrel of a steep bill even after my (apparently shoddy) insurance. They may be right and I may have to suck it up, but I’m going to at least ask my prior family dentist (out in virginia) because I have trust issues with dentists. Oh and I cried a bit from the ‘bone loss assessment’ which was getting stabbed in the gums repeatedly all over my mouth because I have no pain tolerance. Dentists yo.
    Rave: I saw a shiba inu and their owner playing in the dog park outside my apartment. Resisted the urge to run out in my PJs and simply admired from afar.

    • Definitely get a second opinion – I went through a couple of rounds of these before I started to feel bullied by the dentist to do the follow up ones. Since then, I changed dentists and my new dentist assured me I was pretty much being scammed – even though my gums needed some work, it was not near a dire as the other dentist was making it out to be.

      • I agree with this. “Scaling” is a procedure that a lot of dentists use to pad the bill. I don’t know of any other medical field that is so full of unscrupulous practitioners. Maybe plastics, but I don’t have any personal experience there.

      • To follow up, if you need an honest dentist – I recommend Rosslyn Dentists on Wilson Blvd in Rosslyn. I have had some nightmarish experiences with dentists in this region – the scaling salesman was the best of them all – if that gives you any idea. Now, I want to hug my dentist every time I visit. He’s awesome –

    • Ohhhh I am jealous of your H-Mart trip! That’s the one thing I miss about living in Arlington and having a car, I used to go to H-Mart all the time… Sigh.

    • Same complaint. I loved my dentist in Reston but decided to switch to DC when he retired. After lots of research I chose one nearby. Kind of liked him, but he also hit me up on first visit with all that root planing dire conditions etc. that my old dentist had just said “let’s keep an eye on this.”

      Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to get dental insurance for over a year (I’m self employed) before going back and possibly having something diagnosed.

    • palisades

      Why not go to Great Wall? I find the selections to be far superior and everything on the cheaper side.

    • About 30 years ago, a Navy dentist told my dad he needed gum implants or something dire like that, and that it needed to be done really soon. He was skeptical, and he later found out that several other servicemen were being told the exact same thing from this dentist (apparently, the guy had received training and was eager to perform his new skills before he headed out into the private sector). Anyway, fast forward 30 years, and my dad has never had anything similar suggested to him by any of his dentists and the “gum problem” has never been a problem. I know there are some good ones out there, but dentists bear watching…

    • Sorry about the bone loss assessment, that sounds painful. Dentists are very tricky. I had an orthodontist recommend shaving off the sides of every single one of my teeth to make space before putting on braces. I ended up finding an honest, old school orthodontist who was able to align my teeth without ruining them.

    • Definitely get a second opinion. I recently changed dentists because my new one had insisted that all of my fillings needed to be replaced and were really pressuring me to do it. It sounded fishy, so I got a second opinion. Of course it ended up BEING fishy, and now I have a lovely new dentist that I don’t have to worry about trying to con me into unnecessary services.

  • skj84

    Rant: I got hit by a bad migraine this weekend. I was done for the count all day on Saturday and most of yesterday. I had to cancel all my weekend plans. Still not feeling super great today. I’ve never had a migraine knock me on my ass like this before.

    Rave: I did get some semi peaceful alone time. I pretty much staid in bed all day Saturday. Sometimes I need my hermit time.

    • binpetworth

      Ugh, hope you feel better soon! Those migraines can be such a killer.

    • Pablo Raw

      Hope you feel better soon!

    • Strong black tea is the only thing that works for my wife’s migraines–even more so than ibuprofen, etc. I don’t think it’s just a caffeine thing; I tihnk it’s something in the tea itself. It worked wonders on my bad headaches when I was pregnant as well. Hope that helps in future & hope you’re feeling better soon!

      • skj84

        I had a strong cup of coffee yesterday which worked pretty well. Today’s cup must have been pretty weak, cause I’m not feeling great. At this point it’s not so much the headache as it is dizziness. I feel lightheaded. Not so bad that I can’t function, but enough to be an annoyance.

      • mtpresident, I meant to thank you for making this recommendation before. I got some black tea for the house just to have on hand for future migraines.

      • skj–glad to hear it helped yesterday; sorry that the after-effects are lingering. I hope you can rest up today & hopefully feel better by tomorrow!
        Shawess–you’re very welcome! I hope it’s useful for you too 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      I was knocked out by a bad migraine over the weekend too. I blame the winter storm brewing. Hope you are feeling better!

    • I hope you feel better and getting some time to just relax and recuperate!

  • Rant: For one position, I’ve got three skype interviews with a total 8 people (vice presidents and directors included), one writing test, and one presentation to prepare. All while I’m sick with a cough and a cold. Plus this is only second round…

    Rave: Interviews. A chance to get a job after 4 months of unemployment.

    Rant/Rave: Vacillate between thinking I know nothing and I know everything. Have to remember they wouldn’t be interviewing me if they didn’t think I was qualified but it’s hard to stay confident.

    Rave: Jumped 3’2″ yesterday on a pony. It was awesome.

    • Hang in there! Those interviews sound crazy stressful, they are bad enough at peak performance but when you’re under the weather… treat yourself often! And best of luck to you.

    • Good luck with the interviews, and congrats on the jumping! Carry the awesome feeling of jumping 3’2″ into your interviews 🙂

    • +1 to your last rave. Ponies are the best!

    • Good luck – televideo interviews are the worst.

    • Thanks all! Cobwebs in the head due to cold means I’m not sure I accurately answered the questions but I got head nods and input (no silence at the end of an answer). But damn they were tough questions! Onto the writing exercise, presentation, and prep for tomorrow’s panel skype interview!

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Had to call in a dead tuxedo kitty that had been hit by a car on the corner of 13th and Kansas yesterday. It looked startlingly like my own kitty 🙁
    Rave: My own kitty was safe and sound at home, and got lots of hugs and cuddles as a result of my being grateful she’s here.

    • Oh man that would have torn me up. I have a tuxedo kitty on my own and he’ll be getting smothered with kisses when I get home whether he likes it or not (spoiler alert – he won’t like it much!). It was good of you to call in the poor hit kitty so predators couldn’t get to him/her.

    • Oh, no! I live right around there and know a stray tux kitty in our alley behind Kansas. Really hoping it’s not that guy–he reminds me so much of the cat we had growing up.

  • Rave: Had a great puppy play date this weekend with the lovely anonymous dachshund owner. She and her sweet, beautiful pup were very gracious when Gary acted like a boy puppy and I think this kind of play is exactly what Gary and I both needed.
    Rave: Home purge winter 2015 was a big success, although I still think I have a lot more work to do. We donated an entire car full of home goods to Goodwill and now I see more things to clear out everywhere I look in the house. Minimal home is almost within reach, I think!
    Rant: I am in no way a hoarder, but I realized I do have a weird fear of throwing things out. Not because I want to hold onto them, but because I’m worried that the trash/recycling collectors won’t take everything and I don’t want trash bags languishing on the sidewalk in front of our house. it has happened before many times, even with less trash/recycling. I’m not sure how I can make sure everything gets hauled away.
    Rave: Friends had the most darling daughter born yesterday. Now I need to finish baby’s blanket ASAP!

    • Bonus for those of you who like random stories. I took Gary to the vet this morning for a routing visit and asked then to check out the bumps on Gary’s chest. My husband has been very concerned because Gary has these little bumps and asked me three times to remember to ask the vet about them. So I asked and nearly died laughing when the vet told us that the bumps are just Gary’s nipples. The vet and her assistant managed to keep a straight face, but I know they’ll be telling this story later. I certainly will!

    • Shawess – It was great to meet you and Gary! He is the sweetest, cutest little guy. My pup had so much fun! We should definitely meet up for puppy play time again 🙂

      • Yes, please! Seriously, any time you feel like coming back to Shaw on a weekend, just let me know a little bit in advance! And we just had his distemper and bordetella shots, so leash training/dog park time has begun and we could also plan a trip to your area soon.

        • Also, we were talking afterward about how beautiful and sweet Shadow is. And Shadow is such a perfect name for her, both because of her coloring and dachshunds’ fun way of following us everywhere 🙂

    • Follow-up question about trash/recycling removal: is there a place in/near the district when you can bring extra garbage/recycling without paying a fee? I didn’t see anything on the Fort Totten Transfer Station about this.

    • I Dont Get It

      Gary is so adorkable! I’m his#1 fan!

