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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: The weekend forecast. We’re supposed to go to my grandparents’ memorial gathering (they both passed away in the last 6 months), but because my dad’s sister is a terrible person, she wouldn’t let my parents plan it in the spring when the weather is more predictable to make sure people would be able to come.
    Rave: If we can’t go, it gives us more time to pack and move things over to the new house
    Rave: Our contractor. He did a great job on the work we needed done in the house so far. Happy to share his contact info if anyone needs it.

  • Rant: Snow this weekend?
    Rave: Snow this weekend!

  • Rant: The sickness is maybe taking me over. Jury is still out on this one.
    Rave: Finally put together my shoe rack. Awesome tower of shoes!
    Rave: Mom asked for more driving time. First time I didn’t have to trick her into doing it.
    Rant: Looking for another car. I have no idea what I want. Any recommendations on practical cars for mostly short highway trips and some city driving? Generally looking for fuel efficient, but a little sportiness wouldn’t hurt.
    Rave: Don’t recall waking up at all last night. It’s been a long time since I could say that.

    • What you want is a Volkswagen Golf. It’s small, efficient, well-priced for what you get, sporty-enough, and the hatchback can easily transport a large dresser. If you don’t mind spending a little more, get the GTI. Sporty AND (relatively) fuel efficient.

      • I LOVE my golf. I’ve had it for 13+ years. I’ll be sad to replace it, but it’s just not going to be big enough forever with a kid (or kids).

    • Just picked up a Fiesta ST. Fun to drive, good mileage, and a 4-door hatchback – so it’s practical too. 6-speed manual makes it great for roadtrips too. Great car! Never saw myself owning a domestic, but Ford’s really upped their game.

    • Ford Focus. We have a c-max and have been very disappointed considering we could have just bought a new focus (we had an older one and it was awesome). I know too many people with bad VW service stories.

      • Aglets

        I have a ford focus- i love it. Actually I”m on my 2nd. (the first one lasted me 10 years until a bizzare accident with the medium on North Capitol Street..I still don’t understand what happened.
        But I think I’m Ford Focus 4-life.

        • we got sucked in to the CMax because of the gas mileage. Then the EPA downgraded it and it’s pretty close to the focus. So the car was like $10k more for the same efficiency? we were super pissed. It might prevent us from buying a ford again to be honest 🙁 Our last focus was great!

          • Was there a class action suit? I vaguely remember hearing something but could have easily been a different model.

          • There was a payment for each time they lowered the fuel efficiency and there a number of class actions being filed. But it doesn’t do us any good – we’re stuck with a car that was not what we thought we were purchasing. The fuel economy is why we bought it, and in the end we aren’t getting that and could have had a focus for lower overall cost. Very frustrating. Nevermind the buying experience at Darcars was the WORST

        • I’m having a great time picturing an accident caused by a medium – picturing her costume, etc.!

        • I have a Ford Focus as well, and I really like it.

      • +1 to “I know too many people with bad VW service stories.”

      • I had terrible Ford Focus experiences – my mother’s just stopped starting for a long time and they never could figure out why. In ours, the battery light kept coming on but no one knew why and everyone said the car was fine – until it died on me while on 50 one night in the dark. Thankfully managed to make it to the side of the road safely, but I will never buy another one.

      • +1 I love my Ford Focus. Never had any problems.

    • Excellent time to go to the car show. Check out Mazda for zoom zoom.

    • I have a Chevy Equinox. It’s an SUV, but it gets amazing gas mileage and you can fit a lot in it if you want to go to home depot or the grocery store.

    • My ex-GF just picked up a 2014 Toyota Corolla, with the “sporty” package. She loves it, said it drives like a dream and gets great mileage (35+). Looks really nice too yet still compact. It was a big upgrade from her bare-bones Prius.
      I really like the Kia Optima and it gets rave reviews. Plus their warranty is the best in the biz. Though that might be a bit too big for your needs. The Kia Forte might be better suited for you.

      • Also, depending on your budget and your needs, the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be hitting the roads in late 2015/early 2016. Will be priced between somewhere between the Tesla and the Chevy Volt (so probably around $50K).

        • I’m probably looking for cheaper options for practical reasons. I have a 2006 Matrix, and I love it. I haven’t had any problems with it after 7 years. Maybe Kia’s have improved, but I had a really crappy one as my first car. Everything went wrong after a while. Corolla, maybe another Matrix, and I’ll keep the VW in mind.

          • emvee

            Disclaimer: I do not own a car.

            That being said, I zipcar often and prefer the hatchbacks. I’ve driven my fair share of Golfs, Mazda 3s, and Focuses. If you’re making your decision based on fun alone (because that’s how one should make a car investment decision?), I vote for the Mazda 3. It’s not as sexy as the Golf, but it handles so well.

      • I still love my Corolla and it’s an 06.

        • I too have a 2006 Corolla and have been happy with it.

          • One of my coworkers who also has one summed it up best when she said “it’s like you’re wearing it.” After driving some marshmallow rental that I couldn’t see the end of and had a hard time parking on my tight street, that really resonated with me.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I have a MINI Cooper, which I love. When I was in California in 2013 I rented a Chevy Spark, which is small and sporty looking. They are now showing up on the East Coast. Great little car, I never even had to put gas in it!

    • epric002

      anyone have a volvo C3? any thoughts on it?

      • Emmaleigh504

        It’s Swedish so it’s got to be good! 😉

        • Not so Swedish anymore. Volvo has been a Chinese company (Geely) since 2010.
          I think the latest Golf and Mazda 3 are both good looking, well-reviewed cars. Definitely high on my list if I were shopping right now. Hard to beat a nice 5-door hatch as a city car.

        • “It’s Swedish so it’s got to be good!”
          Not according to the late (very very) great George Carlin (though he was specifically referring to a Saab when he dissed Swedish cars).

    • Anyone have opinions on the Mazda cx5? That’s one of the cars we’re considering when we replace our golf. We want a station wagon (preferably that comes in stick shift), but there aren’t many of those out there anymore. So we are considering smaller crossovers as well.

      • We have had one for a year and LOVE it. It’s easy and pleasant to drive (highway noise can be a little loud, but I understand they’ve fixed that in the newer models), has much more interior space than you’d expect, and the fold-down seats accommodate a lot of huge cargo. It’s also not too large so it’s quite easy to parallel park if needed. Ours is an automatic, so I’m not sure they come in stick shift. But if you have kids (or are having them soon), I would strongly recommend leather seats since they’re much easier to clean.

      • Just get the Golf/Jetta station wagon. Exactly the same as a Golf, but with a bigger trunk.

        • We’re also looking at the Jetta wagon, but figure we should compare to alternatives to make sure we’re sure.

    • Test drive a bunch of small cars – that’s what I did. It has been a few years since I did this, but here’s what I learned: I narrowed my search down to the Mazda3 hatchback and the Golf/Rabbit (they kept changing the name back and forth.) They both had real sportiness in the driving – a souped up engine with a horsepower of roughly 150 (in the usual models, not the supercharged MazdaSpeed and VW GTI, which have much higher HP and which I didn’t consider – I wanted to stay thrifty on price and gas.) The rest of the subcompact hatchbacks (I wanted a hatch) all had HP around 100. I decided I wanted that extra bit of power, because I felt more safe being more nimble to get out of the way of trucks and erratic drivers quickly. This after years of driving a used Civic that I would, in its later life, have to floor the gas pedal and still not get the power to get out of the way of danger. I also wanted fuel efficiency – I bought the Mazda3, but I didn’t get it – take the projected fuel economy numbers with a grain of salt on all of these. The fact is, there is a big tradeoff between that extra 50 of HP and the gas mileage. My anemic old civic would get 37 mpg, as do some of the current new Hondas and other small fuel efficient small cars. If sporty to you means trim level, easy. If it means some driving responsiveness, with a little more HP, know that you WILL trade off fuel economy for it. My Mazda3 is really fun to drive (and I’m a woman who didn’t know I cared about that, though I might have guessed because I drive manual transmissions), but I also long for 35+ mpg, not the sub 25 mpg I now get – but know that you can’t get both real fuel economy and sporty driving in one car, you do have to choose between them.

