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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant/Rave: Room in house that I saw last night was fine, but not right for me. That’s okay, because I’ve emailed a few other places that look nice for the right price. One place answered so far, but they’re all guys. Do I want to live with 3 guys? Hm.
    Unknown: Ex that I was worrying would get married two days ago magically reappeared on my OkC bookmarks this morning. Really shocked. “Happy” and “relieved” would both be the wrong words, but I feel like a weight is off my shoulders for some reason. I’m hoping this might give me an opportunity to feel some closure instead of just loss. Phew!
    Rave: Snow day/delay Monday?

    • justinbc

      He went from almost married two days ago to back on the single market already? Or am I reading that wrong?

      • *I* thought they would get married eventually because they had been dating a while and I hadn’t heard/seen anything that indicated trouble. Guess I was wrong! Hah.

    • Pablo Raw

      Looks like MY weather prediction was right. Just sayin’. 😉

    • Aglets

      I had an ex that was magically engaged less than 2 months after I broke up with him. But he reappeared on OkC around his first anniversary. Because he’s gross.

      • Gah, that is gross. Even if the dude broke my heart, I still don’t think he’s a bad person.

        • Aglets

          Oh, you have no idea. The stories that unraveled after we broke up…..blehhhhhh

          Glad he’s someone else’s problem!

      • I had a gf who broke up with me via text message because she was “Too busy to be in a relationship.” When I tried online dating (a couple of weeks later) she was one of my first matches.

    • Where do you work? I’m looking for a roomie near Shaw.
      I’ve always been leery of living with 3 guys. Do you have to share a bathroom?

      • I work in Foggy Bottom and school in Tenleytown so Shaw is a bit of a stretch. If it was just one or the other I’d love to be your roomie! I’m feeling the same way about the guys (unless they were people I already knew). I would have my own bathroom, though, and a room that would fit all my furniture from my current apartment. For $900. But I’m leaning towards “nah.”

        • That deal seems too good to be true. 🙂
          Was the last roomie female? If so, then I’d feel a bit better but maybe she’s a slob; you never know.

          • I don’t think she was. (And actually, the place I looked at last night was the same price, so it can happen! It’s becasue we have no metro!)

          • True. You also may have less stuff then I envisioned.

          • I may have more than I’m envisioning.I have both a daybed and a futon, a small dinner table that folds down so it’s really skinny, a coffee table, dresser and small bookcase. It would take a little manuvering, but it’d all fit in a good-sized room. I used to have a roommate, but when she took her stuff I never really filled the space.

          • Hopefully some of that can go into the common space unless you’re more into the room as apt set-up.

          • I agree, but I figure if it fits then it doesn’t matter if the common rooms are already full.

        • As a general rule – and yes, it’s a massive generalization – boys smell. I had a male roommate in a large apartment in friendship heights – his room STUNK. Then again, I never saw him change his sheets. But it was like locker room funk. And I work with mostly guys, and the back area of our office also smells like a locker room.

          • Hahahaha…. That’s actually kind of funny. Good point. I lived with 2 guys (and some girls) in college and the guys were actually cleaner than the girls! But that could have just been luck.

          • All the guys I’ve dated and/or lived with have always been way cleaner than me. But maybe that just means I’m a slob… :-/

          • Emmaleigh504

            They do stink! I had a guy room mate once and he stunk up the whole place. Not sure he ever changed his sheets, he had a wee path through the clutter to his bed. I did find out later he never used soap for laundry or showering because I dont f king know why. Never living with guys again!

          • I don’t think guys change sheets as often which brings a funk into the room esp. if they’re having sex in there. An old roomie took 2-3 1 hr showers everyday but I never saw him wash his sheets in 5-6 months. Last roomie only showered intermittently, and I never saw him washing sheets. When he left his room, a funk cloud followed. Current roomie=no smells.

          • justinbc

            Yeah one of my former roommates was a runner and just piled all his sweaty stuff on the floor. He also smoked pot in the room with his door closed. The bedrooms were both upstairs, and if anyone was sitting downstairs when he opened his door you could smell the stench almost immediately. Such a nasty bastard, I have no idea how he stayed so gainfully employed.

          • I can barely stand my normal wear clothes sitting in my laundry hamper. My room smelled like a locker room for a hot minute when I started hitting the gym hard. I cannot imagine living like that all the time. I know a chick who did that sweaty clothes on the floor thing. Gross!!!!

        • Allison

          I once lived with three guys and one other girl in a three bedroom apartment over the summer for an internship. I shared a bedroom with the girl, which was fine. Living with the guys, though, was a nightmare. The common areas were so gross, and I spent a lot of time cleaning up after them. I put up with it because it was only one summer and I didn’t have another choice (the university threw us all in there). The worst part was that one or more of them chewed tobacco. Ugh the dip cups EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!

    • I lived with 3 guys for a while and it was gross but I never had to do any heavy lifting..

    • Yeesh. From all of her posts, it sounds like FridayGirl has plenty of interesting things going on in her life.
      That said, it’s Friday. Everyone go get a drink! 😀

    • This seems unnecessarily rude…

    • Hey Bagelboy, look who kept talking about wanting to meet up with their ex’s a few months back when I still knew you, and then had the gall to complain publicly that I wouldn’t have sex with you! Don’t tell me what to do.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Taxes done.
    Rave: Mortgage interest deduction.
    Rant: Reports that IRS returns will be delayed this year means I likely won’t get my big deposit before I leave for Morocco. But it should arrive before I leave Marrakech at least which is where I’ll do most of the shopping anyway.

    • Jealous of your rave.

    • rant: I can’t have my taxes done until mid-February because Capital One doesn’t supply tax forms until February 15th…

      • justinbc

        Wow, that blows! We still haven’t gotten forms back for 2 of our other mortgages, but thankfully those are being filed separately.

      • Same with USAA, which both surprises me and pisses me off.

      • I Dont Get It

        Can’t you find the info online? Or use your last statement? I’m doing my taxes this weekend (yay turbotax!) and I haven’t received a single form yet.

        • justinbc

          Not all of them publish online, and some will publish and mail simultaneously. We’re having this issue with Wells Fargo now on our business filing.

          • I Dont Get It

            I’m doing mine by using my last statements which includes year to date totals. Using TurboTax so it already has the tax I’d info of my employer and mortgages. Yeah I’m a former banker…never confessed those 20 years here before.

        • The info won’t be available online until February 15th. It’s for capital gains/losses. Yeah, if I really wanted to file ASAP, I could just look it all up and enter it line by line, but I sold some stock last year that I had bought about 10 times over the previous 2-3 years (so a pain in the ass to do manually).

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so excited for your trip! I hope you post lots of pix!

  • Split between rants and raves today:

    Rave/Rant: Finally read Jeannette Walls’ book “The Glass Castle” – wow. What a book. Rave for the incredible writing rant for the reality those people had to live through.

    Rant/Rave: Friend struggling with anxiety is back on the west coast, back to work, and hasn’t seen her doctor yet. She is working with a therapist and making it to work but still…I’m so worried about her.

    Rant/Rave: Denied 2nd round interview for one job I was perfect for (but didn’t really want) but offered 2nd round for two other positions – next week is looking busy!

    All out rant: Spent three hours yesterday talking with my mom about my dad and their marriage. And it’s tough. And I don’t know how to help. And I normally don’t engage in conversations with them about their stuff but my mom was going to pieces. I mentioned “separation” and the big D word…and now I feel crazy and guilty…

    • Congrats on your interviews!! And I’m sorry to hear about your parents — you shouldn’t feel guilty.

    • Don’t – one thing I’ve realize while going through something similar with my parents is that it’s THEIR stuff. All we can do is hope for the best and wish that they are happy. I’ve found out more about my parents’ relationship over the past 5-6 months than I ever knew before. My new mantra is let them figure it out – I’m taking a massive step back after calling both my parents at least once a day (they’re separated, so I was focused on equal access). I needed to refocus on myself, especially with pretty much living with my mom for a month (including an incredible, yet stressful vacation I wasn’t looking forward to that had 0 alone time…).
      Basically: good luck, you’ll find a situation that works for you, and don’t feel guilty about wanting them to be happy, recognize you can’t help as much as you’d like, and focus on yourself.

    • Sheesh
      cant imagine having that discussion with one of my parents… either way (much easier said than done im sure) dont feel guilty, as close as you are to that relationship you are not in it
      that has to be rough though… sending positive vibes

    • Thanks for the support you guys! You are all right, it’s not my relationship and I shouldn’t feel guilty…but their happiness and health is so important to me that it’s tough to separate myself. I’ll keep on trying – thanks for the encouragement.

      • You can tell them you want them to be happy and healthy – but recognize that your idea of what would make them happy and healthy may differ from theirs. Also, if it doesn’t, they need to find it on their own. My parents are currently in the moving stage, and my mom got pissed when she found out (through me, whoops) that my dad was looking to move into the same area. That’s what convinced me to step back as soon as possible.

    • I hear you with the worrying about your friend. My ex broke up with me because of his depression and anxiety, he’s in law school, he has no friends here and he it doesn’t seem like his family is very close/supportive. He admitted recently that he’s doing even worse than before. I really worry about him, even though I know that I can’t really at the same time since he ended things. =/ It can be so difficult to help in situations like that…

  • Aglets

    Rave: I just booked a plane ticket to Chicago in May. I love that city SO MUCH.
    Rant: People being severe butts this morning. Knock it off, people!

    • I heart Chicago too! We have been a few times (we fly in to Chicago then take a train to Milwaukee to visit friends and return via Milwaukee). The restaurants!!!! so jealous – and Chicago in May is so beautiful

    • If it weren’t for winter, I wouldn’t mind living in Chicago. Cheaper cost of living, big body of water, decent transportation, underrated ethnic food (best Mexican food outside CA and the southwest) etc.