  • Rant: I am having a serious case of the Mondays.
    Rave: Today is my mom’s birthday! And I remembered to call her when I got to work.
    Rave: I got up and went to the gym this morning. At least I have done one productive thing with my day.
    Rave: I have showers of all kinds — baby, bridal, you name it– but I actually enjoyed my friend’s very low key baby shower this weekend. That was a pleasant surprise.
    Rant: I wish it was cold enough to have some snowy accumulation.

  • Rave: Actually got some work done between kiddo’s bedtime & mine.
    Rave: Slept SO WELL. Haven’t slept like that in ages. I feel awesome this morning.
    Rant: Not sure what’s up with my kiddo’s gi system–vomited in her sleep Saturday night (I heard her cry, went to dose some ibuprofen since I think she’s been teething, and she stopped before I finished getting it dosed. Didn’t realize she had puked until the next day), but not since then; breath still kind of smells pukey this morning; other end is inconsistently loose–but she is acting, eating, drinking normally. I’m confused.
    Rave: Had an AWESOME run Saturday morning with a PR on my 5-mile route. That’s the fastest I’ve run since before I was big and pregnant. Yay! Must make it out for early morning yoga and/or running at least twice this week.
    Rave: Feeling ready to attack the work week. 🙂

  • Aglets

    Rant: I wanna see some snow. Some federal government closing snow causing a tuna fish sandwich eating, knitting with my cat, staying in my PJs all day snow day. Please…..

    Rant/rave: Was supposed to have a 2nd date with the boring guy from last week but he apparently “took it to the next level” (ew) with someone else so he gave me the option of canceling our lunch date (yes please!) so I got to finish the last 3 episodes of AHS & finally figured out what lipstick Maggie wears. Now THAT was a proper use of my time.

    • +100000 to your first rant!

    • I say Rant is a rave. He is honest and you found him boring. Seems like a win-win to me.

      • I say first rant is a rave. Very pleased to be missing 2+ feet of snow. I have never understood snow love – it snarls up everything, and frankly I have too much to do to have my week disrupted like that.

      • Aglets

        it is a 99.95% rave. There’s .05% of me that thinks it was a little rude, but really I was 100% relieved to not have to be the one to say ‘just not feeling it’

    • Yes to your first rant! I want a real snow day. I’m a bit jealous that my family back in NY are getting 2 feet of snow while DC gets the dreaded “wintry mix”. Blah.

    • jim_ed

      Did you enjoy AHS? This was the first (and last) season of AHS I’ve watched, and I have to say, I thought it was one of the worst series I’ve ever finished.

      • Aglets

        The first season was probably the best- there was a lot to look at this season, and i have a fascination with sideshow culture. Twisty the clown dumb. the last episode was pretty bad tho. I could not watch the asylum season and never got much into the Coven season

      • You didn’t ask me, but I have to say this season of AHS was so disappointing, and boring. I agree with Aglets that the first season was the best.

  • Rant: Serious case of the crud. Normally, it would be fine…but when I’m sick, where am I supposed to go? I can’t stay home because there are kids there all day and I have no room to sleep. The other mom can’t host because their house is basically a baby death trap. So if I’m sick, I can’t just stay in bed. So…work it is.
    Rave: husband took liberal leave to move stuff to our new place. Our Ketubah is up, giant target runs are done…wheee
    Rave: trying to set up a curvy girl clothing swap to host. Not sure if I can swing it but trying!
    Rave: Donating stuff to Martha’s Table. Great local charity, folks.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Uncertain: I came into the office rather than telecommuting. We’ll see whether or not that was a smart move.
    Also Uncertain: Our busy season at work has begun. It’s really interesting work, but it means that I will be super busy and rather stressed through April/early May.
    Rave: It’s funny to see friends/family lobby Eldest Zelda about her upcoming college choice. People have some strong opinions.
    Rant: I wish she would just decide already!

  • Rave: unscheduled leave.
    Rant: no accumulation.
    Rave: hot tea with honey on a cold day.
    Rant: I received some awesome honey for Christmas that I left at my parents’ house.
    Rave: lunch with little sister today – she’ll be driving and gives up if not coming upon parking quickly. I am thinking Adams Morgan or the west side of Cleveland Park. Any other recommendations?

    • SFT

      There’s the parking lot in Cleveland park at Porter St. The stores in the little shopping center validate if you buy something. Sometimes it’s worth it just to park and get some FroYo! Paragon Thai (in that shopping center) is one of my all time favorite Thai restaurants in DC 🙂

      • oh, sorry! I should have mentioned outside of the Connecticut Ave corridor of Cleveland Park! Paragon is fantastic!

    • Thanks for the recommendations for Boqueria! The food was very good.

      • Nice! I liked it too, even if it is just a little bit overpriced. I usually go for happy hour 🙂
        How was the booze situation? Sprung for a bottle of vino tinto?

  • Rave: working from home today so I don’t have to go out in the snow.
    Rant: depression. I had really bad thoughts last night and I felt bad about having them, thinking I’ll never beat this shit.
    Rave: Will be seeing therapist soon to discuss this episode.
    Rave: Before going to sleep last night, I logged onto Facebook and started looking up groups for people with depression.The posts made me feel like I’m not alone.
    Rant: pre hypertension. Kind of worried that I’ll have a heartattack and pass away early like my grandmother if I don’t do something.
    Rant: Feeling down so I don’t feel like taking good care of myself.

    • I’m sorry to hear about the depression. I’m glad you have an appointment with a therapist to discuss. On both that and the pre-hypertension, try to take things one step at a time towards getting healthier–less overwhelming that way. And long walks can be therapeutic for both. Good luck and take care of yourself!

    • Pablo Raw

      What I can tell you is that it is possible to get out of that situation, you can beat it, you don’t have to be there forever but you have to do a little bit of work. If you talk to your regular doctor about it, he/she may be able to give you anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medicine to help you while you are going through therapy. You just have to do a little test that helps the Dr. decide about the amount you’ll need to take. It really helps.
      Take care and wish you the best.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Remember: depression lies. You aren’t alone, and with the help of a therapist and/or doctor you can beat it. It just might take a little time, and that’s ok. Be good to yourself!

  • Rant: Finding a new roommate. No call, no shows and people finding a place within 5 mins of me replying to their email. Why are they making contact?
    Rave: No gf but we’re exclusively dating.
    Revel: The Monocle. Random RW pick which was amazing. Service, food (normal portions, full menu), ambience were all on point. Would definitely go again during normal dining.
    Rant: Sinuses and sore throat. Emergen C here I come!

  • Rave: successful phone interview. director said to schedule an in person interview ASAP. I am incredibly excited and nervous.
    Rave: I’m supposed to have two dates this week, but the one coming up tomorrow has not texted about details of the date. Should I text him what’s up? I won’t be bummed if he changes his mind. I have another date the next night that should be more interesting.
    Rave: saw the doctor and I lost more than 10 lbs since my last visit 6 months ago. WHAT?! I don’t think I look different, but I did drop a dress size.

    • Good for you! Hey, dresses don’t lie even if you only lost a little from everywhere.

      • Anon Spock: I lost most of it on my waist. No complaints. Still thicker than a snicker.

        • Most people would kill for a smaller middle.

          • I’m hoping for better legs. That’s why I take spin classes.

          • Yea, losing weight in your legs just makes you look like a chicken. LOL
            Squats (even just body weight), running, spinning….lots of things to help get shapely legs. I would kill for smaller legs, but hey, they’re all muscle, so I won’t complain too much.

    • Can’t hurt to text him. Do you two have even a time set for tomorrow? Assuming yes, I have a hunch he’ll text you tonight with more info. No reason to wait for him to contact you though.

  • Rant: this weather. Tired of this just above freezing rain.
    Rave: At least OPM is allowing me to work from home on most of these shitastic days.

  • epric002

    rant: this weather. why can’t the cold and precipitation align so that we can get some real snow?
    rave: at least we’re not getting the 2-3 feet forecast for the northeast.
    rave: took puppy to RCP yesterday with neighbors and their dog and wore them out chasing frisbees and tennis balls. puppy is still tired. he didn’t want to get out of bed, wasn’t really interested in breakfast, and definitely didn’t want to walk in this gross weather. yay tired puppy!
    rave: i fixed my toe! i think it was dislocated. i was trying to move it around friday night and it popped twice, which hurt like hell, but now i can walk again without pain! apparently broken toe and dislocated toe symptoms are practically the same.
    rave: husband comes home from 10 day business trip tomorrow!