      • This was great. Thanks. I am looking for fuel economy, but my trips are usually short and not too often, so I save fuel just because I don’t drive often. I’ve driven a mazda as a rental, and I liked the zippiness, but I want something that will be good in the long-term…kids, maybe moving to the burbs, etc. I probably won’t care about sportiness in 5 yrs, but I will likely want good fuel economy as I foresee driving more often down the road. I don’t want something too small as I move stuff all the time, and again, I want something better for long-term planning. A nice middle ground.

        • The Prius might be what you’re looking for. When you put the seat down in the Prius the interior space is massive due to the oval shape of the car and the hatchback-style trunk door. You can haul tons of stuff, like a bookcase or set of drawers.
          The only major downside to the Prius is that it does not fare well in fenderbenders. My ex-GF had two previous Prius vehicles completely totaled by her insurance company because cost of repair would be too high. Both of the accidents were in low speed fender benders. The engine components and alignment are very sensitive and very expensive to repair in case of accident. That said, the Prius holds a very high resale value.

          • Anything can happen, but if that’s the worst of it, I think I’ll manage. I’ve been pretty lucky on the accident situation. Prius was on the list definitely, but I thought maybe something similar with a bit more sport (I know they have options and maybe 1 is more sporty than the others). The current matrix is a bit too small for my taste as they changed the body style. I can currently fit a full size bed frame in my hatchback.

          • Honestly, they’re not that zippy. They’re quick enough to get up to speed on the highway, but you can’t really gun it on moment’s notice. That said, they are very smooth and quiet when cruising along at 85 mph.
            I think the plug-in hybrid Prius can run solely on battery power. If so, when running solely on the battery it probably has a much faster start up speed than the normal gas-only Prius.

    • Ally

      Somehow a tower of shoes makes me very very happy. Congrats on the new shoe rack! 🙂

    • Can’t believe no one has mentioned Subaru. Fuel efficient, AWD, more sporty look than traditionally and priced in the 20’s. I work in Old Town Alex. Ride down any street, so many Subaru’s. Check it out!

    • Honda Fit–Awesome car. Great for highway and city driving. You can park it anywhere. The seats go down in the back to completely flat. Amazing fuel eff. Cannot say enough good things about Honda. I had 2 ford focuses and they were not great.

    • saf

      I enjoy my honda fit.

  • Rave: Snowww!
    Rave/Rant: Downloaded Tinder last night. Not sure if it’s a wonderful or terrible decision. Already talked with someone who also speaks Korean, then found out they’re only here during the week for work (and not on the weekends when I’m actually fairly free). Fail.
    Rant: A little worried about going to see the room in the house tonight. It almost feels like I’m going on a first date. Except that I need to negotiate splitting the February rent since they just advertised it at the end of last week, and there is no way that I’m paying 1-2 months rent for breaking my lease + whole months rent at the new place when I won’t move until mid-February + security deposit.
    Rave: Tomorrow is Friday. Phew!

    • P.S. Excuse my terrible grammar, I’m a little foggy today. “… then found out *he’s only here…”

    • skj84

      Have fun with Tindar! I’ve had some good experiences and so not so great. Like any dating site it should be taken with a grain of salt.

    • Pablo Raw

      In my weather website there’s no snow, just 80% chance of rain on Saturday 🙁 . Lucky you.

      • Really? Huh. My accuweather says 2-3 inches of snow mixed with rain into Saturday afternoon….

        • Pablo Raw

          We probably live in different zip codes, in mine there’ll be a lot of rain apparently; my weather website is also very good at predicting the end of the world. There are always news about eruptions, hurricanes, floods… it’s terrible out there!

    • I will be looking forward to some good Tinder stories! 🙂

    • I just downloaded Tinder last night too! And already got my first obscene message as well….I feel like that’s some kind of milestone.

      • Bahaha! Sorry about that. I actually haven’t gotten any yet. And I’ve only gotten like, 3 matches, which is fine because I’ve been really picky.

      • There was some buzzfeed post of 27 examples that Tinder shows romance is dead (or similar). It was soooo disturbing!

        • I saw that Buzzfeed post, or a similar one, and was simultaneously amused and horrified. I should have taken a screen grab of the message I got, but I read it on my commute this morning and when I checked back later it was gone….not that I’m sad about that!

      • You make me want to join Tinder! I’m going to try it. I don’t get lewd messages on OkCupid. C’mon guys, why are you all so nice and genuine all of a sudden?

  • Question: Where’s the pictured “train bridge” located? Haven’t seen one before – it seems that this particular train was permanently retrofitted to serve as a pass-through?

  • Aglets

    Rave: The air today. Go outside and breathe deep.

  • Rant: The sleep deprivation that comes with a new relationship. I need to start getting to bed earlier.
    Rave: Super cuddly puppy who is slightly jealous of the boy. She’ll come and wedge her 60lb self right in between us no matter what. Adorable.
    Rave: Starting to plan trip details for a high school friend’s wedding in CA — can’t wait to see everyone!

    • My cat does the same thing. She may only be 12 pounds, but she’s insistent! Makes it a little hard to snuggle at night 🙁

      • Emmaleigh504

        Rant: terrible night of sleep
        Rant: everything about work is pissing me off. Esp the guy handing out tasks. No I can’t do Y b/c I’m doing X which is more important. Remember, boss told you to send it to me 1/2 an hour ago and you haven’t yet?
        Rant: this episode of Supernatural on in the background sucks. WTF is Dean?
        Rave: When Donna walks by me she gives me kisses, 2 little licks on my toe or leg. Good grief this cat is the cutest!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Ashlee used to shun me for my boyfriends. Very fickle cat. She also preferred one of my male roommates. Maybe she was just a slut.

        • Maybe she just preferred men?

          • Emmaleigh504

            She was actually pretty terrified of most men. If my male neighbor talked while walking down the hall she would hide. The handy man in the apartment was near stroke inducing. It was just 3 guys she liked, and she liked them better than me! Oh and my dad, she wasn’t afraid of him.
            Donna’s the real whore. She loves on everyone as soon as they walk in the door.

      • My now-husband and I got our brother-and-sister kitten pair together. They’ve learned to wait until we’re snuggled to find their sleep spots for the evening. Unfortunately, when cuddle time is over and we want to retreat to the cool edges of the bed, we’re surrounded by a cat barrier… or a feline straightjacket.

        • I hear you on the feline straightjacket. Sometimes I just freak out on them and wave my arms and legs all over the place so they move and I get 5 minutes of *nothing around me*

      • Haha. The bf’s cat doesn’t try to get between us but he will sit super still right behind my bf’s head/shoulders and just stare at me in the dark. It’s actually really creepy.

        • Hahaha I was staying over a friend’s place one night in their guest bedroom, and woke up to one of their cats (normally too shy to come near strangers) sort of looming over me from the radiator next to the bed, just staring at me. Creeped me out, and I grew up with cats!

        • Emmaleigh504


    • “Rant: The sleep deprivation that comes with a new relationship. I need to start getting to bed earlier.”
      Bwaahahahaha. Nice humblebrag. 😀

      • Hahahaha. Totally not what I meant, but that too. : P
        As someone who usually goes to sleep at 10, the struggle is real.