  • Rave: Although I’m sad my crazy OT project ended, I’m happy to have a day off.
    Rant: Spending day off waiting on comcast and going to the Dr to get shots.
    Revel: Whoever recommended one medical group. Super easy to use, and I got an appt this morning.
    Rant: Messy boys! Why does making a shake involve powder and fruit all over the counter?

    • So glad you like One Medical! I go to the doctor a lot so it was a real game changer when I started going to them. Takes a lot of the headache out of an already sometimes-stressful process!

      • One of their offices is across from my office. I LOVE popping in for lab work (was recently diagnosed with something that’ll need yearly blood work. Thought I’d need to get it checked out 2-3 more times this year, but my Dr/NP was able to figure out the dosage on the first try. AMAZING). I also love how it doesn’t feel completely sterile in the waiting rooms like they do back home.

        • Yes! I need to get blood work done every month (ugh) and have “tricky veins” and they’re just so much better than any other doctor/lab I’ve been to. Most places stick me like 5 times to get one sample but the phlebotomist at one medical always gets it in one try and I’m in and out in like 10 minutes! 🙂

      • I don’t remember the last time I saw a PCP, so I know I’m due for some sort of shot. Drat! The convenience will probably make me much more likely to go.

        • Update: no shots needed since I have tetanus in 2013. The guy was very nice and easy to talk to. Going back for lab work this afternoon.

    • Haha, I have an appt with my doctor at One Medical today as well.
      Been honestly really nice working with them. Really have a great report with my PCP.

  • Revel: Restaurant Week
    Rant: After over-indulging this week and through the holidays, my clothes are over-snug.
    Rave?: I will have few excuses over the coming months to gobble multiple courses + dessert at a single sitting.

  • Rave: got up early to walk with my wife before work, but:
    RANT: kiddo woke up early & didn’t sound happy. We got her up & took her with us, but she screamed 75% of the time. Ugh. I ended up carrying her for the last 20 minutes, and she was still crying. Ugh Ugh Ugh.
    Rave: At least we got a walk in?
    Rant: was looking forward to catching up like we used to on our weekly early-morning walks, but couldn’t because of the screaming child. 🙁
    Rave: Almost the weekend!
    Rant: a little overwhelmed at work. Bah.

  • epric002

    rave: smaller walking boot for injured foot.
    rave: dinner at central michel richard last night with gfs.
    rave: friday!

  • Pablo Raw

    Rant: I did a stupid computer mistake. Then woke up in the middle of the night and
    Rave: had an idea of how to turn the mistake into something awesome.
    Rant: I’m getting increasingly picky about coffee at my office.

  • RAVE: Due in large part to the prompting of you all, I got the coat and it’s great! I ran to Secondi last night, making it there moments before the store closed, tried it on and it fit perfectly! It turned out to be a vintage Givenchy for Bergdorf Goodman AND it was marked down again to cost about the same price a similar coat at The Gap. Kind of unreal. It needs a tiny bit of love on the interior — sewing up some pocket closures, and the like — but it is otherwise in amazing vintage shape. Thank to you all for the enabling!
    Rave: Dog continues to be darling little lamb. I gave him peanut butter as I was saying goodbyes and he didn’t even notice me walking out.

  • Rave: The Invisibilia podcast.
    Rave: Obsessed with my new duvet cover.
    Rant: Forgot to put on my kid gloves when talking to a super sensitive friend about the sh*tty guy she’s dating. I’ve never been good at the sugar coating and I feel really bad that I made her even more upset than she already was.

  • Rant: Trash and pollution. I walk home from the Mt Vernon metro via M Street, where trucks idle; on M street between 9 and Blagden, the houses leave their trash cans all over the sidewalk – the number of rats I see is SO gross. Don’t they care? There’s a house there for sale for over $2M – shouldn’t they care?? They rarely if ever bring their cans in. And the tour buses outside our apartment yesterday and today filled with anti-abortion protesters that idled all afternoon and now this morning. So frustrating.

    Rave: The Larry Wilmore show – YAY!
    Rave: The number of people who asked for my contractors contact info – I hope he gets some calls!

    • I plan to call your contractor tomorrow 🙂

      • Awesome! He’ll be working on our friends place in the morning and then ours in the afternoon, so be patient 🙂 Though, at this rate, my Elfa won’t be ready for transport since my pantry is still super full. stupid moving!

        • We’re not in a huge rush. In fact, I want to make good progress on my mega house purge before calling him, just so I can have a complete wish list first.

  • Rant: For the last seven months, there has been a loud banging noise coming from my crazy neighbor house during the night. This noise happens 3-4 times almost every night. It usually last for about one minute or so, we are not really sure what to do. The neighbor is hostile and crazy and we don’t talk. My husband think he is doing it on purpose just to make our life hard, I am not sure this is true but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. Sometime I think maybe someone is locked up there and is trying to send us a signal. I am not able to record the noise because it is through the wall. We thought that by not reacting he will get tired and stop is but it is been 7 months! I have been using ear plugs but it is not working very well. What can we do, please help.

    • I feel really bad for you. My sister lived below someone with mental problems. He would sleep all day and bang things at night. I don’t have the same noise issue as you but I find that if I use the fan on my AC unit that is basically right next to my bed helps drown out the noise, especially from my upstairs neighbor’s dog. The vibrations of the fan help.

    • hispanicandproud

      My friend in my apartment building couldn’t stand listening to the Black Hebrew Israelites yelling above the Columbia Heights metro so he bought a white noise machine. It helped a lot and then luckily he was able to move to the other side of the bldg. I suggest getting a white noise machine. Hopefully you don’t have to move.

  • Who has tips for getting a bigger raise? (I know I’m going to get one, but I’m going to want a bigger one.) Of course I will make it about the value I bring, the improvements, the trainings, quantifiable stuff. But, when the boss says “Congrats, great job, you’re getting a 5% raise,” how does one segue into negotiations for 10%? I need a script. 🙂
    And, is it possible to point out that they couldn’t replace me for that amount, without coming off as threatening to leave? I probably wouldn’t leave; I’m comfortable and happy. But that’s the crux of it. They couldn’t replace me for what they’re paying me, or even what they’re paying me +10%.

    • Don’t threaten to leave. Document your value with numbers. How have you improved X? Is Y account increasing because of you? Z process is more streamlined resulting in ABC? Do not make it about your personal life, make it about how you make the company and your boss’s job easier.

    • Ask for 15% to get 10%. Go big or go home.
      In addition to the advice above by 17thSter, it might also help if you have comps for similar job listings in your field.

      • “it might also help if you have comps for similar job listings in your field” — yes.
        I have also worked in some companies that are very tight with raises unless you actually have another job offer in hand. Those people can say “XX company has offered me 15% more, but I’d rather stay here,” so the job offer serves as a very tangible, apples-to-apples comp that gives you some real leverage. Of course this really depends on the employer and your relationship with them, though. If they would take it personally that you got another job offer, this is obviously a no-no.

    • hammers

      Maybe you can broach it with him/her before they dole out the 5%. Request a meeting and talk about your accomplishments and suggest a commesurate compensation. You could suggest a small % higher than you want, so if needed he can meet you in the middle.

  • Rant: my first Pepco bill for my new apartment was $87. My highest pepco bill at my last apartment was around $35.
    Rave: My previous landlord gave me an extra $100 because they thought I deposited $700 and not $600. I would feel a little guilty, but given all the problems I had with that building, I feel like I “earned” that extra $100 dealing with leaking ceilings numerous times.

    • On your rant, if it was for the past month, Pepco added about 10 extra days so it probably won’t be that high again. (Mine was a similar price this month.) Your old apartment must have had awesome insulation!

      • True, but I was also out of town for 3 weeks in December, which is also why I was surprised by how high the bill was. Definitely will be using the heater less now that I know…

        And yeah, the old apartment was bad in many ways, but it did have good insulation (when there weren’t big holes in the celing).

  • Rant: white tights should only come in little girl sizes. Adult women, please stop wearing them.
    Rave: I only had to order six pairs of boots to find one that fits.
    Rant: They’re the most expensive of the bunch, but at least they’re waterproof.
    Rave: working from home means coffee in a mug, puffer vest, sheep skin slippers, and wearing a blanket.
    Rave: I should have time to brew this weekend.

    • YAY on your boot rave! I have the same problem with shoes… drives me crazy.

    • I’m really jealous of your third rave. Although I generally like to dress up for work, when I was on vacation last week I spent most of it wearing an outfit very similar to yours and now I just want to wear my giant sweater, yoga pants and slippers all the time 😀

    • epric002

      i almost ranted the same about white tights earlier this week. i’m impressed it only took you 6 pairs of boots to find the right ones. it often takes me multiple seasons of shopping to do that!

      • Plus one really fruitless trip to Nordstrom Rack, but it’s so late in the season and my feet are so hard to fit (as my sister so kindly says, I can kayak in my own shoes) I didn’t expect to find anything there.

    • I initially read white tights as white jeans and immediately was sad because I love mine. But agree with white tights. They just make you look short and sickly and juvenile.

    • Whatcha brewing?

        • If you need help drinking it once it’s ready, just let me know.

          • Lol, first let’s see if I’ve worked all the kinks out of my operation. If I can count on steady improvement this one should be good.

          • Pablo Raw

            Jeslett, I also volunteer for the Nut Brown testing. I promise to not mention Hello Kitty if you invite me.

          • I think the Hello Kitty kerfuffle yesterday was all a big misunderstanding. Hello Kitty the cat is beloved. Hello Kitty the friendship ambassador or whatever is questionable.