    • epric002

      forgotten rave: rw dinner at dbgb was really yummy!

      • DBGB is on my list – any menu recommendations?

        • epric002

          so we did the RW menu. i had the curried cauliflower & green apple starter- was a small portion but i LOVED the flavor combos. i didn’t try the crudo but the person who ordered it really liked it. i did try a friend’s butternut squash soup and it was also really tasty. they each got the buccatini with a poached egg that was SO silky and yummy. i had the salmon with lentils, mushrooms, and pearl onions and it was fabulous. chocolate something for dessert was good, as was the bananas foster sundae and i’ve forgotten what the 3rd dessert was… i’d definitely go back.

          • topscallop

            I chose the same exact courses at RW as you did, and agree that the salmon was delicious, especially those mushrooms and pearl onions! The raspberry sorbet that came with the chocolate dessert was one of the best things I have ever tasted. I think the 3rd dessert was a lemon tart with pomegranate sorbet.

          • epric002

            that’s right! i have a sickness-induced aversion to meyer lemon so i didn’t try it, but she liked the tart. may i just say, topscallop, that you have an excellent palate 😉

  • Rave: New step-nephew was born this weekend.

    Rant: Like almost all of my step-nephews (and one step-niece) he lives overseas. I really need to get back to Germany and Austria one of these days.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: I had a dream in which members of PoPville had to do some homework about the Higgs Field. Nobody was doing it and there was a PoPvillian who’ll remain nicknameless (or avataless) who was in charge of collecting all the papers and was very passive agressive about it. It was so annoying that it made me wake up. Thank you avatarless person!
    Rave: I thought about a way to make my vacation trip way more interesting. I still need to get more information, but if it happens it will be amazing.
    Rave: Jose Andres needs not to be worried but I did some really good dinner last night. Don’t ask what it was because it was a really simple but for me it’s a landmark in the history of my culinary abilities.

  • Rant: Metro blowzzzz. I thank the sweet baby Jebus that I can driver my scooter to work most days. Serenity now!
    Rant: Too much work. Will be going out of my mind until my trip abroad. And even while I’m abroad, I will need to wrap up other projects.
    Rant: One of my bosses keeps volun-tolding me for external projects that are huge time sucks. The worst part is that these projects are not on the radar of the people who decide my bonus/promotions since they are focused on other initiatives.
    Rave: One deadline was pushed back by three weeks until April.
    Meh: Dram and Grain. Was good, but it did not blow me out of the water. At $17 per cocktail I should be having a booze orgasm. My drink mate and I both agreed that we would rather spend that money drinking unique single malts at the main bar of Jack Rose. I guess you’re paying that money to avoid the crowded riff-raff upstairs.
    Rant/Rave: drunk asshole tried to steal my umbrella at Jack Rose. I caught him red-handed and scolded him and his drunk Basic girlfriend (she put him up to it). Was hilarious, they were so embarrassed.

    • Serious LOL at your Serenity Now comment. I really really need to employ that on a daily basis on metro. Umbrella stealers are the worst, good on you for saying something!

      • The umbrella incident was ridiculous. I was standing with my friend inside Jack Rose along the big ground floor windows, waiting for our Lyft driver to arrive. The rain was pouring. My large golf umbrella was leaning on the wall right next to me (6 inches away from my body, it’s obviously mine).
        While my back was turned, the guy walks up next to us, pretends to look out the window, and tries to stealthily walk off with the umbrella. My friend notices him walking away with it, points it out to me. I walk right up to him and his GF and say “Um hey, give me back my umbrella. Now.” I snatch it out of his hands, he’s sheepishly looking away. His GF stammers, “Oh we thought that was our umbrella….” and feigning drunken ignorance. I can tell by his embarrassed face that he knew it wasn’t their umbrella but that she was upset about having to go out in the rainy night and get wet. This girl was dolled up like a High Maintenance Basic – you know the type. She felt entitled to taking it and probably always gets what she wants. It was absurd.

  • Rave – New office supplies came in today! I’m so excited about my new pens.
    Rant – Had to take the dog to the vet this weekend for an ear infection.
    Rant – Giving a dog ear drops is not fun.

  • hammers

    Rant: I have these random huge itchy welts on my arms. I am thinking they are hives?
    Rave-ish: Last night, I was convinced they were from bedbugs, but I really think theres something else going on, so don’t have to worry about that nightmare.
    Rant-ish: Not in NJ to get snowed in with the bf. stupid long distance.

    • hammers

      addional ravyrant- went to yoga heights for the first time last night! I have been letting physical activity slide for a while so it felt great to use my muscles and body! But today woof my hips are super sore. I’m going back tonight though. Hopefully more physical activity will help me beat these horrible winter blues this year

      • We went to the family yoga class at yoga heights a couple of weeks ago & it was a lot of fun. I was disappointed, though, that their pricing structure heavily favors people who can make it more than once/week. While their classes look great, it’s too far for us to use for regular yoga classes–especially when we have a studio half a block away. They just don’t have family yoga classes on weekends 🙁 We’ll probably check out the family yoga at Bloombars sometime.
        Sorry – that ended up being 90% unrelated to your post.

    • Cinnamonster

      Bed bugs have really distinctive bites, I think – there’s that old adage about the spots being three in a row for “breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” So you are probably okay 🙂 Fingers crossed for you!

    • Might be an allergic reaction to something in your environment; if they bother you, try taking an antihistamine and see if that helps

      • epric002

        a cortisone anti-itch cream is also really helpful! good luck!

        • Be careful, though — after getting burned by cortisone cream (pretty literally) too many times, I switched to an antihistamine cream instead.

          • hammers

            noted. I’m not well versed on anti-itch cream….the pharmacist told me to take benedryl and also use the cream, which the labels expressly forbid. sigh. to add some humor though, my shirt/sweater combo was bugging me so I just went to the bathroom and slipped on my workout racerback under my blazer so now I’m styling and no more friction. heh.

      • hammers

        yeah I have benadryl gel (much better than the cream, which agitated me more with rubbing it in), and I have some antihistamines which I am trying to avoid taking, since I do not have the non-drowsy kind. oh it’s agony though. I dont know what’s up with it, I’m not allergic to anything, but this isnt the first time either. I wonder if I should see a PCP or a Derm…thanks for the suggestions though!

        • epric002

          really? scary! i had no idea that could happen. i used an entire tube of the cortisone cream in about 2 days during my zyrtec withdrawal…

          • epric002

            doh, this was supposed to be a reply to textdoc.

            in reply to hammers- you should go see an allergist. i was having similar issues- hives for no reason- and finally drug myself to an allergist only to be diagnosed with idiopathic urticaria (chronic hives with no cause). dr. fishman was highly recommended to me.

  • Rant: Don’t know whether to crawl into a bottle of gin or throw myself under a bus. Some days I just hate life and I know that I have an enviable existence and I know that I can fake it until this passes, but I just to crawl under my desk and hide for a long, long time.
    Race: Things are good. I just have to remember that.

  • Rave: Finally have an indoor spot in our building, which means no shoveling out or clearing off the car this week, assuming we get snow.
    Rant: Two kids from yesterday morning’s birthday party felled by high fevers. Fever watch begins tonight.
    Rave: Made Smitten Kitchen’s pasta with mushrooms and marsala wine last night and oh my lord is that delicious.
    Rave: Posted a photo of said pasta on Instagram, tagging Deb Perelman and she liked my photo. It sounds ridiculous, but I was excited.

    • Mmmm that’s next on my “to-cook” list! I love her fancy casserole dishes, mostly because they make great leftovers. I made the baked pasta with broccoli rabe last week and it was amazing. Her sweet potato and chard gratin is another favorite. My SO got me a signed copy of Deb’s cookbook for Christmas, one of my best gifts ever!

      • I’ll have to give those a try next. This was basically making homemade cream of mushroom soup, with excellent depth of flavor. I might add thyme next time. Either way, my mushroom-neutral husband (that sounds funny) loved it, the 3.5 year old ate it once we moved some of the parsley out of the way and I dished out seconds.

        • Haha god forbid a toddler eats something green! My nephew refuses to touch his food if there are “green things” in it. 🙂

          • Mine loves broccoli and cucumber, but I think parsley just seemed a little strange to her. Maybe she’s of the “it’s a garnish!” mindset. 🙂

    • I love Smitten Kitchen, and I would definitely be excited if Deb responded to my comment or liked a photo! And now I have another recipe to try – mushroom soup for a wintry mix kind of day in DC.