        • Yeah, I feel you on that one. I’m struggling on both the “getting to sleep at a reasonable time” and the “OMG there’s someone else in the bed I obviously cannot lie still/must toss and turn and act like this has never happened before in my life.”

          Good problems to have but yeah……

          • Haha, yes! My bf is a giant so my full sized bed really isn’t big enough for the both of us + my dog. Especially cause I’m a tosser and I just can’t cuddle and sleep at the same time.

        • Ayyy, I got that impression too. NICE.

      • I was trying to refrain from making a similar comment. 😉

        (Us single people may not be tooooo sympathetic, hahaha ;p Hopefully you start sleeping better soon though!)

  • rave: going to try China Chilcano tonight after work
    rant: anxiety, namely over my bf’s job search. Due to circumstances, he’s just graduated this past December majoring in geographic information systems. I know a job search can be months (as was my own) and he is applying to places etc, so I’m not really worried about him per se, just the overall state of the job market and so on. I do a lot of second hand worrying and its honestly something I should work on.
    rave: finally made a dentist appointment for Sat right by a Tj Maxx so I can reward myself later for…. going to the dentist

  • Rant: I miss FormerlyBagelBoy.

    Rave: Este fin de semana estoy visitando amigos en Miami. Whooop!

  • Rant: dumb cold has knocked me out for a couple of days
    Rave: having dinner with a professor from undergrad tomorrow night, will be nice to catch up.
    Query: Does anyone know if DC has emergency sirens (aka tornado sirens; air raid sirens)? I thought I remembered hearing them a few years back testing in Cleveland Park but could be wrong. Just curious, and didn’t find much through Google.

    • Allison

      There are sirens on many of the military installations in the area. I heard one that sounded similar going off at Navy Yard, once. Perhaps a nearby installation?

  • Rant: I live in a rowhouse with a basement unit, and our units share the electric meter. The basement unit is poorly insulated, and so uses a lot more electricity than the house. I have been trying to work with the basement tenants to pay more than half of the bill, since they use more electricity than we do, but am having a hard time. Anyone have any suggestions, and is it legal for the landlords to not have the units separately metered?

    • Is it rented as one unit or two? (I take it you’re not the landlord?) How do you know the basement unit uses more electricity? It may be poorly insulated, but also has the ground to serve as insulation–and is likely a smaller space. That said, without separate metering, I’m not sure how you could tell for sure. In a landlord/tenant situation, the basement rental has to be separately metered. I assume from that the same is true when the house is rented as well, but I don’t know for sure. It might be something to take up with the landlord if you can’t resolve it with the other renter.

      • It is rented as two units. I can’t give exact numbers, but having lived there with previous tenants, I know they run the heat all day just to keep the unit semi-warm, whereas we rarely run the heat. On their website, Pepco will give you a 12 month history of how much energy was used per meter. Two billing periods ago, when the temperature on average was 45 degrees and the unit was not occupied, we used around 700 KwH. This past period, when the temperature was around 34 and it the basement unit was occupied again, the total energy usage was 2000 KwH. Although not concrete proof, that big of an increase combined with the downstairs unit finally being rented, is my basis for them using more energy.

        • The relationship between outdoor temperature and amount of electricity used is FAR from linear. I can easily see how heating an extra 11 degrees could double your usage (electric radiators are notorious for sucking watts).

        • Those figures don’t help you at all. The obvious response that it was on average 11 degrees colder this past billing period, and the unit was occupied. So, figure in this past period, if it had averages 45 degrees, you’d have used about 1400 KwH (700 for you, 700 for the other unit). And each unit adds 300 KwH for the last billing period because the average temp was 11 degrees colder. If anything, these numbers support them, not you. (If it was colder 2 billing periods ago and warmer this past one, you’d have a better argument, albeit one still resting on conjecture.) If I were them, I wouldn’t give this much credence either. No idea about the legality of it, though – others will have to weigh in on that. Whose name is the bill in? And what does the lease say about utilities?

        • Oh! We just had this issue for January billing. For some reason there are 38 days in January according to Pepco, hence the crazy high bill. I have no idea why they changed the billing cycle dates, but check out your kW/day for each month and see how much it changes, rather than the total kW.

    • This is something you have to take up with the landlord, not the downstairs tenant (assuming you both rent, obviously). You have no way of proving the disparity in electricity use I reckon.

      • Agreed. Plus, the lower unit also helps to insulate your upper portion of the house. If there was no basement unit, your unit’s electricity usage would be higher! I think a 50/50 split is totally fair, especially if you have multiple floors and more people living upstairs.

      • Pablo Raw

        Unless…. you do an energy audit of the house. Probably an electrical engineer can also give you a good idea. There are a lot of things to consider in this case: insulation, air leakage, insulation between top-bottom units, type of construction (balloon frame is a big sinner), windows age and type, air draft, how much of the basement unit is underground, type of exterior door, door strips, air heating system, etc. etc.

      • +1. Given that there’s no separate metering (and that it’s not the downstairs tenants’ fault that the basement is poorly insulated), what the landlord really ought to have done was to estimate the average cost per month for each unit and just include it in the rent amount.

    • If they’re not separately metered, I don’t know how you can successfully argue that they’re using “a lot” more electricity than you are. How are you estimating their electricity usage vs. yours? Also, will the opposite be true in summer when you are running A/C and fans way more than the cooler basement apartment? If a 50/50 split was what you agreed to when you moved in, I think it’s only fair for you to stick to it unless you have evidence of egregious free-ridership on the part of the basement folks; and I don’t think heating their apartment counts as egregious.

    • A couple things to consider: 1) the basement unit likely uses substantially less electricity than your part of the house in the summer, 2) all that heat is rising into your part of the house so you’re benefiting and that might be why you don’t need to heat your part much. If it really bothers you, you could talk to your landlord about incorporating utilities to be included in the rent.

  • justinbc

    To follow-up on security installation questions from last week, I contacted 2 large companies (Comcast and Ackerman), one local one (Urban Security, thanks to a reference from an old thread here), and looked into some of the DIY solutions. Ackerman was by far the most expensive, offering the least. Comcast offered essentially the same stuff as them, but at a bit lower cost. Both required long term contracts as well. Urban offered a bit more than Comcast, at about the same price. Ultimately I wound up going with a DIY package that also includes monitoring through SimpliSafe, which allows you to customize all the pieces you want, and sells them significantly less than any of the major companies. They were also the 2nd rated DIY product on Cnet (the top rated solution really only works for small apartments, so useless to me), and don’t require a term commitment for their monthly monitoring, which is also 1/3 the price of Comcast or Ackerman. Considering how easy these things are to install if you’re adequately competent I highly suggest people look into them when researching home security system options.

    • wow this is really helpful – I’d like a security system in the house we’re moving in to, but don’t want to pay a ton because it’s not our house. Do you need a phone line for the one you did?

      • We had a Frontpoint security system in our first floor rental apartment and it was great. They send you sensors that you put on door and windows, and you just take them off when you move out. Nothing is permanently installed. Everything was controlled through their iPhone app, no phone line needed. Forgot how much we paid but it wasn’t crazy expensive. It gave us a lot of peace of mind.

        • We’ve also been really happy with Frontpoint, which comes with a huge discount if you have an Angie’s List membership (and probably through other channels, too). I think they and SimpliSafe have similar products, but I don’t know how the costs compare because I didn’t know about SimpliSafe when I was looking for a system.