          • Pablo, I actually am a big Hello Kitty fan and the whole “she’s not really a cat” thing was like Pluto not being a planet any more.
            The ambassador, no mouth, whatever thing is what Sanrio came out and said after the “she’s not a cat” kerfuffle. I agree, it’s weird, but apparently that what her creator thinks she is.

          • Pablo Raw

            In all honesty, I’m indifferent to Hello Kitty. The thing is, we were at that part of the HH where everybody is displaying photos of their pets on their phones (ohhh look she’s really cute!!) and I had nothing to show; nothing. So for me it was showing Hello Kitty or risking spending the rest of the HH by myself in a corner of the bar. Alone. “Look, he doesn’t have a pet; that’s kind of weird”. On the other hand, it would be difficult for me to own a real pet; it’s a cultural thing. Anyway #teamhellokitty and also #teamfridaygirl (hashtags not related).

          • Emmaleigh504

            Nooooo Pablo 🙁 Don’t be indifferent to Hello Kitty. she’s magic.
            Also those pet pics came out waaaay too early. There are rules ppl!!

          • OMG there is no -real- Hello Kitty cat? I am so confused.

          • Pablo Raw

            Yep. Part of me died that night. I’m a loner now. (Antonio Bandera’s El Mariachi song plays in the background).

          • Emmaleigh504

            At the HH he showed off the picture that is now his avatar. It was adorable, “Have you seen my cat?” then shows Hello Kitty. 🙂

          • emvee

            I regret ever mentioning my dog at HH. I had no idea it would lead to such distress for weeks to come! Emilie, lady, you gotta share the rules with the newbies so we don’t make these rookie mistakes!

          • Pablo Raw

            Oh no Emvee, please don’t regret anything, seriously. You and your anonymous friend were doing the right thing; I’ll be alright…. (“All by Myself” (extended version) by Celine Dion plays in the background).

          • Emmaleigh504

            Pet pix come out around 10 when ppl are drunk and there’s only like 5 people left. Or when you have a super cool pet like Hello Kitty, Miss Sassy, or Donna Martine 😉
            Pablo, we need to work on getting you a pet, maybe My Little Pony?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Oh heavens! Don’t tell Donna I spelled her name wrong!

          • Pablo Raw

            Wait…. Donna Martinez? Is she latina?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Donna Martin, she’s from LA but not latina.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Today I saw so many ugly boots on my way to work. I hope yours are not adding to the problem like those Bean boots you insist on wearing 😉 There is no reason to have ugly boots y’all!

  • Rave: grabbing drinks and chicken with my old coworker (who was the closest in age to me, a year younger), after being stood up for like 3 friend dates its nice that its finally panning out
    Rant: flats hurt my arches because the shoes are low, heels hurt my arches because they are high. Where will I find the magical work appropriate shoes that I can run up the dupont escalator in?
    Surprise Rave: I couldn’t tell if my firm practiced casual friday, because I couldn’t see anyone who dressed casually on friday until today when someone passed me by in jeans. Nice to know, even though I don’t own any jeans.

    • justinbc

      Don’t own jeans? How un-American of you!

      • SFT

        I’m confused by this statement as well :/

      • I spent a few years back trying to get a good pair of jeans and then I just got tired of it and switched to wearing only skirts/tights/leggings/yoga pants/slacks. I think it was the zeitgeist of skinny jeans, which I found to be an uncomfortable fit almost every time, another reason that put me off jeans. I think I have an odd shaped pelvis that makes jeans suck

        • justinbc

          Don’t fret, skinny jeans look terrible on almost everyone.

          • Wrong AND rude.

          • I know, right? Why is this all companies are making?!

          • Miss Patty, you might disagree with Justin’s opinion, but what he said doesn’t constitute rudeness. If he said, “Yeah, I saw PoPvillagers A and B wearing skinny jeans at the happy hour last week, and they both looked terrible,” THAT would be rude.

          • justinbc

            Miss Patty, I would love to see evidence to the contrary. Male or female, they’re generally not flattering and often worn improperly.

          • I agree with textdoc on this one. Also there is a difference between nice, tailored jeans that fit well and skinny jeans. At least in my mind. The former is great, the latter is questionable.

          • hammers

            I wear skinny jeans all the time! But I agree with Justin. heh. I don’t really think they are the most flattering, but they are the trend. I mean everyone wore heinous jeans in the 80s and 90s. When bell bottoms came back in the early 2000s I swore I would NEVER wear “skinny jeans” again.. Hipsterettes have taken to wearing what I call diaper-denim (you know, those weird high waisted crotch length shorts)…those don’t look good on any one. I wouldnt take it personally. Pants are weird.

          • justinbc

            Ugh, I dislike diaper-denim even more than skinny jeans. Just stop people.

          • Eh, I’m extremely picky about my skinny jeans and have found the right dye/fading can really make or break the look. I invested in Rag and Bone Kensington skinny jeans and I feel great in them. I also like to balance the look with longer or looser layers on top and I usually wear boots.

          • AliceinDC, I think we have similar ideas/taste. I’m wearing Acne Studio Skin 5s with a Tsumori Chisato cocoon cardigan and boots right now and feel pretty decent about it.

          • justinbc

            There are lots of people who look great in them. Anyone who takes my comment above personally has some own issues they need to internalize. It’s a pretty simple social experiment…walk outside wherever you are right now and look at the first 10 people you see, imagine them in skinny jeans. Most everyone will come to the same conclusion, unless you happen to be at the P Street Whole Foods or something.

        • It is absolutely rude. Saying “skinny jeans look terrible on almost everyone” is exactly the same as saying “You look terrible” to everyone reading who is wearing skinny jeans (or has ever worn skinny jeans).
          A not-rude statement of opinion might be “I prefer the appearance of boot cut jeans, and look forward to their return.”

          • There’s no reason for you (or anyone else) to take it personally.

          • Prince Of Petworth

            Seriously I agree with textdoc. Miss Patty c’mon. This is a happy place.

          • “…is exactly the same as saying…”
            It’s not exactly the same thing at all. I have to agree with textdoc here. No reason for you to take one man’s opinion about a type of clothing personally.

          • FWIW, I’m currently wearing skinny jeans, which are my favorite of the two pairs of jeans I currently own. I saw Justin’s statement and thought to myself “I wonder if other people think these jeans look terrible on me?” Then I decided I didn’t care and didn’t bother to comment on it until now 🙂

          • justinbc

            LOL, what? I think you and I have very different meanings of the word “exactly”.

          • Overreact much? Sheesh.
            Gotta agree with everyone else here. It’s not like Justin singled out a certain person (that would be “rude”)

          • I’m comfortable being in the minority. No one else thought such a blanket insult was insulting? Ok, I’ll roll with it, given the generational gap. Personally, I’d have to be in a pretty angry, uninhibited place before I would make such a statement myself, and then I’d feel bad afterwards.

        • skj84

          I’m in the same boat when it comes to jeans. I own two pairs, one skinny and one boot cut. Most of the time I wear leggings, tights or dresses. Incidentally i am wearing jeans today. But will change into a skirt later.

    • You’re concluding that casual friday is office policy because *one* person is wearing jeans just today? You might want to get confirmation on that before you show up in your favorite Hawaiian shirt next week.

      • hammers

        +1 also, ask someone who knows what they are talking about. I just got a new job and am working with a friend who I have asked many questions about the culture and rules. I am learning that she is just flat out wrong on everything. For example, we have these hot shot Friday briefings, and she told me only the people that are presenting dress up, everyone else wears jeans. Well, it turns out even if you just GO to the brief, you shouldnt be in jeans. OOPS. Oh well, I’m wearing my unflattering skinny jeans–which look pretty good considering. At least I always wear a blazer!

        • “also, ask someone who knows what they are talking about.”
          LOL, absolutely! Something to aspire to in all areas of life, not just at work. 🙂

    • Getting orthotic inserts from a podiatrist changed my shoe shopping life. Check with your insurance to see if/how much they would cover. For me, they weren’t cheap, but I wouldn’t call them expensive either. And they have completely saved my feet, which makes them worth it.

    • hammers

      The Earthies Bindi Flats are these amazing flats with tons of support. Otherwise, Id suggest getting a pair of smartfeet in some cute riding boots or ankle boots. It sounds like you need arch support. Stay away from the drug store “soft” arches, they need to be hard. For what it’s worth, I spent 500 on inserts last year and they didn’t really help. There are also stretches you can do for your arches.

      • My orthopedist told me to give up my custom orthotics for over the counter ones. I use Lynco orthotics and I really like them. I tried superfeet, but I wasn’t as impressed.

        • hammers

          superfeet, that’s what I meant. I always call them smartfeet for some reason. I’ll look into the Lynco! Yeah I got a new orthopedist and she said over the counter ones are just as good or sometimes better.

        • hammers

          oh and the superfeet work great for me. I thought foot pain was normal, and for as long as I can remember I’d have horrible pain after walking for about 30 minutes. with the superfeet, I was able to hike the inca trail with zero pain.

          • I love Super Feet – so much that I always mistakenly refer to them as Happy Feet. Wear them in all my shoes now. Had podiatrist prescribed arch inserts molded to my feet some years back (expensive, but was covered 100% by my insurance) which finally cleared up the third round of plantar fasciitis I had. Since it hasn’t come back, I stopped wearing those 3/4 inserts, and started wearing full inserts with nice arch support. Super Feet are the best – and yes, they need to be hard like Super Feet, not soft. Unless you are doing inserts with gel under the heel for plantar fasciitis. Get shoes that aren’t flat, but aren’t heels, where the heels are raised like 3/4″ inch or an inch. With arch supporting insoles like Super Feet, and shoes of the comfortable sort one gets at Comfort One, you can run up the escalators, really.