    • emvee

      I have a chef celeb crush on Deb Perelman. Congrats on your internet interaction!

    • Your last rave reminds me of a belated rave: Was on the train, in a mostly empty car, back from NYC last Tuesday with Charlie Rangel and Tom Colicchio, both of whom were on their way to the SOTU. I tweeted Colicchio, asking what his favorite train food was, and he responded. I also was disproportionately excited.

    • Oh man, that’s been on my list too. I love nearly every single recipe of hers!

    • I have questions about the recipe:
      Did you include the chicken?
      Do you agree with the chef that the artichokes should be excluded (blasphemy!)
      How much would I lose making it with milk, rather than cream?

      • The recipe I used is her most recent one – no artichokes, no cream. It’s just olive oil, mushrooms, onions, Madeira, butter, flour, broth, parsley, pasta, salt, pepper, mozzarella and Parmesan. I would definitely add chicken next time, maybe a little thyme as well. It was so comforting and delicious.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I totally get your excitement. Jason Priestly faved a tweet I sent out last week. Best thing to happen all week.

  • Rave: Glad to be home after work trip – colleagues saying hi and asking how trip went, they are the best!
    Rave: T-shirt travel the world photo – it was freezing!
    Rave: Beef bourguignon leftovers for lunch..though I’d rather be eating them at home in the snow.
    Rant: Said leftovers leaked in my bag, I’m ripe for an attack by a pack of rabid dogs!
    Rant: We aren’t getting the big blizzard this time!

  • Rave: I actually went dancing this weekend and had a great time, had lovely night of cocktails and blues music with friends, and did manage to brew my nut brown this weekend.
    Rant: I really wanted some snow. I’m kind of jealous of my friends and family in Connecticut who are in the 24-36 inch warning area.
    Rave: four day week!
    Rant: we’ve already covered some rules about tights, but now on to slips. If you are wearing tights or leggings you *must* be wearing a lined skirt/dress, otherwise you need a slip! It’s not static, it’s friction and you look like an idiot. Go to the thrift store and get yourself a slip.

    • My parents are in CT and my sister is in Boston. I am envious of them as well! (Although my sister is freaking out because she has an early morning flight on Wednesday to interview for a PhD program. Hopefully she’ll make it out!)

    • skj84

      I own 4 slips including mini skirt size! Slips are a essential staple of my wardrobe.

    • ouch. I fit into that category today. I’m going to assume by “idiot” you mean “uneducated and unaware of the benefits of slips and have not found one that works with clingy dresses”?

      • You’re right, idiot was harsh. I forget that there are people who don’t know and who don’t spend a lot of time thinking about fabric drape and fiber content. I sew and I used to sell lingerie, so I’m a bit particular about my foundation garments and fabric combinations.
        But I’m surprised that no matter how popular tights and leggings get, slips don’t become either more popular or more available. I used to work at a nice lingerie store, but even we agreed that old slips are better than the one measly brand we sold.

        • I just walked to the bathroom and will admit, I need a slip. But the only slip I own is just for skirts and the waistband would show in this dress. And I’m pregnant, so I would have to get a maternity slip. I feel like I should maybe just give up and wear yoga pants until June.

      • Or from the Northeast where slips were never a thing? That’s where I usually fall… slips just look uncomfortable/idiotic to me when they poke out of skirts.

    • emvee

      I hairspray the top of my tights to prevent clings. It works pretty well most of the time, or at least until I can find myself a slip…

    • Pablo Raw

      Rave: I enjoy the amusing unofficial PoPville’s fashion patrol.

    • Uh-oh. I don’t always wear slips with skirts/dresses… but I think most of mine are lined. Will have to look more closely next time.

      • Pablo Raw

        You almost do the “Most interesting (Wo)man int he world” thing. “I don’t always wear slip with skirts but when I do…” 🙂

      • Is this going to be like learning that people who wear contacts can’t see how dirty the shower is? Because that little nugget rewrote 20 years of my life.
        I thought lining was something most women take into account when buying or deciding to wear a skirt. I have some pencil skirts that I don’t wear in the winter because they’re not lined and slips aren’t great with pencil skirts. I thought pairing lining or slips with hosiery was at least somewhat common knowledge. Am I wrong about this?

        • epric002

          i’m with you on all of that.

        • hammers

          yup! not common knowledge at all.

        • My mom used to make me wear slips with all my nice clothes and I *hated* them. Thus, as an adult, I rebelled against the slip. It now occurs to me that she was probably right. Most of my skirts/dresses have some kind of lining, so friction isn’t a problem, but I’m definitely guilty with my corduroy skirt.
          Question: what about a sweater dress that is somewhat formfitting? I feel like it doesn’t need a slip and would be visible?

          • Do you have a full length mirror you can walk towards? The issue is that the dress can ride up while you’re walking and because of the friction between it and the tights, it can’t move back down on its own. If it doesn’t ride up when you walk I guess you’re okay, but you’d probably still need to pull it down every time you stand up.
            The slip showing depends on how the dress and slip fit.

          • I recently bought a dress that was cheap and clingy– it showed pantylines, bralines, and love handles but was great otherwise. I ended up buying a Spanx slip, which smoothed out and sucked in everything without bunching up like a traditional slip. They’re pricey but worth it.

        • SFT

          Maybe it’s common knowledge for people who have lived in colder climates where tights/hosiery are common. I had never owned tights until moving up here 8 years ago, and never once have I thought about wearing a slip. Granted, most of my skirts and dresses are lined (not that I ever thought about that either, until this very moment), so I don’t think slips would be necessary. I remember putting on my first pair of tights 7 years ago and hating them, so wore pants my first 3-4 winters. Do you wear slips in the summer?

          • I’m starting to understand why women don’t wear slips, thank you. I can actual feel my announce about this melting away.
            Generally, you wouldn’t need to wear a slip in the summer unless you’re wearing hose with an unlined skirt or something you’re worried about being see through.

          • Allison

            Yeah, being from Texas I learned the necessity of a slip with an unlined cotton skirt the hard way last winter for the first time. Most of my dresses & skirts are lined, so I hadn’t noticed until I tried to wear my cream colored cotton a-line with black tights for valentine’s day, and it kept hiking itself up along my legs with every step. Revelation!! Never tried to wear that combination again.

        • I thought that slips were old lady fashion, kind of like pantyhose. So, definitely not common knowledge!

        • topscallop

          Wait, what is this contact lens/shower business? Is it because you’re not supposed to wear your contacts in the shower, and then you can’t see that it’s dirty?

          • epric002

            i don’t know that it’s “not supposed to” as much as “sometimes don’t put contacts in until after showering”. my issue was that i couldn’t see that that we needed to recaulk the tub sans contacts!

          • topscallop

            oh, gotcha. My eye doctor has told me not to wear contacts in the shower. Maybe germs? I’m pretty blind without them but I still manage to do a decent job shaving/telling apart my shampoo and conditioner. I haven’t looked around for cleaning purposes while showering, but my roommate who I share the bathroom with is diligent about cleaning it on the regular.

          • epric002

            huh. if a doctor ever told me that it was so long ago that i’ve forgotten!

          • There was a discussion about this a while ago, that people who wear contacts don’t realize how dirty their showers are because they don’t use them with their contacts in. It rewrote a lot of the history of growing up with my practically blind sister.

          • saf

            Amoebas. There can be amoebas in the water that you don’t want on your lenses.

            I wear my lenses in the shower anyhow.

    • binpetworth

      Huh. I don’t think I’ve owned a slip since 1988. Then again, most of my skirts/dresses are lined. The ones that aren’t are moleskin, though, and seem to not generate static/friction (thank you, Boden!).

      • SFT

        Ditto on the slip thing, I haven’t owned one since the 80s. I always think of slips as being old lady garments. Most of my garments are lined, but today I’m wearing an Old Navy foldover skirt with tights and boots….and *gasp* no slip! A slip with a foldover skirt just seems like an odd pairing to me…

      • Problem with slips is that they aren’t made fun – they tend to be ugly. Hence the old lady association. People might be more interested in them if they were interesting, pretty, added something to the ensemble when they peek out, as they invariably do when sitting, standing up, etc. Then again, actually lining clothing is a great way to avoid them, and some styles can’t be improved with slips peeking out. Cheap clothing is usually not lined – saves on construction costs.