          • justinbc

            Frontpoint doesn’t list their prices on the website, so it’s hard for me to say. The Ackerman sales rep guy pulled the “it costs x but I can get it lowered to y for you” mess which automatically makes me skeptical, and was later confirmed when I saw other prices. I liked that I could the price for everything up front with SimpliSafe. For example, Ackerman quoted me $150 for a glass break sensor, and I think they were similarly priced through Comcast. I found Honeywell models for about $60-70 on Amazon, and SimpliSafe sells them for $35. This model was the same for door / window open sensors, motion detectors, etc. So spread that out over the whole package and you’re talking about hundreds of dollars in savings just for the equipment.

        • +1 for frontpoint. We got it 3 months ago and are so happy with their service.

      • justinbc

        No phone line required. Their base includes a cellular modem and GSM card that’s activated once you enable the monitoring ($15, $20, and $25 a month plans, depending on how much info you want). The unit is hidden away from the keypad, so it can’t be found by burglars to smash, and they can’t cut the line like a traditional hardwired alarm.

        • Thanks!! I’m definitely going to look in to this. And Frontpoint. We have Dropcams and my husband said we can just set one up when we go out of town and it alerts you to motion. I don’t think that’s enough.

          • justinbc

            Send your email address to Dan to forward on to me and I’ll send you a referral code with a discount if you’re interested.

          • great, thanks! I’m still not sure what we’re doing yet….but I would personally feel more comfortable in a house with an alarm. No more security of downstairs neighbors taking the hit!

    • We use Petitbon, which is a local company. The monitoring is $99 every three months (so $33/month). We’ve been really happy with their service. I believe it requires a phone line, but I’m not positive.

  • epric002

    rant: express scripts mail order pharmacy. i didn’t think it was possible to mess up or complicate every single prescription i have ever had the misfortune of having them fill, yet somehow they manage to do it. so tired of calling them every week to unfcuk yet something else they have screwed up.
    rant: i’m effing starving but am stuck on hold trying to get my damn rxs filled.
    rant: way too effing cranky.

    • epric002

      found rave: secure online patient portals. already got a confirmation from one dr. that they sent a new RX over. thanks technology!

    • I hate using the mail order pharmacy (And my insurance requires it). At least with CVS I can physically stand there and tell them what I want and make them fix it in front of me. Last time I had drugs get “lost” in the mail (read: Fed Ex dumped them on UPS and UPS decided delivering them wasn’t a priority) and it was a huge pain.

      • epric002

        i’m in the same boat. it was a little better when it was medco, but then they merged or something and the not terrible service got pretty terrible pretty quickly. grumblegrumblegrumble.

    • I’m sorry for your troubles. However, selfishly this makes me happy that my insurance doesn’t allow mail order perscriptions. I was always annoyed that I couldn’t just get things shipped to me, but now I see perhaps that is for the best.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I love mail order! (liked it better as Medco) Not only can my doc just hit a button and send my refills, I don’t get judgy side eye from the pharmacist like at CVS. Yes I was taking a lot of pain pills and yes they were from 2 different doctors who both knew what was going on and why I needed said pain pills. asshats. And they can never find the GD over the counter but have to sign for it b/c meth addicts decongestants. they are right there! Behind you in blue, second shelf. aggggghhh They do have one really nice tech tho. When I had to take all the pain meds she was super nice and caring.

      • Emmaleigh504

        whoops sorry for the novel. apparently I have opinions.

      • epric002

        i hope you never have the issues i’m having with them- truly. it’s a number of separate issues all at once right now (they stopped covering an RX i need and the alternatives don’t work; i’m taking another med differently than usually prescribed/dispensed and having to jump through hoops to get enough of it in time; i couldn’t get a different RX transferred to them fast enough and now i’m running out and having to jump through separate, different hoops). ARG. nothing is easy with them!

  • Andie302

    Query: Does anyone have a good place to get a car serviced? I used to use Yates in Del Ray but it’s not a very convenient location from east of the Hill, and they always charge an arm and a leg and seem to find things wrong every.single.time. I’m due for an oil change, and my dashboard “brake” indicator is on for some reason. Thanks!

    • Auto Tech in Adams Morgan. They’re honest, reasonable, and have great Yelp reviews.

    • I really like Sean and John at Lake Liberty Chevy Chase. They have looked at a few things for me for free and gave me what seemed like honest opinions for large and small fixes.

    • I have been getting my car serviced for the last 4 years at Curry’s out on Four Mile Run in Shirlington (?). I’ve always been satisfied with their work, their customer service, and, although repairs are never cheap, I think their prices are fair.

    • I’ve had good luck with Cherrydale Motors in Arlington.

    • Distads BP in Eastern Market. They saved me a ton.

      • Andie302

        Thanks all! Because I am lazy, the yelp reviews are decent, and this is very close to home – I’m going to check out Distads tomorrow. They also open early and answered the phone right away. My standards are pretty low 🙂

    • saf

      GTS: Tony and John are the best.

      2310 18th Place Northeast Washington, DC 20018
      (202) 462-0486

  • Rave: Kiddo slept through the night & I managed an approximation of the same.
    Rave: Early morning yoga! yay!
    Rave: Tried an ab workout on the roku last night; may have to do that more often.
    Rant: Headache. Hopefully coffee vanquishes it.
    Rave: Funny stories from day care
    Rant: They involve my daughter misbehaving. I guess that’s par for the course with a 19 month old?
    Rave: Fun walk partway home with friends from day care–the little boy (two years older) likes to hold my daughter’s hand while we walk. at one point, he kissed her hand & she pulled it away–only to reach back over to hold his hand again. It was pretty funny.

  • goaldigger

    Rant- walk out of apt building and woman is letting her dog take a dump on our building’s shrubs/flowers and there is sign on the wall that says “Please keep pets off grass”. I don’t blame the dogs, they can’t read. At least she picked up but Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

    Rant-I’m a long time Pat’s fan. Ballghazi is making me depressed vs being excited for the Super Bowl.

    Rant-Pro lifers!

    Rave-a good snow storm (not the lame-o crap we’ve had so far) would really buoy my spirits. Bring it Mother Nature!

    • I’m also a Pats fan. I’m hoping it’s not as serious while purposefully ignoring the articles and headlines. My excitement for the Super Bowl will not be diminished!

    • palisades

      Ballghazi is quite possibly the most overblown (heh heh) controversy to happen to the NFL. Many players from other teams have come out and said how much of a non-story this is and how it’s a common practice. People love hating the Patriots because of their prolonged success, coupled with the fact that it is the 2 loooong boring weeks leading up to the SuperBowl. Perfect storm for the Pats to be caught up in.
      At this point, it’s a lose-lose situation, no matter the final outcome of the investigation and/or the superbowl. People will make any excuse to say negative things about the Pats.

    • When I had a dog, those signs always made me *want* my dog to poop there. (I was going to pick it up, of course.)

  • Rant: my apartment is refusing to negotiate my lease renewal terms. Ugh, I either need to suck up a $128/month increase, or move.
    Rant: my hands are really sweaty today. It’s almost uncomfortable to use the mouse. Gross.
    Rave: reconnected with an old flame/friend last night. it was sweet and only mildly awkward at times. looking forward to redeveloping a platonic friendship.

  • gotryit

    jim_ed – followup from yesterday: I put the video on vimeo (/117478773) – it is NSFW / Not Safe For Work. The “action” starts around 1:33am.

    • Wait, you call that NSFW? I’m -assuming- the dude’s getting a beejer, but it’s really tough to tell given the grainy darkness.

      • gotryit

        Hmm… I haven’t actually viewed it on vimeo – just uploaded it this morning, maybe the quality is lower. Looking at the original, I can see his parts when he walks around the car and when the person in the car turns around.
        Maybe I’m just extra cautious about not having anything like that viewed at work, no matter how grainy.