  • Rave: I don’t have to work tomorrow. Sleeping late – at least until 9 😉

  • SFT

    Rant: A woman at work has started calling me by the wrong name. She thinks it’s funny, but it’s not, it’s disrespectful. I’ve corrected her several times, at first in a joking way, but now I’m much more stern about it.
    Rave: The kiddo is still teething molars, but has started eating again.
    Ummm: I picked him up from his crib this morning and his sleep sack was soaked. I unzipped him and he had no diaper on. Husband midnight diaper fail!

    • Oh no! That’s kind of hilarious, but clearly not quite. Our babysitter was confused about the diaper cover we use over the diaper at night once & just put on the plastic cover, but not the diaper. Kiddo was wet in the morning (as were PJs, sleep sack, and sheet) but at least she had slept just fine!
      On a related note–still dealing with midnight diaper changes? Yuck. I’m sorry 🙁
      And so glad your kiddo is eating again. Molars are so hard.

      • SFT

        Since he wasn’t eating much, I was giving him extra milk at night, which lead to a midnight diaper change. I hope that eating will help his need for extra milk and we can go back to sleeping through the night!

    • I don’t know why the thought of the diaperless baby made me giggle… We’ve all had so many parenting fails. But I have never heard of anyone forgetting the diaper! 🙂 They’re self preservation tool #1!

      • SFT

        It was funny, I opened up his sleep sack and all of his boyhood was right there staring me in the face. It made me laugh!

    • a secretary at my firm does that to me too. She just uses a ‘funny’ mispronunciation of my (korean) name. An attorney actually told her off about it, but this secretary is one of those onery old people who does whatever they want (in addition to complaining 90% of the work day). I feel you, basically. It’s extremely disrespectful and I wish I was better about standing up for myself like you

    • Sort of related, but my boss started calling me a nickname and I hate it. My name is sort of long, but I never go by a nickname and no one ever calls me by one. I don’t know how to respectively tell him to please use my actual name. I don’t like my boss to begin with, so his nickname calling just really irks me. Maybe I should let it go?

      • Will you really be able to let it go though? Maybe for a while but if it irks you now it will probably really piss you off at some point. And if you let it go now you’re probably losing any chance of being able to stop it. I would ask for a quick private word and just say (politely and honestly, with no attitude) you don’t like being called X and could he please use your real name (or whatever).

        • You’re right, I should just respectively ask him to stop. I just have to work up the courage, I hate confrontation. He always does it trying to be friendly with me, but I still don’t like it.

          • If he’s doing it in a friendly way, then it shouldn’t be a “confrontation”. Is it there any chance you’re hung up on the fact that you don’t like him; for example, would you have a problem raising this issue with a co-worker that you got along well with? If not, maybe think about how you would do it with them and then do it the same way with your boss.

          • Krampus, thanks that give me something to think about.

          • Thanks Krampus. That’s definitely something for me to think about.

        • I’ve also read that if people call you by the wrong name to someone else, you can just say “Actually, I prefer to go by X” so the new people get the right idea. I would take that tactic if anyone else seems to pick up on the nickname (and I’ve had that happen a lot to me, as I go by the long form of my first name and not the short version).

          • hammers

            “Boss–I actually prefer XXX” That should work without being confrontational, but don’t let it go on too long…. My dad introduced his former girlfriend to me as “Irene” but her name is actually “Catherine,” I have known her since I was 12, and she has been a family friend for a long time, when I introduced my BF at the time to her 3 years ago, she said “Actually, I prefer to go by Catherine” but to me she will ALWAYS be Irene.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I had a boss that forever mispronounced my name in presentations in front of the whole contract. Then everyone mispronounced it for ages. That boss just couldn’t remember that my name is like the actors not the city. Now I just have to deal with people who right after I say, “Hi this is Emilie Melancon….” Then call me Ms Melancholy. Srlsy? I just said my name.

      • Ugh, I had this happen with an old boss in NYC. He was the newest partner at the firm after being poached from a competitor. This was when Superbad came out and he decided my nickname should be McLovin. He would even use it in meetings with clients, aaaaaagaaaaaaaaaah :-X

        • Is it terrible that I snickered a little bit when I read this? Boo to a person calling you think in a professional context. YAY to Shawess calling you this at PoPville HH 😀

    • diapers – one time I was like “what’s wrong with this diaper?!” and my husband had left our sons…parts out of the diaper (like put it on one leg). WTF?

      Wrong name – there’s an advocacy group I’m a part of and the woman that contacts me to volunteer ALWAYS calls me (and my husband) the wrong name. And we’re facebook friends so she regularly sees my name. And it’s part of my email address. ggrrr

    • I think you need to start calling her by the wrong name until she gets the point. Not a nickname, but “Carol” instead of “Nancy” or “Tracy” instead of “Tiffany.” When she points it out, you can just say “now you know how I feel.”

  • Rant – My new boss is a complete idiot and I hate working for him.
    Rave – Work trip to sunny California next week.
    Rant – It’s in Anaheim. Hope I don’t get measles.
    Rant – Pup did not to well on her walk this morning. She was so distracted and would not stop pulling on her leash.
    Rave – She learned “down”! Little victories!

    • your rant inspired this rant: what kind of idiots live in Orange County? A FB friend posted a link to a story that said that the wealthiest zip codes in LA have a lower level of vacanation than most of sub-saharan Africa (yes, I know LA is different from OC, but close enough). Who would think that in 2015 a lack of vacinations would be a “first world problem” 😉

      • “what kind of idiots live in Orange County?”
        Wealthy Republicans with too much plastic surgery and not a whole lot of sense. It’s all “new money” in the worst way imaginable, ex: Coto de Caza
        -Born ‘n raised SoCal

      • SFT

        The anti-vaxxer movement is my every day rant! The Jenny McCarthy’s of the world all need a glimpse into life in an underdeveloped country to see what these diseases really look like. My kiddo just got his MMR shot and I am one relieved mama. Herd immunity isn’t a thing if the herd isn’t vaccinated!

        • Yes! Anti-vaxxer’s be crazy.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I wonder if Jenny McCarthy ever feels guilty for running with that anitvaxxer stuff. Like maybe late at night when she can’t sleep and her mind wanders.. Does she think of that website that shows the antivaxxer body count?
          SFT thanks for doing your part for herd immunity!

  • Rant: The L Street Bike Lane! I think motorists need a refresher course on how to drive with cyclists. I was almost hit three separate times on one ride between 19th St and 15th St. One was a car trying to turn left into me from the wrong lane. The two other times cars seemed to be oblivious to my presence when merging into the left hand lane. The last one had the audacity to beep at me when I had to slam on my brakes so I wasn’t serious injured. I would rather go up 18th street with no bike lane than continue to ride that stretch.
    Rave: I was not hit by a car, and it was close.
    Rave: PT for my hamstring is going well, and beginning to run again.
    Rave: Going to my parents for my birthday dinner this weekend.

    • I agree completely with your rant. Decided to switch up my bike route on the way home last night, which entailed taking the L Street Cycle Track. It is useless as a tool for bikers and very dangerous. From 19th to 12th I was cut off, brought to a stop, and nearly merged into several times, not to mention almost hitting a pedestrian that walked right in front of me at a cross walk as I had right of way. I generally take 20th on my way home to Shaw and go through Dupont circle and have no problems.

      For the most part, when I ride in the road, my problems are minimal. When I take the bike lanes, I usually encounter a near hit or miss daily.

  • Rant: You remember the friend who gave me relationship advice from Tuesday’s RRRR? Well, she’s apparently upset that I didn’t jump at her idea of a bachelorette party for her and our mutual friend (neither of whom have a wedding party). She wants a week-long stay somewhere tropical, but with grad school and only 5 days off for 2015 (one of which will be spent at her Friday wedding), I can’t swing that. She thinks I didn’t jump at it because I don’t want to go, instead of the fact that I make almost half as much as her, over half my salary goes straight into tuition, and again, limited time off left (oh god I hope I don’t get sick!!!). So I’m being the better person (our mutual friend really likes her, so instead of walking away like I would otherwise I’m trying to fix it) and we’re grabbing coffee with her and planning something cheaper and hopefully only a weekend.
    Rave: Applying for tuition assistance through work. Hopefully this will help the budget strain!
    Rave: Friday, getting drinks with a work friend, have a new vacuum I put together after my old one died, seeing the boy this weekend, and deciding not to stress over social situations – I will be pleasant and considerate and try to ease through the bullsh*t, but will also be flat-out honest that I come first. Glad I’m finding a positive spin 🙂

    • Weeklong bachelorette party?!? Where do people get the idea that 1) this kind of thing is OK and 2) they can get huffy if someone says no??

      • I know. I didn’t mean to even completely shoot it down. I was just like “This will be difficult for me for X and Y, and I know so-and-so is also worried about X. We could look at other options like Z” – which apparently was me shooting her down completely. Worse comes to worse I’ll show her my salary, tuition costs, book costs, and how much my new computer and repairs to my old one cost, how much her wedding is going to cost (expensive wedding, hotel is $500+/night, she wants her friends to stay there so they don’t drink and drive… I’m looking at AirBnB), how much flights home cost so I can pack up my house before my mom moves, etc. And that’s before rent/bills/medical/etc. I’m sure that’ll shut her up about an expensive trip and start her on how I should be paid more (I think I’m fairly paid but in a low position so school can stay my focus). Friends are fun 🙂

        • Many people who have had everything handed to them will never understand your sacrifice. To them, you’ll just be “whiny” and “cheap” despite your legitimate reasons for needing to control your finances and have only limited time off. These people are “takers” in every sense of the word.