    • There I am, feeling good, making good progress on a proposal, learning myriad reasons people don’t wear/care about/understand slips and changing my perspective on it, and my ex texts me out of the blue. About the weather. Ugh.

  • Rant: Fun Tinderfella abruptly went MIA when we were discussing meeting up. Okay then!
    Rave: Two other dates over the weekend with guys who were pretty nice.
    Rant: The lack of snow!!! Come up, up north is getting about 3 feet, can they just send a foot or so of that down to us so I can get a couple days off work… Sigh. 🙁

    • Some dude on OkC went MIA on me after he tried to plan to meet up. Internet dating problems.
      Best of luck on your two dates. Keep us in the loop. I love dating stories.

      • Been there. Once had a guy text to say he was sick, could we reschedule. I said of course, he said thanks, and I never heard from him again. Bah.

    • Lame about the Tinderfella but glad you had a couple nice dates! Do you want to see them again?

      • I do, yeah. I wasn’t as attracted to the first guy, but he was fun to talk to so I’d like to see them again. We shall see!

    • Wow, all the dates are from Tinder? I haven’t gotten any yet, but that’s fine with me. I’ve had short conversations with people and then they kind of just disappear… Meh. One of these days!

      • Oh, no – these are both from OKC. The Tinderfella was the only one from Tinder (I’ve only met up with one person from Tinder, and that was months ago). I have not had much luck with that app, lol.

        • Ahh, okay. Yeah, I should get back in the OkC game but everyone is starting to look the same… and not in a good way.

          • I hear you on that one….that’s why I decided to try out Tinder, actually. OKC can be a little TOO much information, at least for me, and thus makes it easier for me to rule people out without ever even chatting with them. Like, oh…you answered a question in a way I slightly disagree with? Next! I think it was making me overly nitpicky.
            Plus, if I had to read one more profile about how much a guy loves camping/hiking/biking, I might just give up on dating forever (not that there’s anything wrong with those activities; I just don’t particularly enjoy them, and yet every dude on that site seems to be an avid outdoorsman).

          • YES! Exactly! And I agree about the avid outdoorsman thing.
            The funny thing about the outdoors-y stuff is — a friend got me a month of a-list for my birthday, and so I looked at some girls profiles to see who I’m up against, and they literally ALL read “Hey, I moved to DC from ________ and I enjoy [insert 2 sports here] and netflix.” I felt like banging my head against a wall a few times.

          • FridayGirl, LOL!

          • “Hey, I moved to DC from ________ and I enjoy [insert 2 sports here] and netflix.”
            Funny ‘cuz it’s true hahahaha 😡

          • I, for one, am just as comfortable in a little black dress as I am in a t-shirt and jeans. I’m a little bit country, but a little bit city. On a typical Friday night, I’m either out with my girls (LOL!) or in with a glass of wine and Netflix.
            I work hard and I play hard.
            I love the OKC stories, but wow I am glad I am not doing online dating.

          • hammers

            I think the avid outdoorsman thing is a way for men to say “HEY IM STRAIGHT HAVE SEX WITH ME WOMEN PLEASE” My ex was like that, when really we went car camping once a year at a KOA. I think the whole lumbersexual movement is a reaction to the metrosexual of the past.

      • topscallop

        I feel kind of bad, I did the disappearing thing on a few guys who messaged me…just wasn’t really feeling any of them and I hadn’t exchanged more than 2 messages with any of them, definitely not to the point of making plans to meet up. Maybe I’ll give Tinder a try, OKC dudes do start to blur together.
        When I read about all their outdoor activities I think: 1) he’s going to want to date someone way more active than I am; and 2) he’s going to spend all his free time mountain biking/marathon training/fill in the blank, and never have time to hang out

        • I’m really glad I’m not alone in this.

        • I do feel bad for disappearing on guys when we message, but when it’s not a fun conversation and they’re not that engaging, what’s a girl to do. On to the next. Asking me just how my day was doesn’t really make me want to keep talking to you.

    • Additional rant: keep getting old versions of the RRRR page when I try and refresh. Even if I open it in a different browser it only shows the old version in that browser as well. Boo, computer…

    • I had pretty good luck with Tinder. I met one guy who I’d also see on OKC, had a few nice dates. Then I met another guy I would have never even come across if it weren’t for the location feature on Tinder (he lives outside the area, but was in the city for work and showed up as a local match), and almost a year later we’re still going very strong 😀
      Hang in there guys, dating sucks, but stay positive and something good is eventually going to happen.

  • Rave: Made a chicken tagine in my newly refurbished cast iron pot and it was amazing (father said “best meal ever”). And preserved lemons are my new favorite condiment.
    Rant: Swollen weepy eye last two days – allergies? something more dire? Google has lots of options for worrying, so checking with my MD today.

  • palisades

    Rave: took mother Palisades and girlfriend Palisades to Masa 14 for brunch yesterday. Yum yum yum.
    Part of me wonders if the prices are inflated on the menu to make you feel like you are getting more bang for your buck with the unlimited deal. Maybe I’m just cynical, but none of the tiny plates seemed to be worth their standalone prices.

    • Agree – but then I also think how small plates/tapas are done in the US its a rip off.
      That said I still like Masa 14 for brunch.

    • RANT: In my walks about town this weekend, I feel so many places are now trying to do the ACYE and ACYD brunches. It ends up with $40-50/person bills even before tax and tip. Ridiculous.

      • palisades

        Well all we did was AYCE and it was $25 per person. Completely reasonable considering we each got at least 4 dishes.

  • I read Fifty Shades of Grey this weekend, for silly fun. Normally, I don’t read more than a few chapters of badly-written books. Life’s too short for bad syntax. This book is SO badly written than I kept on reading out of sick fascination to see how far she could take the language torture. I know the point is to see how far she can take the sexual torture, but honestly, the bad writing was more compelling.

    • Last time we went to Vegas, my husband and I were SURROUNDED on the plane by people reading 50 shades. Like, everyone near us was reading it. It was borderline creepy. But, the guy in the previews for the movie is actually really, really sexy so I’ll take it!

    • A friend of mine got the audiobook which was apparently the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    • hammers

      I havent tried 50 shades, but I downloaded a kindle sample of The Hunger Games and almost threw the expensive electronic device against the wall. I didn’t finish it. Meaning, I didnt finish the sample.

  • tonyr

    For those who didn’t read the thread from a few days ago, I thought that I’d come to closure with DC DTR on a $20K tax demand from 2010.
    Rave: Picked up the mail on Saturday and sat down to peruse with a nice hot beverage
    Rant: Almost spat out my lapsang souchong when I saw another letter from the tax people
    Rave: It was only my 1099-G for last year’s refund
    Rant: I swear that they’re just effing with me now for kicks

  • Rave: Quiet day at work
    Rant: Not really a rant (def not a rave), but my grandpa passed away this weekend. Sad and I am going to fly out for the funeral. Thus I will not be able to make the rescheduled London Grammar show on Thursday. Does anyone want to buy the tickets? $60 for two…

  • Rant: cute fun dude I’d been casually seeing told me this weekend he thinks he’s gonna get serious with another girl. i don’t see a future with him, so i’m not heartbroken, but i’m still sad because i thought he was super fun. back to tinder!
    Seeking suggestions: hosting a bachelorette party in DC in two weeks. Any suggestions? Need somewhere for dinner Saturday night, then I think we are going to just hit the bar/club scene. But any activity suggestions welcome!

    • I don’t have any great bachelorette party suggestions, but going to follow along because I need to plan one in a few months too (and I have only been to one myself)…
      I have heard the wine + painting places are popular for bachelorettes, though that’s more of a day thing.

    • Andie302

      I had good luck with a group at Oya. They have a price-fixed option which made splitting the check easier. Their menu is sort of all over the place, but the decor was perfect for the night, and the girls seemed to really enjoy it. I’ve also done Carmine’s and it worked out well. I once used Girls Night Out. It’s a van and driver that takes you wherever you want to go, holds purses, takes photos, gets rid of creepy guys, and I think they give you a discount on cover at certain bars. It was a fun experience. We got them to pick us up from dinner and the night we used them it happened to be raining so it was a life saver to have him pick us up at the door. If your group is up for something racey there’s an adult store (Lotus something) on King St. in old town. The proprietor is willing to do private events for adult-type instruction. I can’t vouch for that experience, the other bridesmaids were too prudish and wouldn’t buy-in on that one 🙂

      • I like the food at Oya, but the acoustics mean that it’s really, really loud. (Although for a bachelorette party, maybe that would be a feature rather than a bug?)