    • Gotryit — I meant to add to my comment in yesterday’s RRRR but didn’t get around to it — I just thought I’d mention that I met the new 4D commander (Wil Manlapaz) at a recent community meeting and was favorably impressed. He seemed very savvy and down-to-earth. Also, I don’t remember for sure, but I think his background might have included a stint in Vice.

    • How do yo find it on vimeo? I search that number you provided, and it shows no results.

    • jim_ed

      Hey, that’s gross stuff. It’s a shame you can’t make out the plates. I’d be upset about the littering the most – throw that out somewhere man.

      • gotryit

        That must be the quality on vimeo. I can see plates on the original.
        And I would be very appreciative of them throwing out their used condoms somewhere else so that I never have to yank my 5 year old away from “Look daddy! A balloon!”. In fact, if they took their condoms with them, it would be harder for me to know they were there… tip for the Johns.

  • Rave: my recreational-not-really-a-sport-sports league starts back up tonight. I’ve missed it and my awesome team.
    Rave: thank you weather for warming up to non-parka temperatures so I can get my vintage coats out. I don’t wear my amazingly plaid a-line coat with fur trim enough.
    Rant: will I ever get out of this procrastination slump?
    Rave: my company made a pretty great video explaining what we do, so now I can send it to friends, family, and a bunch of coworkers who are confused.

    • hammers

      procrastination slump. wow. so with you on that.

    • Emmaleigh504

      oooh I have a green aline coat with fur trim that I don’t get to wear often. I love it even though it’s green. I would love to see your plaid coat. Heck, I would love to see your whole wardrobe!

      • I love showing off my wardrobe, so I’d be more than happy to oblige.
        I recently thrifted an vintage apple green pea coat and I love it *because* it’s a brilliant green, even though green isn’t my normal thing.
        I firmly believe there’s a point where something is so ugly it comes back around to the other end of the spectrum, that’s what the plaid coat is.

        • You are both reminding me of a gorgeous green and white plaid a-line winter coat a saw last week at Secondi. It was from Bergdorf Goodman and in perfect condition and I didn’t buy it because I am downsizing. Now I am living in regret 😀

          • Blithe

            Hmm. I thought that the/a point of downsizing would be to have more room for things like gorgeous green and white plaid a-line winter coats. No? A life free of clutter — accented by gorgeous clothes and accessories….. 😉

          • If you’re still thinking about it a week later – go see if it’s still there. If it is, it’s a sign that you should buy it!
            You can donate an additional item so you don’t feel guilty (or donate TWO items so you can feel good about buying the coat)

          • Haha theoretically, yes! And honestly, clothes aren’t my real problem. I have a lot of spare closet space. My real problems are books and kitchen supplies. I have an entire bookcase of cookbooks I never open.
            For a while, my policy for clothes has been to invest infrequently in nicer things. But that means saying no to a lot of the more questionable purchases. For example,. I have a really nice (and not cheap) winter coat that I basically wear every day, but I had to -not- buy several less expensive coats to feel like the expense was worth it. Yes, I know that’s a bit neurotic. I really should have just gotten the coat. I might go tonight and see if it’s still there.

          • Downsizing doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself of a beautiful coat! Although, I’m obsessed with vintage outerwear, so maybe don’t listen to me. I think you should go back and see if it’s at the point where it’s dropped in price and treat yo self.

          • I mean, it would look absolutely perfect with the scarf I’m making….

          • Emmaleigh504

            I def think you should see if the coat is still there. One needs more than one coat. Plus it will match your scarf. And vintage stuff is special. (If you need more reasons to go get it, let me know. love, the Enabler)

          • Btw I do have more than one coat! I was referring to my most formal coat, but now that you mention it, I don’t have a coat that fills this specific niche. Now I’ll be really sad if it’s gone!

          • Blithe

            Not to mess with Emilie’s job as the Enabler, or anything, but could you call the store and see if they still have it? So they can hold it for you while you dash over? This sounds like a beautiful investment. And so few things in life are perfect…..

            (Maybe at a later time we can discuss book collections! lol)

          • Emmaleigh504

            Good idea Blithe! Call and have them hold it! If you are still thinking about it, then it’s something that it’s ok to buy. assuming you aren’t spending your mortgage payment on it, I won’t enable that. I have standards! 😉

          • I got the coat and it’s magical! Details tomorrow,

  • Rant: Verizon FIOS. We were tired of Comcast and were looking forward to getting FIOS but we have had endless problems (both internet & TV) since it was installed. Secondary rant: my husband was the one pushing for FIOS and arranged for its install, and has been dragging his feet on dealing with the problems. BTW we now have to dial area code “202” for local calls, which we never had to do before. Just one more annoyance. Things are much worse than they ever were with Comcast (and no, I don’t work for Comcast!).

    • hispanicandproud

      I did my yearly call to Comcast to lower my bill and was told what more do I want since I already have lots of free stuff. I sadly hung up.

  • Rave – Took my dog to her first vet visit and her first obedience class yesterday and it was not a disaster! Sure it could have gone better, but it also could have gone a lot worse.
    Rant – My job. My bosses.
    Rave – The snow was so beautiful yesterday. My neighborhood looked like a winter wonderland.

    • Where are you going for obedience class? Any good recommendations?

      • We’re going to Spot on Training, which is in the basement of Metro Mutts on H Street. We just started, but so far it’s been great and really informative for us. The trainer seems to really know what she’s doing and understands our issues. The class is small, only 4 other dogs and they put up barriers so your dog has their own little space and it’s easier for them to stay focused.

      • I have had really, really good results with Karen at Beltway Dog Training.

        My dog went from a terror to mostly obedient in a week and from mostly obedient to almost perfect in another. The best part is all the training is done in your own house – she comes to you.

      • I really liked Toni Woods at Anytime K9 out of Wag Time in Shaw.

  • Rant: I can’t decide if I’m being treated unfairly at work. I’ve been given very specific rules on requesting time off, defined and very specific hours of my work day (that I must follow but I’m not hourly), having to provide daily status reports, and things that I used to do have been taken over by my new boss. If I had been slacking off, sure, this would make sense, but I’m exemplary. I work really long hours to get things done and have amazing reviews from my old boss on how spectacular my work is. None of the other people at my level have to do any of these things (and we all have the same boss). I can’t figure it out and I don’t know how to even begin that conversation.

    • That’s me! Now signed in.

    • epric002

      is talking with HR an option?

      • I would rather start with the boss, but I wouldn’t bring the other employees and their requirements into it. Is there a way to make spin it in a positive light? Maybe say that you’re glad she’s been very forthright with the way she wants you to do things and you appreciate that, but you felt you did better with more autonomy and is there a path back to that set up.

    • Probably yes, from what your wrote. Employers do this when they want to get you for something. Somebody is pissed off at you about something. It may be some perception that you aren’t towing the line, despite producing good results; it may be nothing more than that your good results threaten someone else. What I find curious is that you don’t seem to know who is after you, or what they are pissed about – it is usually obvious. Unless you have a union, you’d be wise to start sending out resumes, at least in the places I’ve always worked….though if you like working there, just ask your boss what’s up. But depending on your boss’s communications abilities, and your ability to listen and not try to argue or defend yourself, which never works well in this sort of situation, that could be more dangerous than just towing the line while looking for a new job.

    • sorry this is happening. I have a similar problem (I went on “maternity leave” and came back to a very angry supervisor and many of my important duties were never returned to me). One civilian in my office gets comp time because his commute (van pool) gets him here about 30 min before his “duty time” nevermind that I was arriving early for years. And we’re not authorized comp time so he keeps track – of his own time – and uses it when he wants. I don’t know why this stuff happens – I feel like it’s a compounding set of circumstances that make some supervisors awful. But if you feel it’s only because of the new leadership, keep track of it if you can and go to HR. Or ask for a meeting and have a mediator there or something. Good luck!