        • You shouldn’t even have to present her with documentation — what you already said (“This will be difficult for me for X and Y, and I know so-and-so is also worried about X. We could look at other options like Z”) should have been sufficient.
          Her expectations about how other people should spend their time and money are presumptuous and waaaaay unrealistic. (The hotel is $500/night, and she’s asking/demanding that guests stay there rather than elsewhere?)

          • +1. I can’t believe she’s demanding everyone stay at a $500/night hotel. It sounds like you have been incredibly fair and patient with this friend but she is being extremely unrealistic.

          • She thinks everyone makes 90k+. So I think I need to explain that most people I know in DC and our age group make half that or less. And that our out of town friend is in a much lower income area (like, I could buy a house on my salary there. Here, not so much).

          • epric002

            “she thinks everyone makes 90k” *gag*. it’s rude and presumptuous to judge how other people want to/spend no matter much money they have/make. even though by her standards i should be able to afford that, i’d never spend $500/night on a bachelorette party hotel, and that’s my (and anyone’s) right and you shouldn’t have to “prove” to her that you can’t afford it.

        • emvee

          I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It definitely helps put my bridesmaid woes in perspective. I struggle with what’s an unreasonable request for a bride to make, and what’s just me being a total grump about weddings, how much they cost, and why everyone is so intent on making them such BFDs.

          • I suspect you’re probably giving the bride(s?) more benefit of the doubt than they deserve. Part of the problem is that people often choose to make wedding-related stuff into a Big Deal and get upset if not everyone around them perceives it that way.

          • Funny thing: I’m not even a bridesmaid. One friend would’ve had me as MoH, but she’s worried about offending someone/her sister already feels sore (which I get), so they both are going wedding party-less. Which is fine by me – I don’t need to buy a dress I didn’t pick for myself, plan a bridal shower, fly around the country for mandatory events. And I’m a romantic – I love weddings and seeing the bride’s (and groom’s) visions and how supportive their families are. I somehow am now singled out to plan bachelorette parties… for two different personalities… all rolled into one…

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’ve given up weddings, for good. It’s nice when people want to share a celebration, but that never seems to happen anymore. It’s all come worship at our feet BS now. I and I do not understand the color requirement for people not in the wedding party! Luckily, most of my dear friends have and their 1st and 2nd weddings already. I can just send a gift or not for whatever relative or acquaintance is left. If there’s a color requirement for the reception, I’m not sending a gift. That crap needs to stop.

          • A great pronouncement from Carolyn Hax in her live chat today: “An invitation is not a subpoena.”

          • emvee

            +100000 for Carolyn Hax.

          • Emmaleigh504

            An invitation also does not require a gift in return. The only obligation with an invitation is to let the person know whether or not you are attending the event in a timely manner.

          • I’ve learned from Carolyn Hax (and/or Miss Manners — can’t remember) that even ATTENDING a function does not require a gift, even though it’s often treated as a quid pro quo.
            Nonetheless, I still need to send some kind of gift for one recent wedding and one that’s beyond the 6-month grace period.

          • Emmaleigh504

            You actually have a year to send a gift, if you want to, according to Miss Manners.

          • A year? Excellent! I can actually get something in under the wire for a wedding I went to last March!

    • Right on you for being firm but also accommodating for alternate bachelorette plans. If they’re going to be elaborate, she shouldn’t expect full participation!
      Also – yay for new vacuums! I asked for one for Christmas and it’s been incredible 😀

      • Ha, mine started spewing out dust (despite the fact I just emptied it) right before a Christmas party I was hosting. Cue freak out and determination to just replace it.

    • I feel your rant so hard.

    • In case anyone else was having trouble remembering the relationship advice that Erms mentioned in Tuesday’s RRRR:
      (The deal was that Erms’s friend found it really odd that Erms had been dating a guy for 4.5 months and the guy hadn’t yet told Erms how he felt about her.)

      • Thanks Textdoc –
        Also realize I don’t think I clarified that about 2 months ago he told me he fell for me. So again, I’m happy with where my relationship is. Judgmental friend isn’t, haha.

      • If I’m totally off base here, please feel free to ignore this comment, but I have to wonder what makes this woman your friend. It sounds like you two have very different values and that the way she talks to you and treats you seems to really upset you. It sounds as if she wants friendship on her terms and doesn’t really seem to take your needs or wants into account very much. I want you to have more supportive friends who make you happy 😀

        • +100
          Sounds like one of those “obligatory” college or childhood friendships.

          • IMHO, that’s an ever bigger reason to try to make some healthy distance. If you ever want to talk about how to do that, I think you’ll find a lot of people here could help you figure out what to do.

          • She’s good friends with my best friend, who lives halfway across the country. We’re both here in DC, and since my friend can get a 2-for-1 deal on friend visits, it’s easier to stay close. I’ve seen her more lately because I’ve been on break and work has calmed down for her. Whenever something like this happens, I usually just let the frustration roll off and laugh about how she’s just being her (not that there’s typically a lot that causes this reaction) – it’s just weird and annoying that these instances happened within a week of each other. She’s just used to life being a certain way (easy, expensive, and fun while working hard). I also think she wants a big project to plan since she’s checked all the boxes off for her wedding – she misses the planning process. So I get it. And I would love to do a big blowout for them – they’re both just solidly there when you need them, and deserve to be celebrated.
            This girl’s typically supportive, I think she just hasn’t gotten off of the “It’s my wedding and I want it to be all about me/my fiance!” kick yet. Once she settles down a bit she should *crosses fingers* turn back into the lovely friend I had.

          • I hope so too, Erms! Andif she doesn’t, we’ve got your back 😀

  • Rant/Need to Vent: My sister is going through hell and I have no idea how to help. Her husband of all of five months is going through a really severe depression right now. She’s always known that he’s had a tendency towards depression, but never any episodes as severe as this. Turns out it has come out in the last few weeks that he had issues with self-harm as a child, among other things, that his father never allowed him to get treated for. Knowing it was time for them to address this, they took him to a psychiatrist late last week who prescribed him zoloft and klonopin. She calls me yesterday to tell me that she and her mother-in-law have basically had to babysit him for the last 48 hours because, since that time, she discovered he had stolen her ADHD medication, and on Tuesday took all of his klonopin and chased it with a bottle of fireball. She spent all day Wednesday trying to figure out the process for getting him into an inpatient facility just to be given the runaround by her insurance. In desperation for someone with a way to help, she called her primary care physician who told her the best way to get him help is just to take him to the emergency room.

    This is all just breaking my heart and making me so angry all at the same time. I want to help her, but I’m 800 miles away. I’m pissed off at this country’s inability to make mental health care as seriously as physical health care. I worry that her husband won’t be able to overcome 30 years of untreated mental health issues. Ugh, this just sucks.

    • I am so so sorry for this. I hope he gets the treatment he needs. Depression is such an evil beast.

    • I’m so sorry that your family is going through all of this. Is there any chance you can take an emergency trip there to be there for her?

    • I am so sorry for this. Mental health is so important and yet there are so many restrictions on ways to access care due to insurance but also personal barriers to receiving help. Perhaps offering to take on some of the burden with untangling the insurance web via phone calls or reading the handbook, etc.?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so sorry this is happening and that you feel helpless. It’s an awful feeling to know someone is struggling so much and not be able to help.

    • Not sure where you live but there as crisis emergency centers you can look up – such as CSB in Merrifield, VA

  • Question to get some ideas: My lady and I need to shake up our routine. We’re both late 20’s and are hoping to go out dancing in DC – something we havent done in way too long. We like disco, new wave, funk, house, electronica DJ types. Any places in particular to check out first? Flash, U street music hall or Little Miss Whiskeys, others?

    • Jimmy V’s
      ESL depending on the night

    • Check out Tropicalia! 14th and U. It’s a little basement bar/club but they have great bands sometimes and really fun salsa dancing. I was skeptical but I really loved it.

    • If this weekend, I would recommend the following:
      Tonight: U Street Music Hall – Dennis Ferrer. Really great NY house music, a bit more soulful and funky with a harder afterhours edge.
      Saturday: Deep Sugar in Baltimore. Monthly party, often goes from midnight to 12 noon, soulful house and disco. This place puts NYC to shame. Seriously, buses come down from NYC each month because there’s no more parties like this in the city. The vibe reminds me of late 90s/early 00s in NYC when I first moved there. Nothing but funky/gospel house, disco, and classic.
      Also, be sure to read the DC House Grooves blog. They preview each weekend’s house music and disco events in the DMV. Great resource: dchousegrooves.com

      • Eighteenth Street Lounge on Sunday nights is one of my favorite parties. One of the only places that is consistently busy on Sundays for dancing.
        Flash, Tropicalia, and Zeba also regularly have fun dance-electronic parties, but you’ll need to pay attention to the schedule of events and see who’s DJ’ing. Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar in Adams Morgan now has avant-garde electronica every weekend, no cover.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant: IKEA Hemnes beds! I thought the only problem with my king-sized bed was that the bed slats had slipped. I finally felt well enough to lift off the mattress and discovered the footboard is broken in the center. In looking online I see this is not a new problem with this bed.

    Rave: I’m working from home until Noon. Just ’cause I can!

    Rave: I’m sleeping in a small guest bed which means Lucy the Senior Dog spoons with me.

    Rant: Lucy’s breath!

    • Ugh, yes, Hemnes beds are THE WORST. I had the same problem with the slats slipping off my queen bed frame. I give my furniture away on Craigslist when I move or get new stuff, but when I moved to Michigan for school that bed frame went right in the trash where it belonged.

    • THE WORST BED EVER. One night I just got so fed up with it that I took it apart on the spot. I am living without a bed frame until I move next month, but I am infinitely happier on the floor than on that thing.