    • I went to a bachelorette where we had a pole dancing class at Jordin’s Paradise in Dupont. Normally not my kind of thing at all, but it was actually quite fun. We had the whole place to ourselves- maybe 12 of us.

  • emvee

    Rave: I spent this weekend picking up much-needed things from the ‘burbs. Some winter gear from REI, a Pho 75 fix.
    Rave: The apartment got a much-needed deep clean this weekend, complete with dog bathing, floor mopping and oven scrubbing. I also purged three boxes of clothes and shoes that I now need to find a home for that is not the middle of the living room.
    Rave: Roasted the best chicken of my life for dinner last night.
    Rant: No leftovers.

    • +1 Pho 75. No place in DC compares.

      • Quotia Zelda

        I agree. Mr. Zelda comes from a pho-making family and has insanely high standards. In this area, Pho 75 is his choice.

      • emvee

        Pho 14 works in a pinch, but it’s just not the same.

      • We love Pho Viet, on 14th between Otis and Parkwood. But I’m not a connaisseur; maybe someone passionate about it can tell me, what makes really excellent pho? What makes it worth driving to the ‘burbs for, when there are three within walking distance?

        • emvee

          For me it’s the broth. It’s just so much better at pho 75. A large portion of what you’re getting when you order pho is the broth, so it makes a big difference if it’s “meh” versus deliciously mind blowing.

    • emvee

      BONUS RAVE: The flight to Hawaii is booked! Popville, let me hear all your Kauai suggestions!

      • Pablo Raw

        My suggestion would be for you to take a PoPville t-shirt with you and take a photo, because we all like to be envious of places where we can’t go. 🙁

      • Check out Kauai Revealed by Andrew Doughty. He is the Hawaii guru and won’t lead you astray. If you like hiking, check out the Kalalau trail–you can make it a backpacking trip (pack LIGHT!) or just a dayhike to see some of it, check out the fluted cliffs around Kalalau from a boat. Are you looking to stay in the North? South? I can dig up where we stayed 4.5 years ago if that’s helpful (maybe ask Dan to send me an email from you so I don’t have to post their info here). Also–car rental is expensive. We used Island Car and it made our honeymoon a bit of an adventure–so be fairwarned. Definitely check out then Waimea canyon. Do you have a costco membership? Believe it or not, Costco is one of the best places to buy grocery-type things. By far, the cheapest.
        That’s all I’m coming up with at the moment. I’ll post more if I remember more. Kauai is gorgeous.

        • emvee

          We’re staying on the southern end of the island and have a car reservation, so that’s luckily all covered. At this point, it really comes down to which things are worth seeing. I’m going with a friend and we’re both in pretty decent shape (she’s way more fit than I am), so I’m toying with the idea of doing the entire Kalalau trail. We only have a few days there before heading to the Big Island, so I’m trying to rationalize if 11 miles of hiking (on gorgeous cliffs) is the most bang-for-our-buck time-wise.

          Looks like I have book to pick up before the trip. 🙂

      • 1) Waimea Canyon- Go early to avoid cloud coverage. It’s a long winding road to get there are a lot of lookout points to take awesome pictures. There are also designated hiking trails. It’s cooler up there so wear layers.

        2) Koloa Rum Company and Plantation- It’s a former sugar plantation that they converted into a rum company. It’s on the drive back from Waimea canyon and they do free rum tastings. We like rum so this was a fun, quick stop. There is also Kauai beer company that was pretty good too.

        3) Napali Coast- Adventurous folks go hiking to see the awesome cliffs. We tried to do the helicopter but thought it was a bit expensive for a non-special occasion trip. We ended up doing a sunset boat tour and it was awesome.

        4) Eating/Provisions- There is a K-Mart and Costco if you need to buy cheap beach towels, beach chairs, and coolers if your hotel doesn’t have them. We bought all of our macadamia nut type gifts at Costco which sounds strange but it was a really good deal. Here are a bunch of places we went to eat:

        – Verde- I know, who eats Mexican in Hawaii, but it was really good and in a little strip mall next to a grocery store.
        – Koloa Fish Market- 5482 Koloa Rd If you like poke, sushi, and fresh fish, this is the place to go. They are only open until 6 but it’s really delicious.
        – Mark’s Place- 1610 Haleukana St- This place is really off the beaten path, basically in an industrial park but you can get giant plate lunches there including moco loco and really good baked goods.
        – Fish Express- 3343 Kuhio Hwy Another really good place for fish.
        – Anywhere that sells shaved ice.

        5) Beaches: Poipu has nice beaches but they can get crowded because families prefer this area. We went up to Hanalei Bay which is at the top of the island and there were lots of pull off spots that were secluded and really pretty. In Kapaa, you can rent bikes for really cheap and there is a trail that goes right along the water.

        • Allison

          There’s also a company that runs ocean kayak tours of the Napali coast. It took my particular group all day and my arms felt like they were falling off at the end because we were fighting a headwind and the surface current wasn’t right. I can’t speak for days when it might not be that bad, though. You get great views of the cliffs from the ocean.

        • emvee

          Ahhh this is a great list! Thanks!!

    • What am I missing about pho? I’ve been to Pho 75 and others that get rave reviews, and I just don’t get why people are crazy about it. It just seems like mediocre soup to me, nothing remarkable (and certainly not worth going to the suburbs for). But I am totally willing to be educated about what it is that I’m missing.

  • Bonus rave: In addition to eating lunch at a reasonable hour, I can take more than 28 minutes and can actually go out! Where to go?

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Impromptu party at my apartment yesterday. People wanted to hang out so I just said come on over! Pulled pork and cold beer!
    Rave: Sold my couches moments after posting on Craigslist on Friday. Apartment will be getting painted and floor waxed. It’ll be like a new place soon!
    Rave: Running friend from the past will be joining me tomorrow at hill workout. Gotta pick it up this week and she’s just the right person to kick my butt.
    Rave: Work on coproducing a radio show starts next week!

  • Forgotten rave! Our tenants are moving out! Like decent landlords, we notifed them that we intend to sell the condo at the end of their lease and that they would have the right of first refusal. We told them what we would likely list it for, it’s more than they can pay….and so we told them that whatever we can do to be flexible for them, we will do (before the end of the lease, if they have to stay longer, ect). And they’re moving out in March! So….we’re selling a lovely very pet friendly condo in Dupont!! Keep your eyes out if you’re looking!

    • Andie302

      Good for you for being flexible and communicative! That’s awesome

      • It’s worked out great….but you guys might appreciate this: one of the tenants emailed us about being somewhat interested in purchasing…we said if they were, we could come down a little on price because we could avoid an agent. She said, “oh, I’m going to deduct the amount of rent I’ll owe you for the next ____ months from the price, so that’s $13k for the rest of the lease I’ll deduct from the price”. We were like “whaaaaat?”

        • I’m not really sure where that would come from if you were already offering to lower the price…did they give a reason?

        • Andie302

          This is hilarious…I love it when people come up with off the wall stuff like this and think it’s totally reasonable. I see it way too often!

        • Accountering

          This is ridiculous. You give a few % discount as you can avoid the agent expense. Not sure how he thinks future rent payments (that he hasn’t paid yet) should be deducted from the purchase price.

        • I don’t know, but I get their logic – was it from a first time homebuyer perhaps? What you really should have been looking at is the bottom line price. Depending on how much your condo is worth, 13K could be a lot less than part of a agent’s fee. And maybe they needed that rent money to save up for the downpayment. I would have explored this option further, not just rejected it just because i didn’t understand the form it was proposed in. Since few condos around here sell for less than 300K, 13K off as an opening bid when you suggested you could come down on price some was a reasonable bid.

          • no, it’s not less than the agents fee. She was countering our price to them (based on a discount from our pending list price) about $20k less, and LESS $14k on TOP of that. It was this long document about how she basically wanted to buy it for $250k (roughly). But I do see your side of the explaination as well. I’ll have to find the original email to remember what it was exactly but it was really, really funny.