  • skj84

    Rave: Brought my lunch today! I made panko encrusted salmon for dinner last night. Super tasty!

    Rant: I just realized I’m the person who brought fish for lunch in the office. Whoops.

  • RANT: Airbnb host won’t confirm our reservation in Switzerland because he’s “waiting to see if someone else rents the entire flat.” Our trip is in two weeks! 😡
    RAVE: Right after the Airbnb host sent me that message, I got a confirmation of availability for an entire private apartment, in a more convenient location that would cost us only 20 CHF more. Told the host we want to book it and nervously awaiting final booking details *fingers crossed*
    OMG look at this place! :-O homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p540945

  • Rant/rave. I told myself I wouldn’t post again today about my dog because I’m becoming the person who posts every day about her dog. But Now I’m going ahead and posting about my dog. Because I adore him. We decided to let him into bed with us this morning and spent about a half hour getting the most wonderful puppy kisses and hugs before starting our day. And he’s almost house trained already, at 10 weeks old. Somehow this seems too good to be true.

    • I, for one, love reading about Gary. Keep posting! Puppy cuddles are the best. 😀

    • Emmaleigh504

      Keep bringing the Miss Sassy stories! I love cute pet and kid stories.

      • Yay! I never think to call him Miss Sassy and appreciate this reminder! If our house, he’s Gary, Lambiekins, Little Lamb, (starvin’) Marvin, (exhausted) Ross, or Charlie. But mostly Gary 🙂

        • Emmaleigh504

          Charlie and Ross? I’ve decided that Donna Boopsy/Booper Martin thinks her name is “Hi” since I’m always saying: hi Donna *baby talk* or Hi Booper *baby talk* or “Hi’s a baby girl?!” which is basically baby talk that starts with Hi.

          • They’re sort of inside jokes with my husband, but not really because they’re just sort of nonsense names we use for all kinds of things. I’m a Ross, he’s a Ross and pup’s a Ross. I know we’re weirdos.

          • Emmaleigh504

            lol I love weirdos. Growing up we had a dog named Fred C. Dobbs aka Dobsy. For some reason my grandfather called him Ross. I always thing of Dobsy when I hear the name Ross.

          • It’s funny how pets can send us otherwise reasonable people into baby talk. I once caught myself saying to my cat: “How’s my bunny muffin pillow girl?”

          • Emmaleigh504

            omg bunny muffin pillow girl is such a great nickname! I”m stealing it. “Hi’s a bunny muffin pillow girl?!”

          • I often call her bunny, muffin, or pillow, but I think that was the first time I used them all at once. 😉

          • Textdoc, they’re especially good as a combo!

        • By the way, I’m already planning his little lamb costume for next year’s Halloween. I have never in my life given this much thought to my own Halloween costume!

    • I love hearing about your puppy! Especially because I have to go to the vet next week to find out if we have to put down our 15 year old dachshund 🙁

    • Heh – if it makes you feel any better, I post about my kid more often than I figure I should. So we’re even 🙂 And I don’t mind reading about your super cute pup. If someone minds, they can skip over. So – post away!

      • 😀 Something tells me that I should have better impulse control or something, but I guess this isn’t exactly the marshmallow test.

    • I love reading about Gary!! I’m also becoming that person who posts about their dog every day 🙂

    • Pablo Raw

      I tried not to do it but at the last Happy Hour I gave up and had to show everybody the photo of my cat.

    • I for one, really enjoy living vicariously thru your puppy stories

    • epric002

      pup people- check out packdog.com. it’s a social media/photo sharing site just for dogs 🙂

    • Late Gary story: when I went home at lunchtime, it occurred to me that Gary had never tried peanut butter before so I gave him a bit. I thought that he wasn’t food-motivated because he doesn’t care much about his salmon treats, but I think I was wrong. Dude went WILD over the peanut butter. He kept licking the ground all around it after it was long gone, looking for scraps. Now I’m trying to figure out how we can use this in training… Seriously, he was in puppy heaven. I should have taken video.

      • epric002

        well you should totally give him PB stuffed kongs (you can mix it w/pumpkin to dilute it if you want). once he learns how to eat the kong, then you can freeze them so they take even longer to eat. just use a dab on a finger/spoon in place of a training treat! obvi this is easier in the house and not on a walk. there are PB flavored training treats too- zuke’s makes some.

        • Yes yes yes! Now I know how to leave the house in the morning without the dog barking or crying 🙂

          • I think my dog secretly loves it when I leave. She excitedly darts to her crate as soon as the peanut butter comes out of the fridge. 🙂

  • Rant: work bathroom. One toilet and floor covered in pee (this is an everyday thing); the other two filled with the remnants of someone’s explosive diarrhea. What is WRONG with people?
    Rave: three short workweeks in a row. God bless federal holidays and alternate work schedules.
    Rant/Rave: Tinder. Just downloaded it last night, and it’s strangely entertaining yet also a little horrifying. I got my first dirty message less than 12 hours after I signed up – that’s a new record.

    • skj84

      Eww on your first Rant! I just don’t understand why it is so hard for grown ass adults to flush the damn toilet! How do these people function everyday?

      • I never realized how gross so many women were until I started working in a large place….it’s SO gross.

        • Gah! Yes! At the bathroom near my old office, the same thing happened EVERY DAY. I don’t understand…..

        • My office was pretty great, hygiene-wise, when it was all women. (Just one bathroom/ toilet.) Then we got a man. Now it’s a crapshoot every time. Pun intended.

        • Yeah, I just don’t understand how a woman is peeing on the floor….every. single. day. Always in the handicapped stall, always in front of the toilet. How is it not getting all over her shoes? How does she not realize that her pee isn’t going into the toilet? Is it deliberate? I have so many questions and no answers!

          • Maybe she’s facing the toilet and hovering (no, really, I met a girl once who thought you were supposed to sit facing the back of the toilet….)

          • skj84

            WHA? Who taught her how to use a toilet?

          • I would like to know this as well. I was just at a party and her friend called her out on it so I didn’t ask for more details (partly because I was too busy judging her for it).

          • SKT, holy sh-t. This is worse than the girl I knew who didn’t find out until age 22 that she needed to brush the backs of her teeth.

          • Emmaleigh504

            But even if you face the toilet the pee etc should go in! It’s a big freaking hole! I weep.

          • hammers

            maybe if the person grew up in another country where western style toilets were not common, and all she had to go on was watching men pee in movies (where they face the wall), I could understand. If not, wtf, parents, you had ONE JOB (same goes for back of teeth brushing)

          • The front-of-teeth-brusher grew up in London but had at least one American parent. I think in her case, “wtf, parents, you had ONE JOB” applies.

          • IIRC from the short conversation I had pre-toilet sitting revelation, this girl grew up in Connecticut (or maybe Rhode Island. I can’t remember). So WTF parents is right!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Thank you parents for teaching me to brush all my teeth surfaces and floss, and use the restroom getting all waste into the toilet, even if I hover! It’s a big hole there should be no splatter!
            At my work we have a person who uses ALL the toilet seat covers at once. They either then stay on the toilet or get partially flushed and stick straight up out of the toilet as some sort of gross sculpture. She does it multiple times a day in different stalls. I feel so badly for the cleaning crew.

    • I’m glad we’re all doing this Tinder thing together. Haha.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Right place (I hope):
    Rant: terrible night of sleep
    Rant: everything about work is pissing me off. Esp the guy handing out tasks. No I can’t do Y b/c I’m doing X which is more important. Remember, boss told you to send it to me 1/2 an hour ago and you haven’t yet?
    Rant: this episode of Supernatural on in the background sucks. WTF is Dean?
    Rave: When Donna walks by me she gives me kisses, 2 little licks on my toe or leg. Good grief this cat is the cutest!