    • You need to drill/attach the slats into the base rails with wood screws. It will take 5 minutes to do and will make the bed virtually indestructible. I had tons of problems Fjselle bedframe and this solved all my issues. Now it’s perfectly stable for all your sleeping (and extracurricular) needs 😉

      • I Dont Get It

        I would do that but the footboard is broken. If I can’t fix that, I’m going to toss it.

        • Ah yes, then junk it.
          My Ikea dresser broke right before my most recent move. It was cathartic to smash it into smaller pieces with a hammer in the middle of my empty bedroom. 🙂

  • gotryit

    Rave: MPD 4D officers busted a guy having sexy time with a prostitute in that same problem area by my house.

    • Did you put the video up on vimeo?

      • gotryit

        Hah, no. They were inside the car, so no graphic views. I think it would make for a fairly boring video.
        Also, I think his day was bad enough…

    • jim_ed

      Where exactly are all these prostitutes coming from? Is there a redlight district in the neigborhood that I’m missing, because I don’t ever recall seeing street walkers this far uptown.

      • It’s closer to the clientele (who comes across the border from Maryland).
        The ho’s have been priced out of Logan! 🙁

        • Sad face?! I wonder if the ladies are just running scared after the Vice busts. They might be moving operations since they know the area around Logan/Shaw is under scrutiny.

          • gotryit

            This has been pretty consistent over the past few years. I have seen some women “advertising” on Georgia Ave during the day. Or, I’m just getting stodgy and not with it on millennial fashion.

  • Rave: Awesome time with friends last night
    Rant: I was out way too late. So tired this am.
    Rave: Yoga this evening and then an early bedtime.

  • Rant: winter weather
    Rave: all i want to do tonight and this weekend is snuggle on the couch with the new guy in my life
    Rant: we’re new, and he’s weird about relationship-y stuff so i’m not going to even suggest it.

    • Maybe a text like – “House of Cards season 3 comes out in a month – any interest in a HoC marathon this weekend to refresh our memory? I provide the popcorn, you provide the (beer/wine/hot chocolate/whiskey)” Also works for movie trilogies, other binge-watchable shows, and sports games (sans cuddling, but shows you’re cool with watching what appeals to him).

  • Rant: For the life of me, I cannot get another job in the government. I’m applying to vacancies I’m qualified for and think I’m doing everything right, but fail each time. These are in my own agency, so it’s not like I’m even trying to branch out. Just got denied for two more jobs on a day that my current job just sucks. Feeling really deflated.
    Rave: Healthy ultrasound yesterday!

    • yes to your rant – this. I’ve been trying for a looong time. Even the SAME JOBS elsewhere in my agency. “not qualified”? Then how am I employed doing the same thing now? But yay for a healthy ultrasound!

    • Are you a veteran? The timing might just be bad. From what I’ve heard, there’s a lot of veterans coming back/moving around the system right now (even internal vacancies) so that might be why…? Your time will come! Keep trying. I’m rooting for you!

      • I’ve always found it amazing that a less qualified veteran becomes qualified solely because they are a veteran. The talent pool is not as vast as “every veteran is qualified”. I see it here – it’s super depressing. My husband got his job because he’s a veteran, but they were converting contracting positions in to GS and to make sure he and another got the jobs, they made it Merit/Vet only. To me, it’s different since he was already in that job and has shown he was qualified. It’s very frustrating and not the best way to hire the best people. Veterans deserve jobs, sure…but ones they are best qualified for.

        • Yes. I agree. I’m glad that veterans are getting jobs and I’ve worked with some really great ones, but there was also a discussion at my agency about how veterans preference is (unintentionally) reducing the numer of women/disabled/other minorities that get jobs, which I thought was a fantastic point.

        • Anonynon

          have you ever thought about working for the private sector (consulting)? Sure job security isnt great but you are more agile and get exposure to different agencies, project types, fields (ect). Also the hiring process is A LOT easier.

          • This. Especially if you have good government experience AND can get someone at a firm to refer you (if you don’t know anyone – even just post on FB who has a friend at X firm – usually pretty easy to find someone from one of the larger ones). It’s a much easier process, especially if you know someone/have a specific skill they’re looking for (current job I got an abbreviated interview sequence b/c I had an in).

          • No, no, no. Do not try consulting right now. I left the government a little over three years ago for a consulting company and while yes I am very happy with the experience I have gained it has been nothing but cuts for the past two years. PTO cut, 401K cut, raises nothing to minimal (seriously I just got promoted, but received a 3% raise), and finally cut our health insurance to something that is basically just a catastrophic plan. I have been trying to get back in the government as well, but yes it’s not very encouraging.

      • Veteran preference shouldn’t matter- these jobs were only for current agency employees.

        • Vet preference still makes a difference if vets w/in your agency are applying. And I’d say around 50% of my co-workers in my non-DOD (nor DHS nor anything connected to national security) office are vets.

    • epric002

      gov’t hiring is completely and totally broken.

      • justinbc

        FWIW, many of these positions receive hundreds, sometimes thousands of applications (many from people cheating the system because they think it’s broken). It might not be ideal, but there aren’t many better ways to handle that volume without some form of function that fails most of them.

        • epric002

          i get that. that doesn’t mean hiring isn’t broken. i stopped applying for fed jobs after EVERY job i ever applied for over the course of 3 years scored me 99 or 100 OUT OF 100, and i only made a cert a single time. i never had an interview. and then i meet/work with some of the people who got jobs that i couldn’t even get an interview for, and they have NO experience doing what they were hired to do.

          • justinbc

            How were you finding out your scores?

          • epric002

            they sent them to me in the email that said i was “eligible but not referred”.

          • Working for the government as a civilian is highly overrated. Don’t beat yourself up over it. And yes, USAJobs is horribly broken.

          • epric002

            thanks Anon 11:51. i’m under no illusions that being a fed will be any better than being a slimy contractor, but sometimes the 3rd class citizen status gets REALLY annoying.

          • justinbc

            Interesting, I’ve never once received any score. Maybe it’s agency specific.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Sometimes I get the score and sometimes I don’t. And it’s always 99 but I’m not one of the top scorers blah blah blah. Clearly I do not know the right people b/c the last job I was really qualified for they said they were only referring veterans. The person they hired is not a veteran.

          • epric002

            huh. i definitely tended to apply for jobs at the same 2 d/as. it didn’t occur to me that some might not provide the score. what’s maddening is that you can score close to/perfect and you can’t.even.make.the.cert b/c there are vets getting up to an extra 10 points. i will never get those points, so i will never make the cert. i can’t compete with that. how some of them are getting 100s though is beyond me- they must be flat out lying. i know a woman (a very nice, smart woman who i enjoy working with) who when she started as a GS 14 or 15 had NONE (she admitted this) of the subject matter expertise or experience required for the position.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’ll be a slimy contractor forever, I’m slowly coming to terms with it. I jut wish I had gone the money route and become a slimy defense contractor.

          • justinbc

            When I interviewed people for the position below me here it was quite apparent that many had lied to get past the cert. Only a few specific places do the type of work that we do, so if you don’t have those places on your resume there’s really no way you would know how to do it. We got about 15-20 people through the “yes” filter who clearly had lied on the application.

          • Justinbc’s last comment is what kills me. I’ve heard of the same thing- one was someone whose only experience was as an air traffic controller and that person got referred for cert for a low-income assistance program position. I’m not being overly-truthful on my applications (i.e. if I have any experience lending to it, I say I’ve done it) in the hopes of just making it through cert. Not lying, mind you, just not necessarily how I would represent myself in an interview. And I’m STILL not making cert. Sorry for all the dwelling on this frustration. It’s just been a hard day…

    • When you say you’re getting denied, do you mean not even getting past the cert? Or are you at least getting to the “referred” stage?

      If you’re getting past the cert, it might be because: a) jobs w/in a department/agency are often pegged for someone and/or b) even in big ass departments such as mine, everyone knows everyone (in their field at least). Personal ties and rep matter quite a bit for better or worse.

      If you’re not getting referred, I have no idea. That thing is a crapshoot.

      • Yeah, I’m not getting referred. I honestly think that I would have a great chance if I could get referred; my supervisors have all been really happy with me and I get the highest ratings every year. I just have no f’ing idea how to get past HR.

        • This is why I’m really counting on a certain agency’s referral program to move me from one agency to another. I could spend a lot of time on USAJobs (and I will, to cover all bases), but a direct referral is preferable/more efficient. Most agencies can’t offer this program due to restrictions/laws/vet preference. The only way I got into my current Federal gig was when I applied through the FCIP program- an excellent program that helped managers directly hire without going through a lot of HR nonsense. The Obama Admin, however, discontinued the program because unions were up in arms that college kids were being directly hired without vet preference/etc regulations being allowed to convolute the process. The GovExec site had a story yesterday about the frustrations of managers when it comes to hiring and firing. One guy said he top three choices were way at the back of the cert list, and he didn’t even have the option to interview them. He had a lot of people at the top who had fudged their apps and were clearly unqualified, but HR, citing EEO as a reason, told him he’d have to prove with documentation that each section was a lie. He gave up.

          • I’ve heard similar things. I came in as a PMF and it was so easy to get a job that way (b/c I was actually interviewed by supervisors). Now I can’t move out of that job for the life of me. So frustrating.

  • Rant: public school cafeteria lunch
    Rant: 3 days before our benchmark test we were introduced to this new strategy and it didn’t fit in with my curriculum strategy so I waited until today to do more with it (weused it on day 1 plus I’m getting pressure to be the technology teacher to). Now I’m being bitched at because that strategy should have taken precedence and we should have been cramming for this stupid test.Wtf,I can’t win.
    Rave: teacher work from home day Monday.I can popville all day then!
    Rant: it will probably coincide with the snow day

    • iindsay, I keep meaning to say this and haven’t found exactly the right way but decided it’s high time I say something. I admire the work you do so so much. It sounds challenging and frustrating and at times thankless, but I’m very grateful that you and others like you do the work you do so gracefully. We need to have a lot more iindsays out there.