          • ok, the email was basically offering us $40k less than we are going to list for. Her calculations were based on previous sales (less nice units that sat on the market during the off season), subtracting the rent for the remainder of the lease, and a reduction because they will have to start paying condo fees. Trust me, I know it’s very hard to buy property here (we got very lucky). I just thought “free rent” (basically) was an…interesting…offer

          • Accountering

            She wanted a reduction because she was going to have to pay condo fees? Yup, she is a dummy.
            I would love to see this e-mail!

          • eehhhh I don’t think she is actually a dummy – she flat out couldn’t afford our asking price (to which there is no shame at all), and was trying her best to get her logic down on paper as to why our list price should be closer to what she could afford.

          • Ah, it’s not a real RRRR until Accountering calls someone stupid or a dummy.

          • hammers

            I’ll buy your condo for the PoPville friends and family discount! Let’s see, I think I should move in tomorrow, and have 14 months free, of course no agents fee, and will you accept the down payment in IOUs?

          • No, I’ll only accept bitcoins

          • Accountering

            Haha! I appreciate it. I just call them like I see them. In any given day, and 400 posts, it is likely someone is being a dummy – I appreciate the recognition, and glad I validate RRRR for you!

        • I can see the logic – essentially they’re agreeing to your asking price as if they were buying it today (I know, technically they’re not.) But you’re saying you want X dollars for it, and you will end up getting X dollars from them – same as if they moved out today and you sold it today for X dollars to someone else. Of course you don’t have to accept that, but you know there are all kinds of negotiation that goes on when deciding a house sale price – people come up with all sorts of silly arguments to get a few dollars more or less here or there. This may seem ridiculous at first glance but not much more so than most haggling, IMO.

          • I’m going to agree with you here. This was just a negotiating tactic. No reason to think it’s “crazy,” but you can also freely reject it outright if you prefer to go the traditional sales route.

          • I don’t think it’s crazy, just very unrealistic

  • Cinnamonster

    Revel: Finally stopped lurking and made an account to join in on awesome PoPville conversations! Sorry for the lurking, happy to chat along! 🙂

  • Rave: Sunday afternoon’s 49*F at the playground
    Rave: 2 pre-teens with their skateboards show up and sit on the landing of the toddler slide with their bags of junk food and plastic bottles of junk drink. less than 10 mn later, they’re done eating/drinking, they get up, walk over to the trash bin and throw away their junk empties and leave. OMG I could have squeed. OK, they didn’t use the benches or picnic tables, but such good trash manners!
    Rant: 2 school/daycare closing policies, 2 sets of backup childcare/commute help headaches, 1 workplace closing policy, 1 important meeting first thing in the morning with little to no second chance if missed, 1 unclear weather forecast, huuuuge headache.

  • laduvet

    Rant: Anyone know of decent studio or 1-bedroom with 6 month leases near the redline or Adams mo?

    • If you don’t find a building run by a management company with 6 month leases, you may have some luck with the owner occupied ones, those renting a floor of of a house, or their old condos. Winter is a notoriously hard time to rent, so they might be willing to take you just to get the place filled ’til summer.

  • Gotta love winter… DC is getting some slop, but I’m stuck in the hellhole that is Boston and expecting 30″. I’m guessing I’m not flying home Wednesday morning as planned…

    • My sister is also supposed to fly out of Boston early Wednesday morning. Crossing my fingers that both of you can make it out despite the snow…

  • Accountering

    Rave: Super delicious lunch today!
    Rant: Sitting on the counter at home. I have decided I am essentially useless before my first cup of coffee kicks in each morning.

  • Rave: Snow day tomorrow?
    Rant: Snow day tomorrow?

  • Rave: my first wedding invite (well, a save the date). Up till now, I’ve only been to family weddings as an extension of my parents. I know this will probably get old, but I love love and I couldn’t be happier to be included in my friends’ big day.
    Rant: at work in the snow. Good thing I like these guys.
    Rave: 6 days till the Super Bowl! Hopefully the Seahawks can make it a back-to-back victory.
    Rant: what I’d give to never see the phrase “deflated balls” ever again.

    • Fun! 🙂 It does start getting a bit crazy though… I went to one friend’s wedding each of the last two years, and then this year I have 5. Three of which are far away. Trying to figure out whether I can make it to all of them…

      • Yeah, I think if it weren’t nearby, I’d be less enthusiastic. As it is, it’s in NOVA and a few friends and I will be able to carpool! I can’t imagine having 5 weddings to plan around!

  • Rave: We use the WebTA system in my agency for our timesheets. I love when it’s time to turn them in and I get a bunch of emails with T&A as the subject. My ultimate favorite was “Think getting paid! Think T&A!”

    • Quotia Zelda

      We’re transitioning to WebTA, which means that I have to go to a 4-hour training. I’m just a user, not a timekeeper or supervisor, so I kinda think this is the kind of thing that could be covered by a handout or a brief web tutorial. Surely it can’t be so complicated that a (required!) 4-hour training is necessary.

      • We had a similar training, though I don’t think it was 4 hours–maybe just an hour? two? Either way, it was totally ridiculous & didn’t include the necessary information for accessing the system like a link to get to it. Ugh.

      • Wow, that’s just dumb. We switched over to WebTA about 18 momths ago. No training for non-sup users, and don’t know why one would need more than an hour to learn it.

  • SFT

    Rant: The women in my office need to lay off of the Real Housewives of Atlanta for a bit. One just told the other to stop throwing shade. For real. She really just said that about some edits that were made to a proposal.
    Rave: I love the Real Housewives. All of them.

    • skj84

      Did she use shade in it’s proper context?

      • SFT

        I’m not totally sure. She said…”I saw the edits you made to my section [of the proposal], why are you throwing shade?”

        • skj84

          Hmm. Maybe. Shade is passive aggressive. It’s like “good job on the paper, it’s totally what I would expect from a person of your background!” Backhanded compliments aged good examples of shade.

        • Aglets

          I would not say that’s shade. Unless they’re super annoying micro-edits for the sake of making the first person redo the document.
          All T no shade.

    • hammers

      my coworker says that all the time, in our professional meetings….granted she is 23

  • Question: Does anyone have a good plumber and/or electrician recommendation? I live in a flipped row house and the flipper did a lot of questionable work that I need to get checked out. Thanks!

  • Rant: Tried to book flights to Florida for my friend’s wedding. I searched every ticket site, every airline. I was shocked by how expensive they are! And with hotel and car rental, I may not be able to afford it all. I wanted to spend a long weekend there- now I may have to go from the airport to the wedding back to the airport- if I can even find a ticket I can afford. I WANT TO BE RICH WAAAHHH!!!!

    Rave: Possibility I can stay with a relative (although he lives three hours from the wedding venue!).

    • hammers

      where in florida? I had a wedding in Sarasoata this year, and it was way cheaper to fly into tampa and rent a car. Have you looked at nearby airports? Sounds like you are willing to drive up to 3 hours

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Andy2’s shirt picture. thanks!
    Rant: work computer not playing nice today
    Rave: catching up with friends

    • It must be contagious – my computer is all jacked up too
      I’m glad you enjoyed it – and loving fun emails from friends saying that saw me on PoP.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: I’m having an existential avatar crisis. Due to some internal personality weirdness, I need to replace my avatars every now and then; the PoPville one I see on all my computers is the same one I uploaded 3 avatars ago. One of my PoPvillian friends told me that she see’s a different one at home than the one she see’s on her work computer. I tried to clear the cache and nothing happened. Maybe it’s some kind of karma. Oh well.

  • Rant: Bad dog owners, especially bad pit-bull owners. Really resentful that 3 years worth of work properly in training and socializing my boxer get flushed down the drain by an aggressive off-leash pit-bull. I’m spending tons of time and money to work with my now very reactive boxer, who before getting attacked loved and played well with every dog she met. She can’t go the the farm for daycare anymore, I can’t take her running with me in the mornings, and every walk means worrying about running into a strange dog. Supper bummed.

    And before people go crazy defending pit-bulls: yes, I understand that it’s the owner, not the breed. However in my neighborhood the breed of choice for sh*tty owners is in fact pit-bulls, which is why I will cross the street and leave the dog park if I see one coming. Not worth the risk to me or my dog just to spare some pit-lover’s feelings.