  • Rant: One more week until unemployment.
    Rave: My boss is on leave until next Thursday.
    Rant: My going-away lunch was planned so the boss could attend. Oh joy.
    Rave: It’s all just as well. This has been a bad working environment for a while. I just am not looking forward to starting over at some new place (still TBD) since I am used to the insanity here.

  • RANT: big sports salaries (looking at you nats!) that could be used on REAL problems.

  • Rant: office temp is currently at 79 degrees. its so hard to dress for winter when the office feels like summer.
    Rant: very underwhelmed with life right now. need to break out of my routine/get involved with something new to cure these doldrums. finding the motivation to do that is proving difficult!
    Rant: Roommates who never take the trash out or unload the dishwasher.
    Rant: very rant-y day. don’t like being full of rants.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: I was able to fix my glasses frame; it was not easy! so now I have bicolored frames. By doing this I
    Rave: saved some money that will be needed for my upcoming trip
    Rave: Brought lunch to the office.
    Rave: I feel lucky that I have good internet given how much people complain about it.

    • +1 for fixed glasses!

      • Pablo Raw

        In fairness, I have a candle lit on my window waiting for Warby Parker to ever come to DC. Until then… fixed glasses!

        • Pablo have you tried Warby Parker’s try-on program?

          • Pablo Raw

            I haven’t because my understanding is that at the store they measure your face in order to get the right dimensions for the frame, I just don’t want to decide based on style and color.

          • That makes sense. I went to see my eye doctor recently and he gave me a prescription in case I wanted to get another pair of glasses. I can use drug store reading glasses but also need distance glasses and that’s what I’m going to get from Warby Parker (once I get around to actually ordering the pair I liked the best from the 5 try-ons.

          • Pablo, they measure just as a formality – they are not custom-framing anything. Just pick out some frames you like on their website, try them on. Rinse/repeat until you find a frame that suits you.

          • MPinDC, you might already know this, but there’s no limit to how many frames you’re able to try on, just that you can only get 5 at a time.

          • Also, Pablo, have you tried SEE Eyewear in Georgetown? They have a pretty huge selection and I’ve seen them offer frame at prices to compete with WP.

          • Pablo Raw

            Thanks for letting me know! I’ll definitely take a look

          • Pablo Raw

            Oh Shawess, you don’t know what you just did; looks like SEE eyewear is what I need! want

          • I’m so glad, Pablo! And check online for coupons. They have done several Groupon deals for $99 including lenses.

        • Pablo Raw

          And thanks anonymous! good to know about the measuring.

  • The really important rave:
    New boots from Land’s End are in transit and due to arrive today.
    Bring on the snow tomorrow!

  • Ally

    Rave: Babysat for my friend’s 4-month old last night and it was my first time ever changing a baby’s diaper, feeding a baby, or figuring out what it means why they cry their brains out. The “practice baby” did great, which is a good thing since mine arrives this Summer.
    Rave: Pretty, large-flake snow yesterday, but not enough to impede the commute.

    • Ally

      Oh, and one additional:
      Rant: Found out on Friday that my cat unfortunately has terminal bone cancer. She’s still eating well and we have pain medicine for her in case she starts feeling worse, but if anyone has tips on comfort care for cats, we’re all ears. So far I’ve ordered her pet stairs so she won’t have to jump onto the bed. Anything else that might be helpful (other than, obviously, taking her in when her quality of life goes down too much)?

      • Emmaleigh504

        Heated bed! When my cat got sick and arthritic it was her favorite thing ever. Current cat loves it too.

      • Oh I’m so so sorry to hear that. My old lady cat had a trio of mast cell tumors, but fortunately surgery to remove them was likely curative. I was nervous it wouldn’t be. Give her lots of love for me.

      • I’m so sorry, palliative care is the best you can do. One other thing to think about is making sure it’s easy for the cat to get in/out of the litter box. Get one with lower sides if yours is tall. Give the cat lots of their favorite food too.

      • epric002

        i’m so sorry. i don’t have any specific suggestions other than what you already know- take her in when life becomes too much for her.

  • Rant – pretty sure I pinched a nerve (or something?) in my back – sleep, painkillers and muscle relaxers have not helped the situation.
    Rave – unexpected night in (see above) = had time for a long phone call with a good friend I don’t talk to often enough.

  • Revel: news that my supervisor is being investigated. That makes two concurrent investigations. Not sure if both sets of investigators know about the other.
    Rant: have an interview for one of the investigations today, which is oddly stressful.
    Rant: the uncertainty of what will happen to my office. Dissolved? Moved? Will my boss’s transgressions sully me professionally if he is fired?

    • Can you hint at which agency you work for? Very intriguing..

    • Is this “investigation” another Congressional witch hunt now that the GOP has taken over?
      If so, your boss should wear it as a badge of honor. Darrell Issa is a shady criminal who should have gone to jail.

  • Becks

    Rave: Coffee.
    Rave: Taking tomorrow off and I plan to see an afternoon movie!
    Rant: I have a cough which won’t go away! However, I do have a Dr’s appointment tomorrow.
    Rant: I feel really worn out and am hoping I don’t have the Flu.
    Rave: Coffee.

  • Rant: 135 minutes of testing today
    Rave: the schedule means I get to eat lunch at 11 instead of 1030
    Rave: I was given the easiest group of kids to proctor… I managed to get a fair amount of grading done then
    Rave: Monday is a work from home day!

    • laduvet

      Rave: Coffee
      Rant: Wine headache
      Rave: unexpected conversations with strangers turned into a night of laughter, wine and kind words! yipee makes me feel good.

  • Rave: Off to a new PT, really hope this helps my stiff neck and headaches. Something has to help!
    Rant: Work, political gamesmanship. At least this is above me now.
    Rave 2: I’m going to look for Romo in person this weekend, now that I know where he lives. Will just add that to a planned walk in the SNOW!

  • Revel: Eagerly anticipating a first date with someone who seems really cool.
    Rant: The date can’t come soon enough until it does come and I get really nervous.
    Rant: Think I’m getting my hopes up too high, but that’s part of the fun of dating right? The daydreaming about how great things could be?

  • Rave: Dreadmill is good for intervals at least – fantastic workout this AM
    Rant: No sunlight this far north makes jet lag so painful – I’ll be fine tonight, a day before I head home.
    Rave: Felt like I’ve actually made huge leaps in my career last six months – head of delegation on two big trips and given big leeway to negotiate deals/contracts. Sanctions be damned I got a reprieve from the Bear to move forward!
    Rant: I’m spent after four days of meetings and lots of travel.
    Rave: One more day then I’m home and get to see boyfriend after being apart for 1.5 weeks.

    Emilie – it was -20C last few night and could bear to be in a tshirt for photo, tomorrow I’m getting a good one, promise!

  • Rave: My cat has been curled up in an oval most of the morning, snoozing on the sofa while I work.
    Rant: I fear it’s only a matter of time before she wakes up and starts doing her usual “tear up paper and/or cardboard until I get attention” thing. This has really been complicating my telework as of late.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Yesterday Donna farted then jumped on my laptop and erased some work. She is also fond of sending IMs to people. Today she’s just glared at me for petting. She got more pets yesterday when she kissed my cheek every couple of hours.