      • +100000. Agreed. Teachers telling me I can do something (math, science, other icky subjects) definitely pushed me to work harder. I never considered myself good at math, but good math teachers/economics teachers have supported my decision to get a masters. You get to start with them young, encourage them to learn and grow. Is the system bogged down with stupid administrative requirements and too much testing? Absolutely. Do some parents and staff members make your life more difficult? No one can argue with that. But you know the potential of your students – you can teach them to love books, find science articles (even the kid science magazines) interesting, and encourage them to keep trying, no matter how hard it is. You can show them that you keep pushing through difficult situations (like that you don’t want to give them testing, but you need to, and it means that there’s going to be something fun they can learn afterwards), and that lesson will stick with them for life.
        Teachers from a young age sitting me down and talking me through hard concepts, showing me that I’m not stupid, I just need to read a text book a few times over helped me push through graduate level statistics and econometrics. Getting gold stars in 3rd grade taught me to do my homework on time and well and helped me with meeting deadlines as I continued my studies and entered the professional world. What you do may seem small now, but it has a butterfly effect for the rest of their lives. And if the students see you get frustrated, think about the lesson you can teach them in how to make it a positive.

      • Thanks, that’s so sweet. This is my first year and it’s definitely been a rough one. It makes me wonder if I’m actually cut out for this or if I should aim for something in my original field (criminology). Definitely looking at switching school districts for next year though.

        • I’ve heard that from a lot of teacher friends. Some didn’t make it through a year of TFA, others loved it. I’ve also heard the school district can make/break your experience – I hope you give it another year, the first year in any job usually comes with a tough learning curve!

          • The crappy thing is that my kids are wonderful. I know some teachers aren’t that lucky, so I feel like I’m in a better position than many. But the administration is giving me shit (while alternately telling me not to beat myself up – I guess it’s only okay if they do it?) over low test scores. The kids are mostly poor and ESOL and need more time for everything, but I guess I’m supposed to be running a kiddie prison to whip them into shape?

          • iindsay (and others) have you seen the PBS documentary “180 Days: A Year Inside an American High School”? The experiences you describe a really consistent with the things in the film even though I think you teach younger kids and aren’t teaching in the District. It seems like everyone is trying to find someone else to blame for a portion of kids not succeeding, and that blame seems to unfairly fall on talented people who are giving 100% of themselves to make sure their kids excel.
            As a community member and non-teacher who wants DC to improve outcomes for kids, this is so tough for me to see. On the one hand, I want accountability for substandard schools, but on the other, I want to reward people who have taken on this challenging profession and given it their all. I think it’s terrible and counterproductive for the school to give you a hard time when you’re obviously committed and talented. I’m not sure where the buck should stop, but I know it’s not with you.
            The documentary screens free here pbs.org/program/180-days-american-school/ and is worth the time of anyone who wants more insight into the challenges of DC public schools that serve underprivileged kids.

          • I haven’t seen that film; I’ll have to check it out sometime when I’m in a less sour mood. It seems lately “accountability” is a word overused to beat a square peg into a round hole. Nobody has ever heard the phrase “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink” in education, especially not when you can’t really deviate from a pre-written curriculum.

          • iindsay, I think/hope that the public mood is changing on the idea of “accountability” even if schools haven’t caught up with that yet. I think that a few years ago there was excessive attention given to the problem of failing teachers — I am thinking of a specific scene in Waiting for Superman — and now I think there’s a growing recognition that even excellent teachers can’t excel if their schools/school systems/communities fail. And that these new tests are really messed up.
            I’m really sorry you had such a tough week and hope your weekend more than makes up for it 😀

  • Rave: My daily some e cards calendar is hilarious.
    Rant: My daily some e cards calendar is usually NSFW and may get me in trouble one of these days.
    Rant: The fact that I am required to submit my parents’ financial information to be considered for financial aid.
    Rave: It’s finally Friday. Short weeks always have such long days.
    Rave: The sneak peek night at the auto show was awesome!

    • Are you under 25? Still a dependent? I wasn’t required to. There may be a box indicating that parental aid is not an option…

      • Unfortunately, one of the schools requires parent information if you have been a dependent within the last six years or have lived at home for more than a month in the last six years. Totally unfortunate since I have been living independently for a few years but not long enough to actually be considered independent. I do say on the forms that my parents will contribute $0 but the schools still need it. Ugh.

        • Ugh. I’m sorry. Why can’t schools recognize that we want to go it alone?

          • For federal aid, you are independent if you are – 25, a graduate student, a veteran, married, or have a dependent. So your parent’s info isn’t required. But I suppose for institutional aid they can ask for whatever they want (although that’s strange).

          • Thanks, Erms and CHGal. Law schools financial aid is bizarre. I don’t have to provide parent info on the FAFSA but I do on the Need Access report. I think they consider it for internal scholarships and grants.

      • As someone who had to put myself through college (because really, unless your parents are divorced and college payment was agreed to in the divorce decree, your parents have no duty to support you after you turn 18, in college or otherwise), I find the whole Financial Aid/presumed parental support to be a crazy system, even for college. We should pay for it with tax dollars, like civilized nations do, just like health insurance.

  • Rave: sometimes I get down and then I remember that the Icelandic parliament is called the Althingi and that makes me smile.
    Rave: seeing friends be incredibly successful – a few have just been on fire lately.
    Rave: chai latte. I think I knew this was a thing and maybe had one before, but mmm mmm mmmmmmm.
    Rave: looking forward to dinner at Boqueria tonight. I’ve never been – does anyone have any recommendations?

    • bonus rave: I just had an idea for an absurd party: I hang tea bags from the ceiling, with extra string of course, and everyone gets a cup of hot water. It’s like a key party in terms of surprises but with tea!

      • Extra bonus rave: Shawess for getting me listening to Basinski’s Disintegration Loops.

        • 😀 It’s one of my favorite albums of all time.

          • If you’re into that sort of ambient stuff, I highly recommend Darren Harper (who you can find on soundcloud). Also, if you can find Tag Cloud, he’s a local dude who does really great drone stuff. Same with his collaboration BLK TAG which is a collab with BLK W/BEAR.

          • My taste in music is all over the place (you may recall my frequent posts a few weeks back about Taylor Swift). I’ve stopped even trying to figure out what the music I like has in common. That said, I’ll check these guys out!

        • I am a little disappointed that “The Disintegration Loops” isn’t ambient stuff based on loops from the Cure album “Disintegration.” 😉

    • It’s actually the Alþingi. You need that weird P, Beau!
      Boqueria is really good. No particular recommendations, as I had small plates with a large group every time I visited. I do remember the octopus being delicious. Can’t really go wrong with cured meats and lots of cheeses, IMHO. Drinks were overpriced and their wines-by-the-glass had weak pours. Just splurge for a bottle or stick to cerveza.

      • That last bit of advice is supremely relevant given my company this evening. Thanks, The OP Anon!!

      • You don’t really need the þ (“thorn”); Wikipedia says the name is “anglicised as Althing or Althingi.”

        • Yeah, but typing þ is way more fun and interesting than anglicizing it. 😀

          • Emmaleigh504

            +1 give me a umlaut or an ezsett or a thorn any day of the week. I have a Swedish and German keyboards on my phone b/c I prefer Göteborg to Gothenburg. And my fave soccer player is Özil not Ozil or Oezil. I really want to add umlauts to my last name so people can pronounce it. Maybe when I move to Sweden.

          • I recently learned that my last name is supposed to have an umlaut in it but my grandpa anglicized the name and removed it. I want to bring back the umlaut!

          • Emmaleigh504

            do it! Umlaut’s are awesome!

    • Bonus rant/rave: there is a “Quick Tax Service” in Baltimore that keeps giving out my number (or one very similar) and I have been getting calls from a lot of folks asking about it. After speaking with a number of the callers, Quick Tax Service sounds like quite the scam given that they hand out hand-written business cards. Unfortunately, it sounds like they are preying on people who might not be operating at a good level of financial sophistication.

    • Pablo Raw

      Forgot to mention earlier that one of my guitars is an SG 😉

    • justinbc

      I really didn’t like any of the food at Boqueria, so no recommendations to make, but they did have good sangria.

  • skj84

    Rant: Did not get an interview for the job in Pa. I knew if was a long shot, but I’m still a bit bummed.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Ordered new couch with chaise so selling my leather set on Craigslist. Let the Craigslist questions begin!
    Rave: Created new running play list. Removed songs that I no longer care to listen to that remind me of things that need to just stay as a memory.
    Rave: Beautiful day for a run. I can’t wait to knock out my long run later today to free up weekend and before tomorrow’s bad weather. Sunday’s bootcamp weather looks fantastic!
    Rave: Story that I pitched is getting picked up by national and local media! Kudos from my big boss too.

  • And, the original comment was deleted! Thanks PoP!

  • Rant: As I was approaching the east entrance to the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro station today, I noticed that there were a whole bunch of new wheatpasted posters all over the electrical (traffic signal?) boxes.
    Rant: When I looked more closely, I saw that the posters were promoting the D.C. Library. WTF, D.C. Library?!? These electrical boxes are plagued with illegal wheatpasted posters as it is (that I’ve reported to 311, to no avail). And now a D.C. government agency is contributing to the problem??

    • I saw these all over Columbia Heights, as well! I was driving on my scooter, so I couldn’t properly investigate and it went by in a flash. I thought it was weird that someone was graffiti’ing for the library, lol

      • I am contacting the library now.