    • epric002

      i’m sorry that that happened to your dog. i also have a dog-reactive dog, and i know how difficult that can be to manage. (rather ironically, we no longer take her to dog parks after she was attacked by a boxer) additionally, i have a pit bull. you’re right that the neglected dog of choice in this area are pit bulls. but isn’t the real issue that an off-leash dog attacked your dog? if so, i share your rant about off leash dogs. you actually reminded me of another rant- some idiot jogging in RCP w/his off leash aussie allowed the dog to come up behind us on the path w/o any warning, which startled the hell out of me when i looked down and a strange dog is at my feet trying to sniff my pit bull’s butt. fortunately both of the dogs in our group were ok with it, but that could have gone really poorly. guy running with the dog didn’t say a word.

      • Hi epric002,

        Yes, the off-leash part is the biggest problem, followed by the not-neutered part. Unfortunately for me, the pit-bull part is also a problem. This is the 3rd time I’ve had to protect my dog from aggressive pits. 2 were off-leash and one was leashed but not under the control of the owner. As I said, I realize it’s the owners, but on Benning Road, the bad owners pick pit-bulls: large, powerful animals that (like my bully breed boxer) required real dedication to train and properly socialize properly give that (again like boxers) their use of eye contact, vocalization and attempts to start play are often obnoxious to non-bully breeds even when they are properly trained!

        Have you tried medication for your pup? The vet has suggested I use to to enhance my desensitization training with the behaviorist, but I don’t know much about dog prozac.

        • epric002

          i’m really sorry about that- truly. it is terrifying to be approached/accosted/attacked by off leash dogs. i hope your dog recovers. it really angers me that pit bulls are so mis-used and abused in our society, because they can be loving, sweet, wonderful dogs if they’re cared for properly- starting with fixing them and socializing them. have you been able to report any of these incidents/owners to animal control? i actually started carrying a dog repellent spray with me when i walk both of our dogs, or walk by myself at night. have you thought about doing something like that? we have not tried meds yet. we’ve been doing a TON of positive reinforcement with her, and last year we fostered a number of dogs (all male pits in fact), and adopted our last foster, and that has helped her a LOT with her reactivity- she will now tolerate a lot more dogs whereas when we first adopted her 3 years ago she would go ballistic every time she saw a dog, even blocks away. anyway, i’m really sorry you’ve had such traumatic experiences and wish you and your dog the best of luck recovering.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          When I was volunteering at WARL, Dr Gary often recommended puppy Prozac. There are actually a few different meds and just like with people some work better. it’s also not a permanent thing. I’ve also heard about the yellow ribbon/leash that epric mentioned.

    • My dog is also reactive and off-leash dogs drive me nuts, along with the dogs who “just want to say hi.” Does anyone know a better way to deal with this? I move my dog as far off the sidewalk as possible when I see another dog coming and get her into a sit-stay, distracting her with treats. If they start to approach, I tell them that my dog isn’t friendly, which amazing fails to discourage most people from letting their dog try to sniff mine. Any other ideas? I’m at a loss for how to be more direct!

      • epric002

        that is so frustrating. we do the same thing with our reactive one, and i can’t tell you how many people say something like, “oh don’t worry my dog is friendly”. THAT DOESN’T MATTER. my dog is NOT friendly so please keep yours away. people can really be obtuse. it’s not always possible, but i often just cross the street so i don’t have to deal with it. and i wish more people knew about this, but we use a yellow leash on our reactive dog, which is a signal that she needs space (you can google the yellow dog project for more info). if you’re comfortable being assertive- you can always try using much more direct/forceful language: stop/my dog is aggressive/no, your dog cannot say hi to mine/no, you cannot pet my dog/whatever it is you need to get your dog space. good luck; you’re definitely not the only one dealing with this. i always get an internal smile when i see other people doing the same kinds of avoidance/distraction/treat behaviors that we have to do with ours. it’s a nice reminder that you’re not alone.

        • Ha! That’s exactly the response I get from people, too. I always worry about portraying her as aggressive to other people. But you’re right- using one of those phrases will help. Thanks for the tip about the yellow leash and it is good to remember that others have the same problem

          • My dog is unpredictable – sometimes friendly, sometimes snarly. If I don’t know the other dog, I tend to say that my dog is often afraid of people/dogs she doesn’t know. It’s semantics, but people seem to understand ‘fear’ more than ‘unfriendly.’

          • epric002

            i’d never thought about describing her as afraid- does that tend to work? i’d be worried people would be all sympathetic and want to try and meet/comfort the “poor scared dog”…

          • (late response to epric)
            My dog isn’t friendly is, as you’ve said, sometimes met by “oh but mine is friendly” ….and therefore your unfriendly dog will be ok because my dog IS friendly”
            “Afraid of people she doesn’t” know seems to be more effective, perhaps it’s the idea of scaring a pup that is already afraid.
            I’ve also used the term “shy around people/dogs she doesn’t know”
            My dog is also on the small side (25 lbs) which might make a difference

  • Rave: The Comcast support analyst I was chatting with confirmed that there was an error in my bill resulting in me being overcharged.
    Rant: Coworker came to my desk for a few minutes, during which time the Comcast support analyst decided I was gone and ended the chat session prematurely. Now I’m back to the end of the queue.

  • skj84

    Neither rant nor rave: I signed up for Hinge this week and my matches have been eclectic: a male friend, a few CEOs of companies I’ve applied for, the boyfriend of one of my lady friends and a moderately well known reporter. I was too much of a wuss to contact him.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: Kaylyns Kitchen Slow Cooker Thai-Inspired Butternut Squash and Peanut Soup with Red Bell Pepper, Lime, and Cilantro! I’m ready for Meatless Monday!
    Rant: Since I used real fish sauce it’s not technically meatless!

    • That looks amazing! Man, you guys are really helping me figure out what to eat this week!

      • I Dont Get It

        I followed the recipe which is often a challenge for me but next time I will up the peanut butter and ginger. I’m sure throwing in some ground turkey would be good also.

        • there’s a similar “weight watchers senegalese peanut soup” that’s amazing. I swap kale for the spinach because it holds up better. SO good.

  • I don’t need street art to remind me to stay fabulous, damn!

  • Rave: finding love letters from my students on the back of their spelling quizzes (I let them draw on the back while they’re waiting for the next word)

  • I Dont Get It

    Bonus Rave: Wiccan housesitter dropped by to pay the weekly rent early.
    Bonus Rant: Then he asked to borrow $60. WTF?

  • The OP Anon’s Question of the Day:
    Are slips the new bras?

  • Rant: Feeling particularly down today for a plethora of reasons. Have been reminded that, in reality, I really have nothing I should complain about. It would be great if my mind could accept that and stop being so foggy/ugh.
    Rave: Guess if I don’t have a snow day for class this evening it means less to make up later.

    • Andie302

      Sorry to hear this. It sounds like you’re not alone. I am in a crap mood for no real reason, except maybe that I hate winter and didn’t sleep really well last night. Fingers crossed that it’s temporary for all of us, or that we seek what we need to start feeling better.

      • Thank you. It could be winter (I’ve never done well with winter), and I’m working on reaching out and finding things that will help me feel better but it sometimes feels like there’s a mountain to climb before I can actually start doing them.

    • Pablo Raw

      It may be the lack of sunlight we are having today. But good for you for being able to separate what you feel from your real situation!

      • +1. I think the crazy weather is knocking a lot of us out, each in our own ways. From the looks of today’s RRRR, it seems like we have a lot more migraines and a lot more dression than usual. To use a favorite metaphor literally, even though it’s corny, just remember that the sun is still shining brightly above those clouds!

  • Rave: Exciting Georgetown waterfront development for the public: http://parkplanning.nps.gov/projectHome.cfm?projectId=54903

    • palisades

      So they’re implementing a 30-year-old plan to create a nonmotorized boathouse zone? I don’t really understand.

  • RAVE: Got approval to head back to Europe for the last week of February for more meetings. I’m in DC for only 6 days of February. Woo! Headed to Chamonix for cheaper prices and copious powder 😀

  • Late-in-the-day rant: I just went to take the trash and recycling into the alley. The main trash bin was empty (I’d forgotten that I’d used the backup one instead)… and there was something at the bottom of the empty bin that looked like smeared dog poop.
    I’m pretty vigilant about not leaving my bins in the alley except when they’re due for pickup, but maybe somebody managed to get dog poop in it between the previous collection and when I brought it back inside my fence later that day.
    I’m trying hard to think of alternate explanations for what it could be, but I have a bad feeling that at some point soon I’m going to have to figure out how to clean it out. And I don’t have a hose on the back of my house. Eww.

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