    • Enjoy the oval curl-up while it lasts! If she wants to play, maybe telework can wait until she’s sleep again? 😉

    • Kittycat was being naughty (trying to tear a sticker off a laundry basket), so I shut her in my bedroom for a while. Then I let her out, but gave her some wet food right before I had a phone meeting so that she wouldn’t interrupt the meeting.
      I seem to be back to a strategy of appeasement, rather than the “tough love” I was going to attempt. Oh well.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I was originally teleworking using a dining room chair and a bed pillow. My sister put together the Ikea desk chair for me, and I coincidentally left the pillow on my work table. Now both cats (Jeep and Savannah) curl up on the pillow and let me work. Until one get hungry and then its March of the Keyboard. They manage to hit keys that do something inscrutable. to my laptop. Yesterday I had to unplug it and take the battery out to get it to start up. Yay Katz!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Donna makes my home laptop do all kinds of weird stuff. And she’s figured out how to scroll through pix on my phone. When she starts posting to Twitter I’m in trouble.

  • skj84

    Query: There’s been lots of Tindar talk on this board, but what other services do people like? Has anyone tried Hinge? I’m on OKcupid, Tindar and How About We. I’ve had the most success with How About We and Tindar.

    • laduvet

      OkC user here! I don’t like tinder.. i prefer to have more than just a face to “judge” 🙂 I also tried both at the same time and see a lot of the same users.

      • laduvet

        I also found with Hinge – i keep getting connected with guys my girlfriends use to date to or sleep with! sloppy seconds!

      • That’s interesting — I have OkC and Tinder and I’ve only come across maybe 5-6 of the same people so far. But I agree, I like having a little more to go off of then a picture and optional blurb. I tried Coffee Meets Bagel for a week back in the day …. didn’t like it. They have you mark why you don’t match with someone if you don’t choose them, and it kept overcorrecting the issue.

        • Also, someone recommended Bumble yesterday, but I think it’s only for iPhone. I have an android. Not heartbroken though. Two dating platforms is more than enough for me.

    • What is HowAboutWe? I tried Hinge for a few weeks but it was matching me with people in Richmond, Philadelphia, even NYC. My settings were set to only DC, so I deleted it.

      • skj84

        How About We users suggests dates to go on. Like How About We go to the sculpture garden for ice skating? Interested users can respond to the date.

    • I have used hinge and only once I found a person I’d like to date irl did I get a mutual match on hinge. Welp! OKC has been very hit or miss, but maybe I’ll rave more if this woman I’m seeing works out long-term.

  • Rant: Slow on the making work friends front. It’s tough when you’re silo-ed in a big organization with a small, close-knit team that doesn’t make much of an effort to grab food together. Hopefully I can start making friends in other departments soon so I can stop going to lunch alone, or my homework will distract me during lunch starting next week…
    Rave: actually being able to/required to take an hour lunch vs. working through it like I did at my last job. Small positives are good, right?
    Question: I’ve gotten stuck in a rut in Farragut area with lunch options – anyone have any suggestions? I generally can’t stand sandwiches even though I’m a carboholic…

    • I recommend the greek deli place. It is on 19th I think? Just north of L? Its been a longtime since I worked down around there, but well worth the walk there. They are only open during lunch!! And only during the week!! So I never get to go their anymore. There is also the secret burriotto place down an ally somewhere. I think it is near that terrible restaurant Setti (Terrible, because they are not gay friendly).

    • Where do you usually go? There are so many options! The first ones that come to mind for me that aren’t sandwiches are Chop’t, Sweetgreen, Protein Bar, and Teaism but those are just a few of the many that have non-sandwich selections I like

      • I usually hit up Noodles, Shake Shack, Fuel… Occasionally I’ll do Teaism, Cosi or Chop’t.

        • It’s been a while since I worked over there, but some other options that come to mind are Naan and Beyond, Native Foods Cafe, and K St Bagel (although that may qualify as a sandwich). I also have a bit of a soft spot for the food at the Korean Deli on Connecticut just north of K, but I’m not sure if I’d go so far as to recommend it 🙂

    • There’s a ton of food trucks everyday that have other options
      There’s also the Secret Sushi place on 20th & K in the office building lobby.
      And the bibimbop/noodle soup place 19th between L and K.

    • Farragut is full of lunch options! (I am envious.)

    • Anonynon

      Have you tried Custom Fuel? Its like &Pizza, i use to go there a lot with co-workers. G-Street food has diverse lunch options (but nothing is amazing, just good).

    • Breadline! And second the greek deli.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Have been spending money like water this month. I need to moderate a bit.
    Neither: I’m ambivalent about the conference I’m attending today and tomorrow.
    Rant: I hate having to carefully conserve phone battery because I’m in a hotel with too few outlets. Or, I need a better battery. Or something.
    RANT: Eldest Zelda scraped the hell out of the side of her car. This is going to be very expensive for her.

    • palisades

      In high school, I backed my car into a trash can and busted the glass surrounding the tail light (note: not the actual tail light). I put some duct tape over it and refused to do anything about it for over a year. Finally, my brother bought me a new one cuz everyone hated looking at that duct tape eyesore.
      I don’t know why I told that story.

    • Emmaleigh504

      lol drives like her grandmother!

    • I got an Anker mini portable charger that’s the size of a lipstick tube – it works great and will completely recharge your device at the same speed as a wall charger. Really not that inconvenient to carry around. I actually brought 2 to a wedding my boyfriend was in – they both fit in my clutch and were a lifesaver for GPS/picture taking. I want to say it was like $20 or less – definitely check it out on Amazon if it’s a recurring issue 🙂

  • Rave 1: after roughly 4 months of back and forth, Budget car rentals has admitted they do not have a copy of my contract and will not be charging me for the options I declined. This is a huge burden lifted off my shoulders.
    Rave 2: Couple that with having finally worked out a (seemingly) sweetheart deal with RCN yesterday after returning my equipment Tuesday (after months of back and forth regarding charging cards they should no longer have had on file), and I’ll be back to being connected at home.
    Rave 3: Feeling snazzy rocking some cufflinks today.
    Rave 4: Route One Apparel’s ridiculous Maryland flag morph suits (among other silly MD flag gear). I’d buy a ton of it if the Route One Apparel logo weren’t so prevalent on so much of their stuff. But never a morph suit.

    • hispanicandproud

      Yay on rental car news! It’s like money in the bank!

      • Ha! Yes, thank you, but since I didn’t get the add-ons, it’s more like exactly what I expected to pay + the cost of spending so much time emailing/calling. Either way, I am super relieved!

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Lunchtime yoga was fantastic today. Got told by my instructor that I have nice and big calves and that’s why the backs of my knees can’t touch the floor. I giggled and said thanks, heehee. Being shy and modest is tough sometimes.
    Rave: Tempo run tonight with friends. Such an awesome and loyal support group. Best part of the group is each and every relationship that I have created with each person!
    Rave: Running my long run tomorrow so I can avoid running in the snow on Saturday and then I can finally go to happy hour with bud tomorrow night! Can’t wait.
    Rave: Recruited coworker to watch Shameless on Showtime and she’s all caught up. She got me hooked on The Affair so now it’s fun to talk about the two shows. We also agree that Looking is super boring and a waste of time.

    • Emmaleigh504

      ooh I love Shameless! Question: Is Jimmy not dead? How did I miss that?

      • hispanicandproud

        Jimmy is alive and well! Last week they hinted again with that woman leaving Fiona a $100 tip.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Yeah I saw that, but in the what happened last season I swear I saw him in the car with Sierra (her name on Dollhouse). Is my mind playing tricks on me? Did that really happen last season? Or is this all new and my mind is playing different tricks on me? What is going on?!

          • hispanicandproud

            No tricks!
            Not sure what episode he is due back but he is scheduled to return soon. The actor is also on a new TNT show.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yay! I love Jimmy. I was so sad when they took him out on the boat the second time. And FFS Fiona needs to quit going after her bosses. Especailly when they aren’t cute.

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