      • Well, I heard back from the library. They say: “The pasting of these posters was a contracted advertising service conducted by an approved marketing team. The general locations and the surfaces for this poster campaign were discussed and approved by the Library as being in areas relevant for capturing the appropriate audience and in proximity to sites hosting Orwellian America events. The Petworth Library being one of many locations. It is our understanding that the team who posted these advertisements will also be striking those advertisements after the program series has ended.”
        They had better 1) take those posters down pronto when their event series is over and 2) leave not a bit of paste behind, or I’ll be going on the warpath.

        • “or I’ll be going on the warpath.”
          Seems to me like an odd battle to pick. Different strokes I guess.

          • The slowly disintegrating illegal posters on electrical boxes around the Metro, at the base of streetlights, etc. are annoying enough as it is. And it’s annoying that when I reported them a while back to 311 — around the time of the posters with photos of Muriel Bowser and Tommy Wells and the wording “Poverty Coalition, or something like that — nothing happened.
            But the library actively contributing to this scourge is the last straw — it normalizes the whole concept. And it pains me because I _like_ the library as an institution.

  • hammers

    Rant: teeeeth hurt owwie…just last night I was thinking It’s been too long without my retainer…
    Rave-ish: I know my body pretty well. I knew exactly what I was in store for last night but was too comfy to get up and get my retainer lol.
    Rant 2: been cleaning my apartment almost all month I’ve lost a lot of oomph so its pretty much a disheveled disaster.

    • hammers

      additional rant: bf cant find a job down here which is keeping him in NJ. Trying to be supportive but it’s tough. I know this town runs on networks, and my network would only really help someone who is cleared.

      • Ugh that is so frustrating. It took my SO months to find a job down here. Sending you positive vibes!

      • Yes, for a place that is supposed to have a booming job market (comparatively), job hunting here really sucks this economy.

  • HEY NBA FANS – Jim_Ed? Anyone else? Did you see 538’s new NBA power rankings feature?

    • jim_ed

      I hadn’t until you mentioned it. I’m leery of all basketball advanced analytics because basketball defense is so hard to quantify, especially team and help defense. But overall they seem relatively fair, though I’m not sure what the point of doing power rankings projected over the next week accomplishes. Still better and more interesting than any of the data manipulating garbage WaPo publishes via Fancy Stats though.

      • The Post and ESPN are particularly terrible when it comes to NBA coverage. I prefer Deadspin, Grantland, and now, I guess, 538. On occasion, Yahoo, but Woj is such a hater.

  • RANT/RAVE: Black Mirror. So ‘effing weird. I watched episode 1 last night. Holy pig balls.

  • Pablo Raw

    Looks like comments are not landing on the right place so, my “nice to meet you at the HH” was for Hammers.

  • Rant: My wife’s mom lives with us, and is on EBT. I love that we have programs out there to help those in need but I feel like since my mother-in-law lives with us, and we can comfortably afford her in our lives, that she isn’t in need and shouldn’t be on the EBT program. I haven’t shared this with her and have no intention on ever doing so. It would not go over well.
    Rant: My mother in law was gone for a bit and asked my wife and I to use her EBT card while she was away. She was a bit annoyed with us when we said no.
    Rave: My mother in law got a job. The job pays cash.
    Rant: My mother in law thinks that because it pays cash, that there is no paper trail, the gov’t will have no idea about it and that she won’t have to report it and she will be able to stay on EBT. This is when I spoke up and told her that there could be a paper trail because they could list her as an employee on their tax returns and if she doesn’t report it, she could get into big trouble. So I suggested she report her income, but doing so will likely mean having to give up her EBT. She told me that if I care so much about regulations that I should go and sit next to Obama and to stop trying to control what she does.

    • Ooof. That sounds like a bad situation. You should tell her if she cares so much about control then she should pay for all her own stuff so she can follow her own rules. (I mean you probably can’t tell her that, but you might want to….)

    • SFT

      Aren’t there household income requirements to be eligible for EBT? I have no experience with this, so these are just my ramblings, but I would think your MIL being a part of your household would disqualify her from receiving such benefits. No? Could this have negative implications for you and your wife? It could be perceived that she is buying food for the household and that you and your wife are benefiting from the program. I could be reading too much into it, but I think this is definitely your business as she lives under your roof.

      • I think the Anon would have to claim her as a dependent for her to officially count as part of his/her household. It sounds like that’s not happening, so officially the MIL is very own household (and thus qualifies for EBT due to her officially non-existant “income”).

  • Rave: Friend from my hometown is coming to D.C. in early February.
    Rant: My house has gone feral.
    Rave: This will be a good impetus to (re)tame it.

    • Pablo Raw

      Feral like Poltergeist? or more like The Conjuring? I learned English by watching movies, so bear with me.

      • I generally avoid horror movies (with some exceptions for Japanese and Hong Kong horror movies), so I’m not sure what the most apt comparison would be.

    • Additional rant: I’m wearing a pair of socks that’s perhaps six months old… in which an enormous hole has already developed in the heel. WTF, socks??

      • Emmaleigh504

        Sockdreams dot come time!! I like the ginkgo socks 🙂

        • Emmaleigh504

          dot com. what is it with the extra Es?

        • Hahaha! I forgot to make a pre-emptive remark along the lines of “I know someone will recommend Sockdreams.com, but…”
          The thing is, I don’t want/need fancy socks, or patterned socks. All I want is black socks with as high a percentage of cotton as possible and that don’t turn gray after a few washes. I used to be able to obtain such socks at Target, but their socks have really gone downhill. I have older Target socks that didn’t hold their color all that well, but at least they didn’t develop gaping holes right away.

          • Try the large chain drugstores – I forget which one, but I get great socks there that meet your requirements. They are really cheap, too. Who’d a thought?

  • skj84

    What did I just miss?! Stupid work keeping me from the board.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: My new bag arrived, and it’s gorgeous. Thanks, Popville enablers!
    Rave: Dinner tonight with 2 of my favorite people.
    Rant: Crappy conference wifi at this hotel.

  • I Dont Get It

    Screw it. I’m getting rid of that IKEA POS .

    Question: I’m having back problems and don’t want to carry it to the curb for bulk pick up. Any Junk removal service recommendations? I have some other stuff to get rid of also.

  • I am always happy to hear when a lost pet is found, but what is up with the people who put up the signs everywhere and littered the neighborhoods? It appears they feel no obligation to remove the signs they posted all over town. For example, lately a pup named Finnegan was lost in Petworth and luckily found within a few days. What is preventing the owners from going back around and removing the signs with the same diligence they had when they put up the signs?

  • Rave: Friday!
    Rave: 9 hours of sleep changes everything. Feeling like a new person today.
    Rant: Annoying coworkers who ask inane questions. Teachers lie- there are definitely stupid questions.

    Question: Any suggestions of things to do in the city this weekend with my mom? She lives in the general area but doesn’t come in to the city too much. We were going to hit up Eastern Market but based on the weather report may need to postpone that one.

  • Rave: meetings done and accomplished nearly everything I set out to do – despite every bureaucratic hurdle two governments and 3 continents could throw at my project- will confirm with telecons next week
    Rave: Fun walk before dinner – and got my Emilie inspired PoPville shirt pic – thankfully the snow stopped.
    Rave: Forgiveness and acceptance
    PoP- we need running shirts and long sleeve shirts – any chance on that?

  • Rave: FRIDAY!
    Rave: Meeting up with an OkC match tonight at a show. Not a date, I think. I was already going to the show, when he mentioned it. My sister is going to the show with me, so not a date, right?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: people who don’t even try to have legible handwriting
    Rant: people who don’t fill out forms. I can’t do the work if you don’t give me the info.
    Rave: expensive shoes

  • skj84

    Rant: Manager was supposed to take me to lunch. He left without me. Hungry and very cranky right now.

  • P.S. Would it be inappropriate for me to ask what ever happened to FBB/Anon’s date that he was so looking forward to and talked about a few days in a row? I’m honestly curious.

  • Rant: Bit frazzled after a work event today. Whew. At least it’s over with! I’m just so drained right now.
    Rave: Potentially two dates this weekend that I’m looking forward to. One is the fun Tinderfella, and the other is a nice guy from New Orleans (heyy Emilie!), haha. We’ll see how they go!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Like a dumb ass I googled a disease. Now I have it. Emily, Dr Google is not your friend!
    Rave: I don’t have this disease,
    Rant: but I’m all itchy and paranoid now.

    • Uggg I always do that. it doesn’t take much to make me itchy and I’m ridiculous squeamish!

    • Ugh there was a post on Reddit yesterday where someone asked doctors/nurses/etc to tell stories of people who came in for something they thought was minor, but turned out to be serious.
      Such a bad idea to read. AHHH. Now paranoid that everything=cancer, flesh eating bacteria, stroke, etc etc etc.

      • Emmaleigh504

        watch out for bodies of water in the tropics! that’s where all the crazy parasites from that awful Eating Me Alive* show come from.
        *not sure what actual name of show is b/c it’s terrifying.

  • Rant/Rave – impending friend breakup – sad about it but the relationship’s gone toxic and a conversation about it with a third-party kind of made me realize if I no longer have anything good to say, I should let go. I appreciate 3rd party for letting me rant/listening to me/providing needed validation.
    Rant/Eave – boy is out of town visiting friends for the weekend and with schedules being a mess, may not see him until late next week. Would love to see him obviously but I’m not worried about it/works out nicely that him being away matches up well with me having a busier than usual weekend b/c of catching up with various friends/family I’m really excited to see!

  • Rant: I just want to scream and cry and swear a lot after this week. I don’t see myself working in PG next year.

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